Human Development and Family Science Jobs - (2023)

Gain knowledge and experience in the science of human growth and development.

Internships, careers in human development and family studies

ABDOMEN. in Human Development and Family Studies prepares students for careers that promote healthy development and the functioning of families. HDFS is an interdisciplinary field of study that, based on theory and research, examines the process of human development throughout life, the dynamic interaction of family members, and the influence of social environments. Students develop the knowledge and skills needed to educate individuals and families and create community-based programs that solve real-world challenges.

A four-year degree from HDFS also provides a solid foundation for pursuing advanced study in developmental sciences, counseling, marriage and family therapy, occupational therapy, social work, and speech therapy, among others.

Child and family development

  • Child/Family Crisis Intervention Centers
  • youth and family services
  • advocacy groups for children
  • non-profit organizations
  • communities and schools
  • Guardian adjudicator Person appointed by the court to represent the child in court and make recommendations to the court on the best interests of the child
  • Inpatient treatment facilities for children
  • recreation centers
  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Division
  • Rapid intervention
  • Drug and alcohol prevention programs.
  • teen pregnancy services
  • Family service agencies, health-related agencies
  • Activities coordinator or program director in retirement homes
  • Elderly care in the residential home
  • Long-term care facilities, day care for adults
  • senior groups
  • intervention centers
  • Resource Services for Families
  • Military Family Support Services
  • Immigration services and migrant families
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Train adult and youth volunteers to become community leaders, provide educational programs to boost community economic development, work with other organizations to help citizens prepare for and recover from disasters, and much more.
  • Provide families with research-based answers to their everyday challenges, such as: For example, managing family budgets, improving eating habits, or addressing special concerns related to early childhood, parenthood, or aging.

Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development Concentration in Family Ministries

The Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development prepares students for careers in social services and community programs, and provides resources and support for diverse families. The Family Services concentration emphasizes the study of family development, relationships, dynamics, functioning, health, and resource management.

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Undecided or still deciding on an important and future career

If you are unsure about your specialization and have questions about career planning, you are not alone. Choosing a major or a career can be a very difficult decision. HeExploratory study programIt can be a good choice if you are unsure about your primary focus and career path. Enrolling in the university's exploratory study program will provide you with confidence and valuable information about the undergraduate and graduate programs available at SDSU and future career opportunities.

Likewise,FOCUS 2 Career, a self-paced career assessment, education, and planning program, helps you reflect on your values, interests, personality traits, and skills for valuable insight as you explore careers and career opportunities. SDSU students can access FOCUS 2 Career with the code: jacks. After completing the FOCUS 2 Career, it may be helpful to discuss your results with a career coach at the Career Development Office.

Ontario employment law during the recruitment process

Human Development and Family Science Jobs - (1)

Job titles and descriptions

As an employer, when hiring an employee, you must base your hiring decision on legitimate professional qualifications or competencies. Therefore, jobs and job descriptions should describe the requirements and specific work skills required for the job. These competencies must not reflect areas prohibited under the Ontario Code of Human Rights. For example:

  • Unacceptable:The position requires Canadian experience.This requirement is very vague, does not relate to any specific ability or requirement, and may imply discrimination against an immigrant.
  • Acceptable:The position requires excellent written and spoken communication skills in English.This requirement relates to specific skills that can be demonstrated and does not imply discrimination against a person from another country.

On the other hand, discrimination may be necessary in certain cases. For example, discrimination may be permissible if the disqualification is significant and serves a legitimate business purpose. For example, a physical disability may be a legitimate reason not to hire someone for work with specific physical requirements that would be impossible to perform or would put someone at risk.

to be continued

job interviews

employment contracts

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Career courses in human development and family studies

  • career human development and family studies hdfs specializations
  • We've compiled common career paths that HDFS students follow.

    They are listed here and divided into several broad categories.

  • Information from national sources to help you learn about careers in this field, including average salaries, job opportunities, growth rate in this field, and job details.
  • courses of interest.
  • Convenient credit options.
  • Practical opportunities in the community.
  • While career guidance is typically focused on what people do in their jobs, many students take the course because they want to work with a specific demographic, e.g. B. with young children, at-risk teenagers or new parents. But they don't know what kind of jobs they can have working with that population. read oursGeneral information on career planningto help you think about how your skills fit into different types of careers.

    Jobs you can do with a career in human development

    Indeed's editorial team is a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers, and subject matter experts, armed with data and insights from Indeed to provide actionable advice to help you in your career path.

    Pursuing a career in human development often requires strong listening and communication skills to best meet a person's needs and help them improve or heal. Whether you're helping students achieve academic success or helping doctors and medical professionals in a hospital, there are many jobs and careers to pursue in the human development field. In this article, we discuss what a human development career is and share a list of 15 jobs you can pursue in this field.

