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Restoration is a versatile word that can be used in different contexts to express the idea of ​​returning something to its original or previous state. Whether you're discussing restoring a physical object, a relationship, or restoring health, the term effectively captures the essence of the process. To help you fit "recovery" into your sentences with precision and clarity, here are some tips and examples:

1. Physical restoration: When talking about the restoration or restoration of an object, "restoration" can be used to emphasize the act of restoring to its original state. For example: - An antique table has been lovingly restored to reveal its intricate woodwork and restore it to its former beauty. - This historic building has been extensively restored to preserve its architectural integrity and restore its former glory.

2. Emotional or spiritual restoration: In the context of relationships or personal well-being, "recovery" can convey ideas of healing, rejuvenation, or reconciliation. Consider the following examples: - After years of estrangement, siblings finally reconnect and rebuild their relationship. - The breaks in work helped her regain her mental health and find inner peace.

3. Environmental restoration: When talking about the restoration or protection of natural habitats, "restoration" can be used to emphasize the process of returning an ecosystem to its original state. Here are some examples: - The government launched a wetland restoration project to restore the diverse flora and fauna that once thrived there. - Volunteers work tirelessly to restore polluted rivers, clean up waste and reintroduce indigenous fish.

4. Health recovery: In the context of physical health, "recovery" can be used to describe the process of recovery from illness or injury. Consider the following sentences: - With proper treatment and rest, the athlete is able to regain strength and return to competition. - The doctor prescribed a series of treatments to restore mobility to the patient's injured leg.

5. Restoration of History: When discussing the preservation or reconstruction of historical artifacts or sites, "restoration" can effectively convey the idea of ​​bringing the past back to life. Here are some examples: - Ancient pottery was carefully restored by a team of archaeologists who put the fragments together to reconstruct the original vessel. - The castle has undergone extensive restoration, and experts have restored its former grandeur to its interior using historical records. Remember, when using the word "recovery" in a sentence, it's important to consider the specific context and intended meaning. By following these tips and examples, you can effectively incorporate this versatile word into your writing and communication so that you can accurately and clearly convey the concept of returning something to its original or previous state.

The rest of this article provides other example sentences to demonstrate the use of the term "recovery" in sentences.


(1)we willreturndamaged road.

(2)we willreturnDamaged roof.

(3)we willreturnDamaged bike.

(4)I have toreturnmy old bike.

(5)we have toreturnA broken vase.

(6)medical associationreturnyour health.

(7)we have toreturnA broken fence.

(8)spells are usedreturnFred.

(9)can you help mereturnthis old toy?

(10)cooking clubreturnBurnt food.

"put back" in the sentence

(11)we have toreturnDamaged mobile phone.

(12)we have toreturnA broken bridge.

(13)If we win the war, we willreturnFred.

(14)An electrician willreturnRight now.

(15)we willreturnDamaged playground.

(16)tailoring clubreturnTorn clothes.

(17)we have toreturnDamaged computer.

(18)cleaning associationreturnDirty room.

(19)we have toreturntrust between us.

(20)tailoring clubreturnTorn clothes.

use "recovery" in a sentence

(21)Association of carpentersreturnan old chair.

(22)the doctor will helpreturnyour health.

(23)union of plumbersreturnBroken pipes.

(24)we have toreturndamaged ecosystem.

(25)lawyers tryreturnPravda.

(26)we willreturnThe park after the picnic.

(27)union of plumbersreturnwater supply.

(28)an army is neededreturnOrder.

(29)Vaccination helpsreturnhealthy and fast.

(30)arrivereturnShiny, polished with silicone.

"recovery" statement.

(31)we canreturnFix broken toys.

(32)coup leaders promisereturnOrder.

(33)dental associationreturnDamaged teeth.

(34)the librarian willreturndamaged book.

(35)Association of carpentersreturnIrevne stole it.

(36)the gardener willreturnwilted plant

(37)barber clubreturnmop.

(38)the architect willreturnold building.

(39)rescue teams willreturnA lost wanderer.

