The keys to a successful mortgage email campaign (2023)

Oh yes, a mortgage email campaign. somewhat underrated and overcomplicated one of theMortgage Marketing Practices That Loan Officers Try To Fix Or Ignore Every Day. We have worked with over 100 top loan officers across the country and have seen many successful lead conversions from mortgage campaigns.

Most mortgage companies will offer some form of email mortgage marketing platform for Citizens Loan Officers to use while working for the company.If you are a mortgage broker,UWM has great free tools you can use to create your own email marketing campaigns. But every time you use someone else's email content, you lose the ability to connect.votingfor your brand. For some, this is not a problem, and email marketing is just another way to stay in touch with potential customers. But if you're interested in developing your own mortgage email marketing strategy, read on for some tips on how to best execute it.

When I decided to do my first mortgage drip campaign a few years ago, I started by looking for someone who could do it for me or who already had a template that I could buy. This has proven to be very difficult because there really is no one size fits all and everyone I've talked to who emails me wants to charge a bunch of fees and knows next to nothing about the mortgage industry. After procrastinating for weeks, I finally decided to focus and write my own email using tips and tricks from blogs, ebooks and white papers I downloaded.

What I found is this:

Writing an email for a dropper is actually quite simple as long as you feel confident in what you are doing. In fact, most of the tips and tricks I've read align with a very personal writing style, making writing an email a bit like writing a letter to a friend.

Remembering this process from last week as I continued to build my own drip campaigns for Empower Funnels, I decided to compile some of the most powerful principles I follow when building my drip campaigns into 3 simple implementations to write the perfect mortgage activity key. If you focus only on these key points and nothing else, not only will you unleash the power of a good drip marketing campaign, but it will be easier and more natural than you ever imagined.

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Key #1: Use the power of “short” in your mortgage marketing emails

I bet you will like this trick the most. This is part of what makes writing email content simple if you do it right. Especially from those in the mortgage industry, drip emails aren't usually the most popular literature in our email inboxes, are they?

The good news is that you can still create content that is compelling enough to get people to open those emails, but you have to respect the time and attention of potential/former customers enough to realize that your ability to keep them engaged is fragile. What is the best way to do this? Keep everything short.

In this case, I'm not just referring to the email itself, so pay attention and follow this advice. When writing drip emails to your mortgage database, "short" should be the key word. Here's what I mean:

In short...Now is not the time to impress with your eloquent vocabulary. If the first reader can't read your email, it might be too long. If the word can be replaced by a shorter, more basic word with the same meaning, replace it. Also, avoid industry jargon in your emails whenever possible.

short paragraph -See how my section at the beginning of this blog compares to the section after the titleKey #1.I did this on purpose to illustrate the importance of short paragraphs. Breaking away from the usual standard paragraph structure we all learned in grade school can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that breaking your thoughts down into shorter paragraphs can actually be very beneficial to your ability to express yourself in writing.

Short email -This is obvious. Yes, keep words and paragraphs short. Even if you have a lot to say, you should use these techniques. Most importantly, though, you want to make sure your emails are short and to the point to show that you respect your customers' time. This will let your potential customers know that it only takes a minute to read your email, increasing your open rate over time and ensuring that the majority of people who open your email get to you. Content forwarded to .

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Completing a short call to action -Finally, and probably most importantly, you want your call to action to direct the email recipient to take a very short action. it's even betteremphasizeHow short the plot is.

"To reserve a time on my calendar, click here and select a time in 15 seconds or less"

"Can I call someone you know to help you with a home loan today? Reply with their name and phone number and I'll send them this before we talk:" Increase referrals from those who don't want to provide contact information when they talk to their family or friends. You can counter reluctance by writing that the referral is very busy, but you want to make sure family/friends are taken care of before asking for a time if the referral wants to talk.

Whatever call to action you include, just keep it short and simple.