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    Careers in human development and family studies

    Graduates of human development and family studies programs are well-positioned to pursue a variety of careers. The expertise gained during the degree prepares graduates for work in community-based social services, early childhood centers and programs, hospitals and hospice organizations, government and political positions, and research, writing, and media development. Human development and family studies professionals may choose to work in preschool settings and may find that their academic preparation offers them opportunities to take on a supervisory role. Their specialized knowledge of the early stages of the life cycle can enable them to work as early intervention professionals, helping to identify and treat developmental delays in children.

    Many family and human development studies professionals focus on working with children, but as the population ages, more people are needed to help the growing elderly population. If you love people and care about their quality of life, a career as a child and family development professional could be a good fit for you. The education you receive with us will help you make your dream of helping others come true.

    To find out what education or training is typical of human development and family studies careers, use the O*Net links below and click on Job Zone.

    • Family Resource Coordinator
    • Children's Hospital and Family Life Specialist

    Candidate review by the Assistant Professor of Aging/Gerontology begins October 1st

    Earn a bachelor's degree in HDFS in the state of Oregon

    Search #:496766Categories:Teacher Induction Course


    The University of Connecticut Department of Human Development and Family Sciences is inviting applications for the position of Assistant Professor of Aging/Gerontology. Examples of areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to: Healthy Aging, Care and Family, Intergenerational Relations, Chronic Diseases including Heart Disease, Cancer and Dementia, Diversity and Culture, Intersectionality, Intergenerational Programming, Lifelong Learning, Elderly Care and Family Law and Age Justice . This appointment demonstrates the commitment of UConn and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to diversity, equity and inclusion.



    • Completed PhD in Human Development and Family Studies, Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology or other relevant discipline upon commencement of position.
    • Teaching experience or proven teaching qualification with proven commitment to teaching.
    • A strong or emerging record of academic productivity in the field of aging/gerontology.
    • The ability to contribute to the diversity and excellence of the discipline through research, teaching and/or public participation.
    • Effective communication skills.


    At the University of Connecticut, our commitment to excellence is complemented by our commitment to building a culturally diverse community.

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    What family science career opportunities are there at different grade levels?

    Earning a family studies degree will provide you with the knowledge and skills to have a rewarding and successful career in many industries and occupations.*

    If you are curious about:

    • Help people:Family science is the basis of countlessprofessional practiceCareers in education, training, therapy and more where you can work directly with individuals and families to empower them to be their best selves.
    • Teach what you know:Prepare the next generation of family scholars and practitionerseducation, as a teacher or teacher in colleges or secondary schools.
    • Create a systemic change:a career inPoliticsIt could be for you whether you work in a government agency or policy institute implementing research-based policies for the benefit of all families.
    • Discover new insights:Consider a careerbringB. at a university or research center to learn and understand more about families and family relationships.

    Click on each job title below, which represents just a handful of many possible roles, to view the type of work and associated responsibilities. You can also find extended profiles of some of these jobs at NCFRFamily Studies Career Brochure.

    Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development Families Children and Schools Concentration

    The Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development prepares students for a career working with youth and families in diverse settings. The concentration of families, children, and school settings prepares students to become certified to teach preschool through grades 3 or K-6.

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    Certified family educator

    Career:Family life educators in community social services, youth development programs, teen pregnancy services, adult day care, social work, religious organizations, corporate recruitment, family planning and financial counseling agencies, government and family and public policy analysis, child protection and advocacy program, cooperative outreach specialist, military family support services, Family Education, Sex Education, Parent Education, Marriage and Family Enrichment Programs, Curriculum Development, Community Education, Family Intervention, Support Services, Individual and Family Therapy, Crisis and Helpline Services, Abuse Protection Services, Inpatient Treatment Programs

    Certificate/Certification:Certified family educator, certification issued byNational Council on Family Relations.


  • Compulsory course set by the National Council for Family Relations
  • Completion of the internship/practice in order to be able to apply for an intermediate certification after completion
  • Complete portfolio for submission to NCFR for post-graduation intermediate certification
  • Complete the required work experience related to family life education within 5 years of graduation to earn full certification
  • What is a career in human development?

    Human Development and Family Science Jobs - (2)

    A human development career is a position that uses knowledge of human behavior and communication skills to interact with people and help them improve their lives in a variety of ways. With their biological and psychological understanding of human beings, people in human development can apply their knowledge in various sectors such as medical practice, public policy and social work. Due to the wide range of career opportunities and training topics, it can be important for those interested in studying Human Development to decide on a career early on in order to take the courses that are most suitable for them.

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    Certified Child Life Expert

    Career:Specialist in the life of children in Children's Hospitals, Medical Centers, Children's Clinics, Children's Hospitals, Support Centers, Dental Clinics, Hospice and Palliative Care Programs, Diagnostic Specific Specialist Services, Private Practice, Therapeutic and Specialty Camps, Child Care Agencies, Rehabilitation, Bereavement Programs, Interventions, Mental Health Facilities, Schools, early childhood services, community non-profit organizations, funeral homes, legal systems, parenting programs, research and science, policy and legislative development.