(40)peacekeeping assistancereturnOrder.

"return" Example sentences

(41)we will grow pisoreturnit shines.

(42)rest and relaxation can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(43)the firemen willreturnBurnt house.

(44)the musician willreturnstand tool

(45)Association of decoratorsreturnold furniture.

(46)the coach willreturnInjured athletes.

(47)the chef works hardreturnBurned plates.

(48)the promise of a new regimereturndemocracy.

(49)Press button Ponovi zareturnWide fan.

(50)it is necessary to sleep enoughreturnhealthy and fast.

Phrases with "recovery"

(51)sterilization can helpreturndegraded soil.

(52)we have toreturnThe garden after the storm.

(53)we have toreturnPeace in our society.

(54)the museum willreturnancient artifacts.

(55)historians willreturnLost Artifacts.

(56)A balanced diet helpsreturnhealthy and fast.

(57)Blackening can be used forreturnold shoes.

(58)Her hobby is collecting booksreturnold books.

(59)we willreturnLost items are returned to their owners.

(60)An electrician willreturnWiring error.

use "recovery" in a sentence

(61)the chef works hardreturnspoiled food.

(62)regular exercise is essentialreturnhealthy and fast.

(63)Good hygiene can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(64)Spending time in nature can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(65)Biosolids can be used forreturndegraded land.

(66)we have toreturnThe balance of our ecosystem.

(67)the musician willreturndamaged instrument.

(68)teacher's meetingreturnThere is order in the class.

(69)farmers willreturnAdd water to dry soil.

(70)Volunteers willreturncommon garden.

Sentences using "recovery"

(71)The mediation process can helpreturnbelieve in.

(72)the company works hardreturnhis reputation.

(73)drinking more water helpsreturnhealthy and fast.

(74)Braces canreturnSelf-confidence and self-esteem.

(75)we canreturnBy finding lost items.

(76)the city is tryingreturndamaged road.

(77)technicians canreturnmissing data.

(78)the government is tryingreturnEconomy.

(79)peacekeepers canreturnOrder.

(80)the therapist helped mereturnmy mental health.

Compound sentences with "return"

(81)the coach is tryingreturnTeam morale.

(82)the athlete works hardreturntheir strength.

(83)Massage can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(84)we willreturnThe old house was restored to its former glory.

(85)the teacher will help youreturnyour confidence.

(86)we canreturnBuild a garden by planting new flowers.

(87)the librarian willreturnDamaged book cover.

(88)scientists willreturnEndangered species.

(89)Librarians work hardreturnold books.

(90)the mechanic works hardreturnclassic car.

The word "return"

(91)A scientist works onreturnecosystem.

(92)the athlete works hardreturntheir endurance.

(93)I found a vintage dresser that I plan to usereturn.

(94)coup leaders promisereturnLaw and order.

(95)painting it black can helpreturnMake dull shoes shine.

(96)we canreturnCopy old photos.

(97)a therapist will helpreturnyour mental health.

(98)farmers work hardreturnpoor soil.

(99)the team hopes they canreturntheir winning streak.

(100)plumbing worksreturnwater supply.

"recovery" statement.

(101)The tank is rusty, but we can do itreturnthe.

(102)He bought a car to repair and plannedreturnthe.

(103)Following your doctor's advice can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(104)Physical therapy can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(105)Autologous nerve cells helpreturnWork.

(106)Aquaculture use can be used forreturnEcosystems are destroyed.

(107)patch boxreturnDamaged artwork.

(108)we canreturnOld buildings restored to their former glory.

(109)we canreturnBy cleaning polluted rivers.

(110)the gardener works hardreturndying plants.

Using "return" in a sentence

(111)the athlete works hardreturntheir wounded bodies.

(112)the athlete works hardreturnThey lost their physical strength.

(113)Lupine plants are often used to helpreturnland.

(114)The company plansreturnold building.

(115)the author works onreturnA lost manuscript.

(116)volunteers work hardreturnDamaged park.

(117)the family works hardreturntheir relationship.

(118)The antidote canreturnthe victim's health.

