Thanksgiving French Vocabulary | French a la folie (2023)

Eat, eat, eat! What I mean,glooglou glooglou glooglou! When fall rolls around, it's time to brush up on your French Thanksgiving vocabulary! Learn the names of different activities, dishes, and even how turkeys talk!

Thanksgiving Day

Although its origins are disputed, Thanksgiving is still onevery important american holiday. It's an event all aroundsay thanksfor the blessings of the year and traditionally for a good harvest. For some, Thanksgiving is even more important than Christmas, and many travel far and wide just to be with family on that day.

but equalHallowe'en, Thanksgiving is aForeignconceptin France and French-speaking Europe. Beyond mere glimpses of the celebrations courtesy of Hollywood news, social media and productions,The average Frenchman probably won't see much of Thanksgiving, let alone know much about it.. It's a vacation that lastsI do not know- misunderstood, little known or a simple mystery!

Everyone Dies on Thanksgivinga perfect topic for cultural exchangewith French-speaking friends, whether you're American, Canadian, or just someone who's spent time in North America. So if you're looking for Thanksgiving French vocabulary to help you explain your Turkey Day practices to others, keep reading!

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving?

Before we get to the vocabulary lists, let's cover thoseElephantPeru not fourth:What is Thanksgiving in French?

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In French-speaking Europe,you will see more oftenThanksgivingalone, without item (such asHallowe'en). This seems to be the default. Nice and neat.

That means bothoThanksgivingmioThanksgivingit will also appear, even in dictionaries, which begs the questionmaterialGender. This is possibly the result of using expressions likeThanksgiving DaymiThanksgiving Day, which introduce other nouns with clearly defined genders. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a consensus on this issue. (Maybe it's about timethe french academyweigh?)

Well, what about Quebec?Where is Thanksgiving a family tradition? The language authorities ofFrench-speaking office in Quebec(OQLF) defend the full French term,Thanksgiving), which is widely used in French-speaking Canada but not in Europe. Note that it is feminine than the A inactionis capitalized when it comes to the holidays and suchGraciacan be singular or plural.

Finally, it is sometimes mentionedThanksgiving Daybut. However, that is how I always understood it.humorous translation, coined for a famous American humor column, and is not an official term used by French-speakers. (this French articlelight the pillar You can also search for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Arthur Buchwald.) So I don't recommend using it unless it's a joke.

So which one should you use?For simplicity and almost universal understanding, expectThanksgivingno article. But if you're in Canada or prefer things100% French,to useThanksgiving).

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Das Thanksgiving-Lexikon

Gusto:The mask/feminine noun
= adjective

Thanksgiving (Canada)
Frohes Thanksgiving!
Frohes Thanksgiving!
Frohes Thanksgiving!
Frohes Thanksgiving!
the second Monday of October
* in Canada
the second Monday of October
(Canadian Thanksgiving)
the fourth Thursday of November
* United States United States
the fourth Thursday of November
(US Thanksgiving)
vacationpublic holidays
a long weekenda long weekend
autumn leavesautumn leaves
Blatta leaf
leaves fallingleaves falling
history History
the colonsettlers
american indians
American native
native americans
native peoplenatives
feohelp help
in the colonyColonia
the cornucopiacornucopia
the survivorSurvive
la tensionStamm
native (adj.)
indígena (adj.)
native, native
traditions - traditions
voluntary workvoluntary work
canadian footballcanadian football
ein American/Canadian-Football-Spiela Canadian-American football game
the bone of happiness/wishesfuze
Indult of the Turkish presidentsorry from turkey
the paradefuses
the promotionsSpecial offers (sale)
the family reunionfamily meeting
tradition diesTradition
eat food
ladiesMore more

* Le maïs is pronounced [more], or roughly "mah-ees".

an ear of cornan ear of corn
pan integralpan integral
Maple syrupMaple syrup
The jokepad
Roast Turkey Stuffinga roasted and stuffed turkey
Mashed potatoesMashed potatoes
Mashed Sweet Potatoes with MarshmallowsMashed sweet potatoes with marshmallow
Meat saucesalsa
cranberry saucecranberry sauce
Pumpkin cakePumpkin cake
nut cake
nut cake
nut cake
Apple pieApple pie
Casa (adj.)
home-made (adj.)
self made
farci (adj.)stuffed
brother (adj.)roast meat
Verbs - Verbs
voluntary workdo volunteer work
to go shoppingto go shopping
PuenteTake a day off so you have a four-day weekend (in this case, the Friday after Thanksgiving)
Celebrationcelebrate, attend a party
To divideTo divide
gather the familygather the family
cutcarve (for example, turkey)
Some useful phrases - Some useful phrases
Smells good.Smells good.
It looks delicious.This looks delicious.
I'm hungry.I'm hungry.
About meat!The food is ready! It's dinner time!
In many!Let's eat!
Enjoy your meal!Enjoy!
No, thanks.No, thanks.
I have eaten too muchI have eaten too much
ate wellate well

* This is another way of saying that you are full or that you have eaten enough.

gratitude and thanks

Now let's talk about gratitude and how to express it in French! a simple onecompassionis always very useful in French, but here are some more words for your lexical arsenal!

Gusto: jdn= someone (someone)/ etc= something (something)
adj.= adjective

thankfulnessthank you, appreciate
gratitudeappreciation, gratitude
grateful (adj.)grateful, thankful
Thank you so muchThank you so much
thanks (to sb)thanks to (someone)
graciassay "thank you" to (someone)
thank you (something or something)...thanks to (someone or something)...
≈ by...
graciasthank (someone)
be thankful OF/FOR (sth)be thankful for (something)

Note: Although POUR is often used, DE is considered by some to be more correct.

be pleasant A / A (sb)be grateful to (someone)
be nice A (jd) DE (jd)to be grateful to (someone) for (something).
thank you (sb) EN
... + past infinitive
thank (someone) for
... + past infinitive (for example, helped, helped, etc.)
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Finally,Let's talk about Turkey. Because turkeys surely sound the same in every language, right? Birds of the same plumage... do they eat together? Turns out that's not the case! As the English-speaking turkey devours, his French-speaking cousin makes another tone.Here's some vocabulary you'll need when talking about this multilingual bird.

PeruTurkey, turkey... but also meat!
PeruPeru Macho, Tom
Perupinto from peru, peru
the Screamcry, call (of an animal)
o Gorgoléjarthe snapping of turkeys
(pronounced "rooster tail")

Fun fact:French names are comingcoqPerumiPolloPeru, which means "Chicken of India". This is what turkeys were called when they were brought to Europe from the New World, originally thought to be India.

In diesem Sinne Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving French Vocabulary | French a la folie (1)

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Do you have a good understanding of French Thanksgiving vocabulary? Looking for more vocabulary lessons?

Here you can find all my posts on French vocabulary.exactly here! Packed with memorable graphics and designed to help you master tricky gender and noun spellings, my lessons will make learning French easier and more fun!

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