Key #2: Make your personal style your #1 content focus

That's the huge difference between someone who writes a successful copy and someone who doesn't. Many salespeople can speak extremely well, but lack the ability to translate their charisma into their writing. If you want to write successful emails, you need to overcome this problem. What is the first way to solve this problem?start writing.Seriously, do it now! Believe it or not, the reason this can help you overcome writing challenges isn't just because "practice makes perfect." Don't get me wrong, there is no doubt that practicing writing will make you a better writer. No, for most salespeople the way to help them write better is to stop overthinking their writing.

Writing is as simple as recording thoughts. You express yourself all day long, and writing is no different necessarily. We're all so distracted by writing at school that it's really best to make things as complicated as possible. The sooner you realize that your best writing is what sounds like you, the easier it will be for you to write, and it might even becomeBeautiful.I know this personally, and in recognition of this, I have discovered that one of my favorite things to do is to write.

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Breaking up sections will help, as we discussed in the last key. Part of the reason shorter paragraphs are easier to read is that they better suit the way we think and speak. Nobody speaks the way we've been taught to write most of our lives, so most people don't feel as engaged when they read traditional writing as they do when the reading is broken down and sounds like a conversation.

If you have trouble with this, try speaking into a tape recorder, transcribe it, and start emailing by editing the transcript. If you speak better than you write, it can change the situation. It doesn't work for me personally because I express myself better by writing than by speaking. But as far as I know, most people feel the exact opposite.

Key #3: Always include a call to action or valuable information

Every email you write should have a purpose. In order to write successful emails, you may need to "forget" the purpose when writing the body of the email, but you should always tie everything back to a CTA or piece of valuable information. Marketers traditionally confuse this with the idea that every email you send must contain value. This is why educational drip activities are so popular, but not necessarily the best method.

If you turn every email you send into a "reminder" or "market insight" or something similar, you'll ensure that the only people who open your email are themYesBe interested in the topic at hand. But if you focus on expressing a personal voice in your writing and make your writing easy to read, you'll get more people interested in reading what you have to say.

Once you've got their attention, you'll either A) capitalize on it with a CTA or B) justify it with a valuable message.

Grab their attention with CTAsThis is where you can include the short op calls I talked about in the previous key. Would you like to contact them by phone? Include a call to action for the planner.karendelliis a great free software to use if you don't already have it. Want to be recommended? Include a CTA to send you their message! Want to create engagement? Include a CTA to ask them question no. 1 on buying a home right now. Most emails you send to potential customers should include a CTA.

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Prove their attention with a valuable message --It's about processing "valuable" information: it's all relative. If you get someone to open an email that promises value, you'll have to fight against the expectations you've set for yourself in order for that person to think it has value. On the other hand, if you get them to open the email out of curiosity or because they enjoy reading what you wrote, then you can simply add a valuable message at the end of the email, and who reads it. I think it's worth more, almost as a surprise. This justifies reading the emails you send with them in mind and ensures you can continue to prioritize your emails in the future.

Surprise key to a successful mortgage campaign #4

Are you ready for the biggest key to a successful crash event? More important than any of the three keys I just mentioned?

Create a dripping activity.

Seriously, if I could boil down everything I've said on this blog to one important lesson, it would be this: drip campaigns are terribly underrated and terribly complex. Just sit down at your desk and start writing your email as you would a friend. I assure you that it will not damage your database. On the other hand, if you overcomplicate things and start trying to find the best service or put together the best newsletter or something, you might not be able to say the same.

We help credit counselors with the same challenges as you

If you've been following a drip campaign for a while but never took any action to implement it, don't worry. You are not alone. In fact, are there any other marketing ideas that you may have considered but didn't implement? Now we are not a replacement for the marketing department, butWe can create a steady flow of inbound business, freeing up your time and energy to focus on growing your business.

Click here to view our lead generation system.

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Thanks for reading and see you at the top!

Michael McAllister


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