(119)I have toreturnDevelop your study habits before the semester.

(120)I have toreturnSeparate my goals and prioritize them.

Phrases with "recovery"

(121)indictment is one wayreturnsocial order.

(122)environmentalists willreturnpolluted river.

(123)the doctor triesreturnpatient's health.

(124)an engineer works hardreturnbroken machine.

(125)You canreturnQualify by improving your grades.

(126)homeowners tryreturnDamaged roof.

(127)the city is tryingreturnhistorical landmark.

(128)the author works onreturnA lost manuscript.

(129)linguists work onreturna lost language.

(130)the team works hardreturntheir reputation.

Example "recovery".

(131)the doctor triesreturnthe patient's vision.

(132)the chef works hardreturnTraditional recipe.

(133)an engineer works hardreturnA broken bridge.

(134)the dentist is workingreturnA patient smile.

(135)farmers work hardreturnSoil fertility.

(136)linguists work onreturna dying language.

(137)the city is tryingreturnhistorical district.

(138)Autologous nerve tissue helpsreturnFeel.

(139)Aquaculture can be used forreturnEcosystems are destroyed.

(140)I have toreturnSave some money for a rainy day.

"recovery" in the sentence

(141)let us goreturnMake room for personal growth.

(142)Yoga is a great wayreturnbody and mind.

(143)restreturnup can prevent burning.

(144)importantreturnAllow time for sleep and rest.

(145)carpentry worksreturnold furniture.

(146)The museum will invest inreturnancient relics.

(147)recycling can helpreturnWildlife habitat.

(148)the city is tryingreturnHistorical buildings.

(149)you willreturnThe qualification is acquired by passing an exam.

(150)farmers work hardreturnSoil fertility.

"recovery" in English

(151)the museum is tryingreturnancient artifacts.

(152)the chef works hardreturnThe lost art of cooking

(153)the doctor triesreturnpatient's health.

(154)Laughter and humor can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(155)A jeweler polishes precious stones toreturnit shines.

(156)The company aims toreturnin the next few months.

(157)The purpose of acupuncture is toreturnAir flow in the body.

(158)Bian Kai can be used to treat injuries andreturnvitality.

(159)Antikna lampa zatamnjenareturnit is nice.

(160)let us goreturnPlease take some time to discuss this issue.

use "recovery" in a sentence

(161)depth can helpreturnThe shine of old leather goods.

(162)repairing the damage can helpreturntrust in the relationship.

(163)let us goreturnDifferentiate between the different themes in this novel.

(164)I want toreturnI get creative by taking art classes.

(165)The doctor said rest would helpreturnmy energy.

(166)the museum is tryingreturnancient artifacts.

(167)Fraud detection can helpreturnrighteousness and justice

(168)The mechanic willreturnBring the car into proper condition.

(169)we canreturnRepair damaged books by mending pages.

(170)we canreturnReducing images by adding new colors.

Sentences using "recovery"

(171)we canreturnRepair damaged roads by repairing potholes.

(172)the therapist willreturnThe state of the patient's mental health.

(173)recycling can helpreturnNatural beauty of the area.

(174)historians work onreturnLost Artifacts.

(175)You canreturnRight to participate in summer school.

(176)The doctor said rest would helpreturnmy health.

(177)hard teamworkreturnThey are at the top of their game.

(178)volunteers helpedreturnPark after the storm.

(179)teamworkreturnA broken bridge.

(180)a broker canreturnbroken relationship.

Phrases in "Recovery"

(181)we have toreturnThe old house before we moved in.

(182)The doctor performed a corneal transplant on herreturnimagine.

(183)the gardener works hardreturnNeglected garden.

(184)Taking prescribed medication can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(185)Taking vitamins and supplements can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(186)Savasana rests the body andreturnyour energy.

(187)Yoga is my favorite way to relaxreturnmy energy.

(188)The purpose of first aid for dry drowning is toreturnBreathe normally.

(189)monarchist determinationreturnmonarchy

(190)The antidote canreturnBreath of sacrifice.

