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2022 is over and it's time for a roundup of the best marketing campaigns of the year. With this rotation around the sun, the world has seen increased lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the opening of international borders, as well as rising inflation and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Many brands took on new challenges and created campaigns that inspired us, made us laugh and pushed us forward and, yes, sold products. We've compiled a list of some of the best marketing campaigns of 2022, shared insights into their success, and provided tips on how to replicate that success for your brand.

1. Kia: robot dog

Not every ad on this list appeared in Super Bowl 2022, but this one did. And he was a pack leader, if you will. He introduced the slogan "Live Fully Charged" and promoted the newAll-electric KIA EV6, the display shows a littlerobot dogis looking for his forever home.

This campaign is one of has a very simple, relatable and moving concept— in this case, pet adoption — and plugs it into its robotic electronic ear. This allows you to convey the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bbuying an electric car without going overboard. Walking that line requires some trickery, as EVs, whether you like it or not, are considered controversial.

also kiawon a brand ambassador and supported a cause. Robo Dog was so popular that Kia sold 10,000 of themNFT Adoption Pass, with 90% of the proceeds going to the Petfinder Foundation, which helps animals find their forever homes.

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (1)

The Robo Dog announcement not only caught a heartbreaking concept, but also at a particularly opportune time, as it almost got1 in 5 familiesadopted a pet during the pandemic. It may also have awakened a certain nostalgia formillennia, still the current generation with the highest purchasing power that could have been rememberedcaca-chi, the most popular robot dog of the 2000s.

It's remarkable how crowded the electric car sales floor is this year. BMW had another Super Bowl winner with itsAll-electric BMW iX commercialwith Arnold Schwazeneger as Zeus and Salma Hayek as Hera. a fantastic frenchPropaganda do Renault E-Tech Hybridwhat really mattersalternativesdriving also convinced us.

The result? International Energy Agency (IEA)reportsthat revenue for the first quarter of 2022 increased by 75% compared to 2021.

Fun Fact:Kia isn't exactly new to using cute creatures to sell its vehicles. Nearly everyone who watched TV between 2009 and 2017 at least watched itasits many iconichamster adfor the sale of the Kia Soul. We look forward to seeing what this new era will bring.

2. Paloma: #DetoxYourFeed

taubeawarded Selfie campaign in reversemade our list of top marketing campaigns of 2021, and the brand continued to thrive in 2022, so much so that we had a hard time picking just one campaign. The #DetoxYourFeed campaign focuses on the negative impact that toxic beauty advice can have on young women.

The ad begins with a series of mothers and daughters sitting together and talking about what their daughters are watching on their social media. Most mothers are sure that social media is mostly a fun pastime for their daughters. Things change when Dove shares a video that uses artificial intelligence to put toxic beauty tips in moms' mouths.

Hearing and seeing the same advice from a mother as an influencer shows how dangerous, misleading and potentially harmful this advice can be. It also underscores the fact that moms and dads are ultimately more influential on their teens than any individual influencer, underscoring the need to start conversations about what teens see in their feeds.

As with other promotions at Dove'sself esteem project, the products are never displayed. In that case,the product is the brand, specifically how the customer perceives the brand after watching the commercial. The next time someone who has seen these videos goes to the supermarket with soap on their shopping list, will they buy soap from a brand that uses skinny models in their ads or from Dove?

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David Ogilvy, known as the father of advertising, once said, "Advertising is only bad when it promotes bad things." These Dove campaigns are a testament to that statement and the power of brands seeking positive change.

Other notable Dove campaigns for 2022 include:

  • #five early, which aims to end hair discrimination based on race (proven to start at age 5). It is not illegal in most US states. You can sign a petition to end this.Here.

  • #CostoRealDeLaBelleza, which aims to end hatred and discrimination based on appearance, a health care crisis that costs Americans $500 billion a year. You can learn more about the campaignHere.