    Certificate/Certification:Certified Child Life Specialist, Certificate issued byAssociation of Professionals in Children's Life.


  • At least a bachelor's degree
  • Compulsory course set by the Child Life Council
  • Completion of a child postgraduate clinical internship that meets the Association of Child Life Professionals standards for clinical internships
  • Complete and pass the Association of Child Life Professionals professional certification exam
  • Assistant or Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

    HDFS offers unique, multidisciplinary training in the areas of family relationships, child and adolescent development, adult development, and child and family aging.

  • The office develops and implements strategies and programs in support of foreign policy goals of peacebuilding, maintaining regional stability, promoting

    $106,823 – $138,868 per year

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    success in the field

    • A master's degree in counseling, social work, occupational therapy, or a related field, along with the appropriate professional license, is typically required to offer therapy and advance into administrative or supervisory positions.
    • Complete hands-on experience and internships to assess suitability for the helping professions and engage with diverse practice environments and clients.
    • Applicants must have empathy for others, an appreciation for diversity and an interest in social change.
    • Gain experience with a wide variety of customers and customer systems, including individuals, families, groups, communities, and minorities.

    For students interested in early childhood education or developmental therapy, Human Development and Family Science is not an approved course and does not meet the requirements for associate certifications in the state of Illinois.

    Careers in human development and family studies

    Postgraduierter in Human Development and Family Sciences

    What path of human development do you want to take?

    Social trends are changing, social issues are becoming more complex and today's household structures are more diverse than ever. Therefore, job opportunities for qualified human development and family studies graduates are growing rapidly. Maryville CollegesOnline-Bachelor-Programm in Human Development and Family StudiesIt is designed to provide graduates with a broad understanding of individual and family dynamics. This helps position graduates as viable candidates in a variety of industries, e.g. B. in government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools and daycares.

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    How to get a job in human development and family sciences

    Requirements to get a job at HDFS vary by position. Some positions require an associate's degree, while others seek candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree. For example, agencies that conduct population studies require employees to have a bachelor's degree, while marriage and family therapy agencies typically have at least a master's degree. To teach at university level, you usually need to have a PhD. Some degrees are offered under different names but are still considered part of the HDFS range. So check the courses at your school to see what courses are available. To be successful in a human development and family studies job you will need excellent communication and organizational skills and, in some roles, the ability to remain professional in stressful situations.

    Latinx Teacher Assistant Families candidate evaluation begins October 15

    Search #:496792Categories:Teacher Induction Course


    The University of Connecticut's Department of Human Development and Family Sciences is inviting applications for the position of Assistant Professor in the field of Latinx families. Examples of areas of expertise may include, but are not limited to: family socialization in relation to racism and social justice protective and resilience factors that promote well-being in the context of the family intergenerational transmission of stress and coping grandparents parenting patterns of grandchildren and immigration processes for multicultural Latinx -Families Family socialization strategies and sociocultural patterns Outcomes of family-based care interventions. This appointment demonstrates the commitment of UConn and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to diversity, equity and inclusion.



    • Completed doctorate in development and family sciences, psychology, sociology or another relevant discipline before starting work.
    • Teaching experience or proven teaching qualification with proven commitment to teaching.
    • A strong track record of academic productivity in the field of Latinx families.
    • The ability to contribute to the diversity and excellence of the discipline through research, teaching and/or public participation.
    • Effective communication skills.


    This position will be filled subject to budget approval.

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    What are the tasks of the Human Development and Family Sciences?

    Human development and family science careers, often abbreviated as HDFS, include positions such as child care coordinator, crisis intervention worker, elementary school educator, marriage counselor, and volunteer coordinator. These positions apply the practical aspects of human development and family science. Most HDFS jobs involve working directly with clients who you may work or meet with at home, school, office, clinic, or other mutually convenient location. This area allows you to support public health efforts, educate groups on issues, provide therapy for youth and families, and manage community programs. Some use their academic background to teach social services or college-level psychology courses.

    Careers in human development

    Human Development and Family Science Jobs - (3)

    Human Development provides students with a solid foundation for lifelong development in a variety of contexts, including family, community and society. The students can set accents by selecting the courseworkfamily studiesor a specific segment of the useful life, such asearly childhood,youth, Ölate adulthood.

    Öfamily and consumer educationThe teaching certification program prepares students to teach middle and high school students and adults in family and consumer science, which may cover topics such as parenting, leadership, health, family financial management, and nutrition. Many students also choose to receive guarantees of support in Spanish in areas such as health or education.

    Human development graduates are ready for careers in public and private service agencies, and local, state, and federal agencies in:

    • Case Management and Human Services
    • Defense of the child and family
    • Offers for young people and older adults
    • Services for special needs

    The Human Development course also provides a solid foundation for students pursuing college or professional degrees in fields such as health sciences, psychology, counseling, and prevention sciences.

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