(191)I have toreturnIncrease my motivation to finish this work.

(192)you shouldreturnGet your notes before the final exam.

(193)the firemen willreturnThe neighborhood is safe.

(194)cooking clubreturnA delicious meal to satisfy hunger.

(195)An electrician willreturnpower after a power outage.

(196)we canreturnFix broken windows by replacing the glass.

(197)the gardener works hardreturnNeglected garden.

(198)The museum will invest inreturnOld picture.

(199)the teacher tries hardreturnThere is order in the class.

(200)fishermen work hardreturnfish stocks.

(201)pulp disease canreturnDamaged tooth function.

(202)It is important to seek medical helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(203)Acupuncture treatment can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(204)avoiding smoking helpsreturnMelatonin level.

(205)She underwent bionic eye surgeryreturnher vision.

(206)Circuit engineers canreturnElectricity to the building.

(207)the tailor canreturnExcept for worn clothes.

(208)You canreturnBy practicing mindfulness and meditation.

(209)I have toreturnI achieve my financial situation by finding a part-time job.

(210)volunteers work hardreturncommon garden.

(211)coup leaders promisereturnorder and stability.

(212)dental associationreturnRestore your teeth to a healthy state.

(213)firefighters work hardreturndamaged forest.

(214)the museum receives supportreturnA valuable artifact.

(215)the teacher tries hardreturnThere is order in the class.

(216)Museums use fundsreturnA historical artifact.

(217)architects work onreturnHistorical buildings.

(218)the athlete works hardreturntheir physical strength.

(219)Professor radi na metodireturnCoral reef.

(220)volunteers work hardreturnCivic house.

Short example sentences for "recovery" | Phrases for "recovery"

(221)Kindness can help heal broken friendshipsreturnbelieve in.

(222)Hardening before polishing silverwarereturnit shines.

(223)My dentist recommends restorative surgeryreturnmy smile

(224)He carefully polished the button hook,returnit shines.

(225)Using bioremediation can helpreturnecosystem.

(226)the ancient lace had to be woven againreturnit is nice.

(227)The antidote canreturnThe victim's vital signs.

(228)mechanics canreturnExcept for classic cars.

(229)a plumber canreturnExcept for the leaky faucet.

(230)You canreturnDelete old and corrected emails.

(231)You canreturnReplace the old formula with the correct one.

(232)I always do thatreturnTake something before a long study session.

(233)you shouldreturnTake notes before writing the paper.

(234)it is important toreturnTake notes before the exam.

(235)I have toreturnI studied harder this semester and got my grade point average (GPA) up.

(236)we have toreturnWe can only live in old houses.

(237)coaching meetingreturnConfidence of the team after the defeat.

(238)we have toreturnOld houses are habitable again.

(239)volunteer helperreturnDamaged communities.

(240)the politician promisedreturnbalance in the economy.

How to write a good sentence with "Return"?

(241)The community raises funds forreturnA historical turning point.

(242)the teacher tries hardreturnself-confidence of students.

(243)historians work onreturnForgotten stories.

(244)exorcism is a methodreturnachieve balance in the universe.

(245)The new policy willreturnMany students are eligible.

(246)Taking breaks and avoiding burnout can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(247)Jewelers recut diamonds toreturnThat's genius.

(248)arrivereturnfunction, you must restart the voltage.

(249)Wipe the skin with a soft clothreturnIt's empty.

(250)A plumber welds a broken pipereturnWater flow.

(251)Optogenetics is used toreturnThese blind mice.

(252)Environmental protection teams are carrying out excavationsreturnSwampy area.

(253)we willreturnSet aside some funds for upcoming events.

(254)Deacidification of the skin toreturnIts natural pH balance.

(255)You canreturnReplace old items with improved ones.

(256)You canreturnKeep old notes together with organized notes.

(257)You canreturnThe updated curriculum supersedes the old curriculum.

(258)You canreturnOld timetable compared to revised timetable.

(259)I lovereturnSpend time with friends and family.

(260)athletes willreturnStock up on healthy snacks.

