What is PewDiePie's net worth in 2022? (2023)

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, poznatji kaopewdy pie, is a Swedish YouTuber and gamer with an estimated net worth of $40 million and an estimated annual income of $15-20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.Kjellberg first rose to fame on YouTube with his "Let's Play" feature videos for horror and action games.

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Although many people have associated PewDiePie with Kjellberg over the years, his original YouTube account was registered under the name PewDie in 2006, based on the sound of a laser and later the sound of someone dying. But Kjellberg decided to register a new YouTube account as PewDiePie in 2010 after forgetting the channel's password, ESPN reported. Much of the content on PewDiePie's channel is related to gaming, with his popular horror game Let's Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

The following year, Kjellberg added his vlog series, Fridays with PewDiePie, which, according to Rolling Stone, had more than 60,000 subscribers by the end of 2011 and passed one million subscribers in July 2012. In September, the number of subscribers passed the 2 million mark. In 2012, Kjellberg signed with Maker Studios, the predecessor of Disney Digital Studios. After his contract with rival Machinima was voided, Kelberg felt underappreciated. One of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, PewDiePie became the most subscribed channel in August 2013 and finally started posting a variety of content including comedy videos,video reactions, music videos and more. As he moved away from pure gameplay content, he gradually became embroiled in many controversies over what he said in the video. In February 2017, PewDiePie faced backlash for using anti-Semitic language, losing his YouTube Red show and his partnership with Disney.

In late 2018 and early 2019, the title of PewDiePiew's most subscribed channel was threatened by Indian brand T-Series and looming, with both channels competing for the most subscribed channel on YouTube. Kellberg launched a mock "Internet Complaint" online when he posted his most-watched video, "Bitch Lasagna," a diss track mocking the T-Series. However, after his channel became the most subscribed channel on YouTube, Kjellberg released another music video, "Congratulations", in direct response to T-Series becoming the most subscribed channel.

This phase of his career spawned "Subscribe to PewDiePie", which the Bro Army desperately used in an attempt to stop the T-series from taking the top spot. However, Puewz has since distanced himself from the viral meme after two mass murderers said they specifically mentioned the slogan during their massacres or in their manifestos.

Social Blade reports that PewDiePie's YouTube channel was the most viewed channel between 2014 and 2017, and is currently the 26th most viewed channel on YouTube with over 28,486,601,157 views. Although he is currently considered the fourth most subscribed channel on YouTube, he still holds the title of the most subscribed YouTube channel that is personally owned and operated by him.

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Kjellberg has won several Shorty Awards, Streamy Awards and Teen Choice Awards. Following his meteoric rise on YouTube, Kellberg was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in 2016 European Gaming and Hollywood Entertainment, and even had two solo cameos on South Park.


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PewDiePie Personal Information

real nameFelix Arvid Ulf Kellberg
NicknamePewDiePie, Pewds
date of birth (age)November 24, 1989
koneMarcia Kellberg
tall165 lbs (75 kg)
weight82 kg (181 lb)
Netto value40 million dollars
Address/residenceBrighton, United Kingdom
subscriberYouTube - 111 million subscribers (PewDiePie) | 563,000 subscribers (PewDiePie expires) TikTok - 47.7 thousand followers Instagram - 21.8 million
total browsingYouTube - 28,364,721,035 views (PewDiePie) | 121,880,122 views (featuring PewDiePie) TikTok - 7.5 billion views

Origin of arrival

Over the years, since 2013 to be exact, celebrity net worth reports show that Pewds has earned as much as $73 million pre-tax during his tenure as YouTube's top creator. He made $12 million in 2013, $14 million in 2014, $9 million in 2015, $15 million in 2016, $12 million in 2017, $15.5 million in 2018 and all the way up to $13 million. Pewds was allegedly billed more than $450,000. There is a sponsored video on his YouTube account.

youtube kanal

SocialBlade estimates that PewDiePie earns between $17,000 and $271,600 per month and between $2,037,000 and $3.3 million annually.

Considering PewDiePie has more than 111 million subscribers and more than 28 billion views on his main channel alone, those numbers are probably an extremely conservative estimate.

Net Worth Spot estimates Pewds' annual income at more than $6.51 million, as the channel has more than 108 million views per month and about 3.62 million views per day. PewDiePie earns over $430,000 per month when you factor in YouTube channel RPMs, which typically range from $3 to $7.

Apart from AdSense income, PewDiePie also allows subscribers to choose to become members of the Floor Gang, which provides various benefits per level, with a monthly fee of $3.99, $5.99, and $7.99, which also helps him get a good amount of money.

Trademark approval

PewDiePie was once the king of YouTube and got so much attention that other brands wanted to use his platform to promote their wares. Kellberg has been sponsored by Arcade and Mountain Dew for product promotion for years, and Legendary even paid him to promote the film. PewDiePie has his own G FUEL flavor and a line of shaker cups, energy drinks and powder tubs, and Kjellberg is sure to earn a commission.

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In addition, PewDiePie has many collaborations with affiliate events, especially with NordVPN. It also has affiliate links for its chair, keyboard, and mouse. It has collaborated with Vidgl on its own collectible figures, with RhinoShield and the sandbox adventure game Terraria on a range of phone cases and merchandise.

business risk capital

Felix and his wife Marzi own a unisex clothing brand called Tsuki, which aims to create well-designed and ethically produced products and has several different clothing lines. PewDiePie launches Based, an apparel brand that offers premium wearable offline gaming gear and cash products including hats, pullovers, pants, hoodies and t-shirts.

Kjellberg also owns several video games, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, which he co-produced with Outerminds, released for iOS and Android and currently retails for $7.99. It was followed by PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator, PewDiePie's Pixelings, Poopdie and Animal Super Squad. All of its games offer in-app purchases, following the trend of microtransactions.

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Before that, Felix lived in his own house in Sweden, while Marzia lived in Italy before that. The couple traveled frequently between the two countries for a long time. After the wedding, the Kehlbergs bought two properties, one in Brighton, England, and the other in Japan. While the house can be seen on their social media accounts, there is no word on how much Puewz paid for the two properties.

In addition to real estate, Pewds owns a modest collection of cars, including a Nissan Micra ($14,298), a Mini Cooper Convertible ($31,900), a Volvo XC90 ($86,790), a Porsche 911 ($114,000) and a Ferrari 488 GTB ($344,001), according to Auto . com.

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PewDiePie FAQ

Q: How rich is PewDiePie?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Swedish YouTuber has amassed an impressive net worth of more than $40 million since debuting in 2010, which is a lot considering Felix dropped out of college in his freshman year. Not bad.

Q: How did Marzia meet PewDiePie?

Marzia Bisognin was introduced to Kjellberg's videos when some of her friends told her to watch Kjellberg play a game. She quickly fell in love with Felix and wrote him a fan email, to which Pitts responded by flying to Italy and dating her. Marzi then moved to Sweden and started her own YouTube channel, MarziaCutiePie. The couple are currently based in the UK with their two pugs, Edgar and Maya, and travel frequently between Europe and Japan.

Q: How did PewDiePie start his YouTube career?

Born into a powerful business family, his parents refused to support him financially after he decided to drop out of college, so he became a harbor master, selling digital art he created in Photoshop and serving at Work hot dog stands, according to The Guardian.

Q: Who is Army of Brothers?

PewDiePie's fan base, affectionately referred to by Felix as the "Legion of Brothers", consists of his "brothers", regardless of gender, and always ends his videos with his "boxer brother" facing the camera.


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