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3. Nike: 50th Anniversary: ​​I've Seen It All

Anniversaries provide a unique opportunity for brands to look back on past achievements and reflect on what they want to achieve in the future. For its 50th anniversary, Nike teamed up with Spike Lee and Indigo Hubbard-Salk to create an ad that honors the legacies of athletes who have worn Nike while making room for today's rising stars.

saw everythingIt's actually considered a Spike Lee joint, which reflects various relationships and roles. Lee has worked extensively with Nike. He was involved in the now iconicIt must be the shoeCommercial series (credited tosaw everything) and his character as Mars Blackmon wore Air Jordans in Lee's 1986 filmShe must have.

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The ad features Lee's character, Mars Blackmon.she must have(in chess and in a spoken word match) against the Hubbard-Salk Zimmie of recent TV retaliation. Includes images of more than 40 current and legendary Nike athletes, from Michael Jordan to Naomi Osaka. Importantly, the Athletes' Zimmie Highlights attract a notably international audience and also feature prominent female athletes.

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You may be aware of your brand's legacy, but customers have likely only seen snippets of your achievements.Create a campaign that highlights where you've beenjWhere are you going allows you to focus your brand narrative in both past and future directions. It certainly helps to prove 50 years of star-studded athletes, thoughcaptivating storiesthey were created with much less.

Speaking of athletes, the Nike brand has always been best represented by the athletes who wear its gear. Arguably, your best ads aren't ads at all, but professional athletes who play tennis, basketball, or rollerblading with their team. Nike product placement is so ingrained in our culture that it's easy to overlook celebrity endorsements. Hesaw everythingThe ad honors these athletes: influencers before influencers beforeEra- and your job.

Who are your players on the field?Who are the people who embody your brand so completely that the average person wouldn't think twice about seeing them represent it? And what would happen if I paid homage to them?

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (4)

4. Heineken: Closer

In our rush to figure out how to get back to work after COVID-19, many of us have forgotten to think about how to get back to free time after the pandemic. Heineken's solution? A Bluetooth-enabled beer opener called The Closer that can put nearby computers to sleep.

This marketing campaign follows workers of all types who, despite working hours, are unable to disconnect from work. Fortunately, a co-worker, bartender or close friend opens a Heineken with The Closer and the person's devices shut down. While the ad is quite tongue-in-cheek (hopefully making a work video call on your laptop in a wet bar is still overkill for most), it still touches on an issue many workers face on a daily basis.

This foundation actually keeps The Closer from feeling like too much of a gimmick.That and the fact that The Closer product was only sold for a very limited time. "You don't have the sewer? Be next "your devotedthe next pagehe says, giving simple examples of how you can become his neighbor in everyday life.

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (5)

But Heineken went one step further,Use your environment as a smart form of advertising. To promote The Closer, they traveled around New York City and identified office buildings where people worked late. when they found oneprojected an imagein the building that raised awareness of the situation and turned late workers into... well, late out of work notices. When you think of brands that care about your well-being, beer brands aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind, but maybe Heineken can change that.

The Closer campaign is the first of a global campaign entitled "For a Cooler World". follow your popularshutter adsCampaign that helped raise more than 7.5 million euros for more than 5,000 bars closed during the pandemic. All are open again.

5. Hellman's: Mayo Fights Food Waste

ANDAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economicsfound that the average US household wastes 31.9% of the food it receives. In an advertising genius, Hellmann's teams up with former NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo to "fight" food waste.

You don't have to care about football to watch Jerod Mayo run rampant through American homes, taking on would-be food wasters and giving them advice on what to do with that slightly stale bread or leftover spinach. ANDan absolutely delicious concept with just the right celebrity to back it up(and therefore infinitely more successful than hissimilar ad last yearcom Amy Schumer).

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As in many of these other commercials, the mayonnaise may not be the product featured, but the reason it's getting attention.hellmans has committedHelp the UN reach its Sustainable Development Goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. The ad is part of them#MakeTasteNotWasteCampaign.

Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 Honorable Mentions:

Litter:Calls to 911 Apple Watch

Make the most of your next marketing campaign with Khoros

From tapping into the consumer's desire to be happy, to tugging at our hearts and speaking the truth in an industry where toxic advice abounds, today's best marketing campaigns never cease to amaze us with their creativity and ingenuity.