Audio English sentences using the word "restore".

(261)Art galleries take advantage of the fundsreturnA famous picture.

(262)firefighters work hardreturnDamaged buildings.

(263)The scientist triesreturndestroyed environment.

(264)indictment is one wayreturnOrder from the company.

(265)You canreturnQualify by attending a coaching course.

(266)farmers work hardreturnSoil fertility.

(267)Zoologists are working on itreturnEndangered species.

(268)The volunteer team works hardreturnA neglected park.

(269)the community gathersreturnA destroyed park.

(270)The museum receives supportreturnA historical artifact.

(271)activists tryreturnDo justice to the community.

(272)the teacher tries hardreturnself-confidence of students.

(273)forester's helpreturnDeforested areas.

(274)The legion is placed onreturnorders in that area.

(275)participating in yoga or meditation can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(276)Deep breathing exercises can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(277)asking for kindness can helpreturnYour faith in humanity.

(278)Sanding the terrace will help youreturnIts natural beauty.

(279)Recycling plankton can helpreturnMarine habitats have been destroyed.

(280)Sleep tightreturnNatural levels of melatonin.

How to use "restore" with example sentences.

(281)The decomposed material can be used forreturndegraded soil.

(282)black collar is often usedreturnAntique metal objects.

(283)against guerrillas they canreturnregional fred.

(284)the arbitrator mayreturnsocial fred.

(285)lotion helpsreturnLost moisture in hands.

(286)The shaman used a counterspellreturnIn balance with nature.

(287)IT teams mustreturnRetrieve from backup after server crash.

(288)the cobbler canreturnExcept worn shoes.

(289)let us goreturnWith some of the highlights from our important meeting.

(290)Periodontists use advanced technologyreturnThe gums are healthy.

(291)it is important toreturnA harmonious balance between work and private life.

(292)I lovereturnStimulate my creativity by going for a walk outside.

(293)I found a rusty hoe under the shed I was planningreturn.

(294)I have toreturnMy math skills until next class.

(295)you shouldreturnFollow your study habits before the big exam.

(296)can you help mereturnBesides this complicated math problem?

(297)I have toreturnSave some energy for the busy week ahead.

(298)I have toreturnMy sleeping plan is to go to bed early.

(299)I want toreturnHe motivates me by setting achievable goals.

(300)the gardener works hardreturnPlant health.

(301)a plumber canreturnWater flow in pipes.

(302)parents tryreturntrust in children.

(303)The museum will invest inreturnA historical artifact.

(304)the artist willreturnRestore the original beauty of the image.

(305)The mechanic willreturnRestore the car to its original condition.

(306)cleaning associationreturnRestore dirty floors to clean condition.

(307)the firemen willreturnSafety in burning buildings.

(308)the teacher helps the studentsreturntheir trust.

(309)the doctor triesreturnThe patient loses mobility.

(310)You canreturnQualify by doing community service.

(311)You canreturnQualify yourself by being honest and trustworthy.

(312)The community raises funds forreturnHistorical buildings.

(313)the gardener works hardreturnThe beauty of the garden.

(314)The owner of the house hired a contractorreturntheir old house.

(315)The museum receives grantsreturnhistorical artifacts.

(316)The athlete was operated onreturnTheir knees hurt.

(317)the politician triesreturntrust in the government.

(318)the artist works onreturnThe beauty of the landscape.

(319)Seeking therapy or counseling can helpreturnMental health.

(320)Dentists use dental amalgamreturnDecayed molars.

(321)Damaged nerves must be reinnervatedreturnmove.

(322)decision of the home ownerreturnIn a neglected garden.

(323)volunteer helperreturnIt inhabits local wetlands.

(324)The maintenance staff works tirelesslyreturnbridge technology.

(325)The antique chest of drawers should be well polishedreturnit shines.

(326)the artist canreturnExcept for damaged pictures.

(327)jewelers canreturnExcept for the broken necklace.

(328)it is important toreturnSave some energy for self-care.

(329)The team held a meetingreturnharmony among its members.

(330)Add-ons canreturnPowering the entire building.

(331)You canreturnRewrite your old paper with a revised version.

(332)You canreturnRest and breathe fresh air.

(333)it is important toreturnGet enough sleep every night.

(334)A relaxing bath can helpreturnAfter a long day.

(335)constantlyreturnTurn off your laptop when you're done using it.

(336)I have toreturnSeparate my paper and let it flow.

(337)the teacher tries hardreturnOrder in the classroom.

(338)the gardener willreturnPlants that die from water.

(339)barber clubreturnFix your messy hair.

(340)veterinary associationreturnA sick animal is healthy.

(341)You canreturnQualify by taking a counseling course.

(342)The therapist helped the patientreturntheir mental health.

(343)The museum receives supportreturnhistorical artifacts.

(344)Electricians had to bypass faulty wiringreturnforce.

(345)The museum receives supportreturnhistorical artifacts.

(346)the artist works onreturnThe beauty of the landscape.

(347)The remains of the old dam have been removedreturnRiver.

(348)The owner of the house hired a contractorreturnDamaged roof.

(349)The volunteer team works hardreturncommon park.

(350)The operator made repairs to the equipmentreturnWork.

(351)Fighting tax fraud will helpreturnpublic trust.

(352)the surgeon relaxes the blood vesselsreturncycle.

(353)We are hiring professional interior designersreturnOur antique sofa.

(354)Damaged nerves must be reinnervatedreturnFeel.

(355)The antique chest of drawers should be well polishedreturnit shines.

(356)parsing can helpreturnSlide the izlizane potplate.

(357)Modifiers are available forreturnOld and damaged photos.

(358)An electrician turns on a switchreturnforce.

(359)Blackleading is a profitable wayreturnmetal object.

(360)Bryce Tall Ship Project sigter mod atreturnA ship with a long history.

(361)The antique clock is nickel platedreturnIts raw beauty.

(362)the artist works onreturnLook for their signature style.

(363)we wouldreturnReserve some resources for future projects.

(364)old building painted overreturnIts raw beauty.

(365)A walk in nature can helpreturnHarmony with your soul.

(366)Restore the latest version of the software to your computer.

(367)the librarian willreturnCover the lost book with a new copy.

(368)it is important toreturnDo this regularly to avoid burnout.

(369)farmers work hardreturnSoil quality.

(370)coup leaders promisereturndemocracy of the country.

(371)If you study hard, you canreturnEligibility to participate in sports.

(372)the community gathersreturnDamaged playground.

(373)the teacher helped the studentsreturnTheir love for reading.

(374)The museum will assignreturnhistorical artifacts.

(375)the gardener works hardreturnThe garden after the storm.

(376)the mechanic works hardreturnBring your car back to its old glory.

(377)Disk-based recovery is a fast methodreturnyour system.

(378)The museum receives supportreturnhistorical artifacts.

(379)Jewelers polish a cut diamondreturnit shines.

(380)A student mustreturnQualify by increasing your GPA.

(381)Soil remediation techniques canreturncontaminated soil.

(382)I have toreturnMy car's engine, but I don't have the tools.

(383)Camshaft patches can be ground againreturntheir profile.

(384)The professor encourages usreturnFocus on our exams.

(385)I accidentally deleted my pip executable. How can Ireturnono?

(386)he used bleachreturnIts dull silver gleamed.

(387)Participating in stress-reducing activities can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(388)This ancient artifact has an abilityreturnThe dead rise.

(389)The doctor assured me that I would be finereturnWithin a week.

(390)acts of kindness bring joyreturnFaith in humanity.

(391)Citizens unite to overthrow the regimereturndemocracy.

(392)work hard nowreturnHabitat in cleared areas.

(393)the healer has divine powersreturnBalanced and healthy.

(394)Bipartisanship can helpreturnTrust in the political system.

(395)black collar can helpreturnThe raw beauty of cast iron.

(396)she uses apple polishreturnShine on the wooden piano.

(397)Protein folding is requiredreturnworks.