One thing that all these recent marketing campaigns have shown us, however, is that no matter where it takes place (OOH, event, print, digital, etc.), your campaign is going to turn heads.on-line, especially through social media. Social media gives brands the ability to share campaigns with audiences anywhere, including those who may not be directly affected by the campaign. As the world of social media continues to grow, it takes a lot of strategy and effort to keep up.

Khoros offers brands a powerfulsocial media managementtools and processes. Our broad and unitedsocial customer service,marketing social, jsocial listeningServices provide brands with accessible, empowering insights that drive customer engagement, drive the creation of meaningful content, and accelerate and improve ROI.

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A look at recent years

The best marketing campaign of 2021

1. Pigeon reverse selfie

In April 2021, Dove launched its "Reverse Selfie" campaign, which aims to combat the negative impact of selfie culture on girls and young suggestionsthat 80% of 13-year-old girls distort their appearance online, and the Dove campaign discusses how this digital distortion can affect self-esteem and why it needs to change.

The campaign reverses the process of digital distortion and then encourages people to #TheSelfieTalk to promote confidence and body positivity on social media. The campaign is a spiritual successor to the brand's iconic 2006 film, Evolution, and is also linked to the larger self-esteem project in which aown websitewith information and resources for parents and teachers, and the option to make a #NoDigitalDistortion pledge. To top it off, Dove teamed up with iconic women like Lizzo, Shonda Rhimes and others to fight digital distortion and "end unrealistic beauty standards."

Although the campaign never features or promotes the brand's products, they have received much praise from the press and the public as a result of the conversations it has initiated. The bottom line is that a campaign doesn't always have to be product focused, message marketing can be just as effective for brands.

The best marketing campaign of 2020

Facebook's First Super Bowl Commercial

For the first time, Facebook ran a commercial during the Super Bowl. The 60-second ad aired in Q4 and promoted Facebook groups. The ad, titled "Ready to Rock?" it featured celebrity appearances by actor Sylvester Stallone and comedian Chris Rock, and featured several themed rock groups on Facebook, including Table Rock Lake, Moab Rock Climbers, Rock Buggies, and Rocky Balboa Going the Distance.

The quirky commercial received critical acclaim for its hilarious wordplay and for including real people who are members of the featured Facebook groups.

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (6)

In recent years, the social media giant has seen usage rates drop in the US, while other social networks have gained in popularity. So this commercial was a great way to renew interest in their platform and highlight features that might not have been as popular as more people started using the network.

This ad is also a great example of targeting. If Facebook was worried about declining usage in the US market, what better way to reach Americans than to advertise during the most watched event of the year.

The takeaway for brands from the Facebook Super Bowl 2020 marketing campaign is that advertising in new places or on new platforms can help your business reach a wider audience.

The best marketing campaign of 2019

Budweiser revisits its ads from the 50s, 60s and 70s

In honor of International Women's Day, Budweiser has released aseriesold-style ads that emphasize positive representations of women. Retaining its own metaphorical glass house, the brand reverted to its own ads from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Rather than characterizing women as wives and ultimately trying to sell Budweiser to their husbands, this campaign focuses on women's stories. .

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (7)

If you want to improve your brand image, one way to reinvent yourself is to find where you have failed in the past. Ultimately, by optimizing its image, Budweiser proved that it's not a beer for men, but a beer for people. As a result, they positioned themselves to be more appealing to more audiences.

The best marketing campaign of 2018

OKCupids DTF (all crazy) Campaign

(Video) I Found the BEST Way to Run Instagram Ads in 2023

With its controversial "DTF" ad campaign, OkCupid took a gamble by redefining the acronym:

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2022 | koros (8)

But the risk was worth it becauseWeekly ad reportsThe campaign increased OkCupid's social mentions by 50% and resonated with women and the LGBTQ+ community. While ads weren't welcome everywhere (like the entire Chicago Transit Authority), OkCupid demonstrated the effectiveness of disruptive marketing.

Campaigns targeting social media users don't always appeal to the board, but that's okay. While OkCupid couldn't place its ads everywhere, its campaign still had a tremendous impact that resonated with its target audience.

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