(398)Antique table freshly polishedreturnIts original shine.

(399)an electrician canreturnExcept for faulty wiring.

(400)channelrhodopsin has been used inreturnThese blind mice.

(401)Justinian was known for his effortsreturnRoman Empire.

(402)the wallpaper had to be rewovenreturnIts raw beauty.

(403)You canreturnOverwrite the old presentation with the updated one.

(404)the consultant willreturnReplace outdated plans with new ones.

(405)You canreturnCompare old jobs with completed jobs.

(406)I have toreturnSave some money on textbooks this semester.

(407)I have toreturnAllocate some resources for my research project.

(408)The referee had to signal the fieldreturnOrder.

(409)the city is tryingreturnHistorical buildings in the city center.

(410)The therapist helps the couplereturntheir relationship.

(411)The museum will assignreturnhistorical artifacts.

(412)tailoring clubreturnReturn the torn shirt to its original shape.

(413)You canreturnQualify by showing good behavior at school.

(414)the therapist triesreturnThe state of the patient's mental health.

(415)plumbing worksreturnWater supply to the house.

(416)technicians canreturnReturn the equipment to normal operation mode.

(417)volunteer helperreturnPark after the storm.

(418)This environmentalist works hardreturnnatural environment.

(419)Conservation efforts helpreturnEcosystems are destroyed.

(420)The therapist helps the patientreturntheir self-esteem.

(421)the university is tryingreturnAlumni Relations.

(422)He is determined to clear his namereturnhis reputation.

(423)Allelic complementation canreturnIt works on mutated genes.

(424)he is determinedreturnHis good name was not spared.

(425)Asking friends and family for support can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(426)Mystical amulets have powerreturnSouls who lost their lives.

(427)It is important to ask for forgivenessreturnharmonious.

(428)Our team is working hardreturnTermination of service.

(429)The team works tirelesslyreturnwithin the given period.

(430)The surgeon carefully sutures the veinreturnblood flow (vol.

(431)We must strive to break the power that bindsreturnPravda.

(432)Coloring can also be used forreturnFaded or colored fabrics.

(433)Bronka's activation spell canreturnMana to other players.

(434)Many people depend on the help of orthodontistsreturntheir smile.

(435)she uses apple polishreturnLight on a wooden cover.

(436)The garden statues need to be repaintedreturnits original color.

(437)Wetland restoration helpsreturnecosystem.

(438)Environmentalists nitrogenize the soilreturndegraded land.

(439)the organization works onreturnagainst its core values.

(440)a carpenter canreturnExcept the old wooden chairs.

(441)dragon balls are usedreturnThe destroyed planet Namek.

(442)The surgeon transplants the blood vessel into thereturnblood flow (vol.

(443)I found an old rusty rake in the shed and decided on itreturnthe.

(444)Reforestation helpsreturnecosystem.

(445)you shouldreturnDo your research before starting a project.

(446)let us goreturnSeparate the different components of this experiment.

(447)we wouldreturnTake some time to volunteer in your local community.

(448)the teacher helped the studentsreturntheir confidence in mathematics.

(449)Lupine plants are often used to helpreturnHabitat damage.

(450)Lupine plants are often used to helpreturndamaged wetlands.

(451)The museum will assignreturnhistorical artifacts.

(452)You canreturnComplete the tasks in time to qualify.

(453)recycling can helpreturnHabitat for endangered species.

(454)the government is tryingreturnBroken infrastructure.

(455)the artist canreturnPainting faded colors.

(456)volunteers helpedreturnDamaged houses after the flood.

(457)the athlete works hardreturnTheir strength after injuries.

(458)electrical worksreturnpower after a power outage.

(459)An antique clock that is being restoredreturnIts raw beauty.

(460)plumbing worksreturnWater supply to the house.

(461)electrical worksreturnEmpower your neighbors.

(462)the chef works hardreturnFreshness of ingredients.

(463)the chef works hardreturnThe recipe retains the original taste.

(464)the therapist triesreturnThe state of the patient's mental health.

(465)geologists work onreturnnatural rock formations.

(466)An electrician must insert a new fusereturnforce.

(467)He is motivated by his passion for carsreturnOld classic car.

(468)The impeachment process is one wayreturntrust in the government.

(469)The impeachment process is one wayreturntrust in the government.

(470)The museum promised supportreturnhistorical artifacts.

(471)Nice words from strangers canreturnYour faith in humanity.

(472)the company works hardreturnreputation after the scandal.

(473)Environmentalists work hardreturnpolluted river.

(474)the chef works hardreturnTraditional flavors of food.

(475)The scientist triesreturnEcosystem balance.

(476)The mediation process can helpreturntrust between all parties.

(477)college to work hardreturnNatural habitats on campus.

(478)historians work onreturnRecord accuracy.

(479)Power plants have to withstand wind and rainreturncurrent.

(480)The police had to drive through the riotsreturnOrder.

(481)The museum hired a conservatorreturnantique furniture.

(482)The college offers an assistance programreturnEcosystems are destroyed.

(483)Isotonic solutions can helpreturnFluid balance in the body.

(484)He bought an old car, and he had toreturnhold it.

(485)Shamanistic rituals are performed in order toreturnBalance and harmony.

(486)The government must deal with past corruptionreturnbelieve in.

(487)bath oil helpsreturnIt adds moisture to my dry and dehydrated skin.

(488)It can help unclog a blocked vas deferensreturnFertility.

(489)Practicing mindfulness and following the moment can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(490)Regular check-ups and examinations can helpreturnhealthy and fast.

(491)Hydrochloric acid is sometimes used to clean andreturnOld masonry.

(492)I recharge with a good night's sleepreturnmy energy level.

(493)cleaning up the communityreturnlocal park.

(494)Soldiers are deployed to conflict areasreturnFred.

(495)Museums hire expertsreturnWithin ancient artifacts.

(496)A carpenter takes apart an old wooden chairreturnthe.

(497)Use a hair mask that contains keratinreturnAnd restore damaged hair.

(498)certain medications can helpreturnHypothalamus balancer.

(499)Ashmonite rulers canreturnTemple in Jerusalem.

(500)the old bike was nickel platedreturnIts original appearance.

Learn English faster by "reconstructing" whole sentences

Sentences are everywhere.
Language cannot really function without sentences.

When you first started learning English, you might have memorized words like these:English meaning of the word "restore"but now that you understand the language better, there is a better way to make it possible for youLearn what "return" means using example sentences.

True, there are still some words you don't know. but if you learnPhrases with "recovery", instead of the word "recovery" itself, you can learn faster!

Focus your English learning on "recovery" sentences.

Why is it important to focus on sentences?
A sentence is not just a string of words. These are thoughts, ideas and stories. Words build sentences just as letters build words. Sentences build language and give it personality.

Again, without sentences there is no real communication. If you just read the text now, you won't be able to understand what I'm telling you.

- The word "recovery" in example sentences.
- "recovery" in the sentence.
- How to use "recovery" in a sentence.
- 10 example sentences for "recovery".
- 20 examples of simple "recovery" sentences.

All parts of speech in English are used to compose sentences. All sentences have two parts: a subject and a verb (also known as a predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something or is described in the sentence. Verbs are actions performed or descriptions of people or things. A sentence is incomplete if there is no subject and no verb (eg in the sentence "go to bed", we don't know who went to bed).

Four types of sentence structures.

Simple sentences with "recovery"

"return" in shortIt contains a subject and a verb, and can have an object and a modifier. However, it contains only one independent clause.

"Restore" idioms

Idioms with "recovery"It contains at least two independent sentences. These two independent clauses can be combined with a comma and a coordinating conjunction or a semicolon.

Complex sentences with "Return"

Complex sentences with "Recovery"It contains at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. A dependent clause can refer to the subject (who, which), sequence/time (since, while) or causative element (because, if) of the independent clause.

Complex sentences with "Return"

Sentence types can also be combined. ONEComplex sentences with "Return"It contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.


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