How do teachers know if you are using Chegg? - Tests possible at any time (2023)

Chegg is an online learning platform designed to empower students to take control of their studies. The company helps students study, prepare for exams, achieve their goals, master complex subjects, and improve their grades.

The company also specializes in the rental of textbooks (digital and physical). The site also offers homework help and textbook solutions.

Chegg also has ready-made solutions to some problems that have already been solved by your tutors and are available to you once you have paid your registration fees.

Founded in 2005, the company has grown by leaps and bounds and currently has over 3 million subscribers. This makes it one of the most popular websites among American students.

While most of their services are fully proven, their homework help services and textbook solutions are still the elephant in the room. Most students ask: How do teachers know if you're using Chegg? Discover

How do teachers know if you're using Chegg?

Teachers will know if you're using chegg by, in most cases, running your work through Turnitin plagiarism detection software. If you copy the answer verbatim, Turnitin will likely mark your records as copied. If you use your personal information to register with chegg, your teacher will contact chegg and, in most cases, chegg will provide you with your personal information.

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Will my teacher know if I'm using Chegg?

If you only use Chegg as a study guide, chances are your teacher will never know you've used the service.

However, if you adopt work from Chegg tutors and submit it as your own, your instructor will know that you copied work from an online source, especially if your institution uses Turnitin or SafeAssign to check for similarity.

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Remember that these tools search both the World Wide Web and their own databases to look for similarities. This allowsTeachers to see those who copied a Chegg solution.

If you're asking this question, chances are you've been looking for a solution to your problem, and Chegg came up in the search. However, in order for you to see the solution, you have to pay for the service. However, the only question on your mind is, can my instructor know if I'm using Chegg?

Many teachers know about Chegg, and some even signed up for Chegg just to see if their students were cheating. On the other hand, some don't mind but try to keep changing the test questions to make sure their students don't cheat.

If the textbook solution can be found online and you send it to your trainer, they will know you used Chegg because Turnitin will flag it as plagiarized.

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Can Chegg see who viewed a question?

Yes, chegg can see who viewed a question. Chegg may collect the IP address of the device used to access a particular query.

In addition, they have access to your email and billing addresses, which they can use to know when you see a solution on your site.

This should not alarm you, however, as this information will not be given out unsolicited. However, if your professor or institution asks you to provide this information, they are legally required to provide the details of everyone who viewed a specific question and solution on their website.

Keep in mind that Chegg is a public company and is heavily regulated by the federal government.

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Does Chegg notify your school?

Chegg will not notify your school unless your institution asks them to provide this information to assist in an ongoing investigation. So if your school suspects you've plagiarized, they can ask chegg to provide information about who saw your solutions.

You need to be careful when choosing which websites to help you with your homework. Some sites will report you, while others will protect you in the event of an investigation. Choose wise.

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Can you get in trouble for using Chegg solutions?

Most, if not all, of Chegg's solutions have already been submitted by other students. Hence, copying and pasting the verbatim solution will surely be flagged as plagiarism and will surely get you in trouble with your institution.

On the other hand, if you use the solution as a study aid and work on the solution yourself, your instructor will not know that you have used the service.

If you use their service more to get the job done than to use it sparingly, it means you will also do some background research to find out if the solution offered is correct.

You can add more information by conducting a deeper search, or omit information that you find incorrect. If so, you will have no problem using the service.

However, be sure to cite correctly when using someone else's work as your own. Remember that avoiding plagiarism is not just about having a work with a low similarity score, but also about citing relevant sources that you used to complete the work.

Therefore, make sure you quote correctly to avoid violating the academic integrity code, which in extreme cases can lead to suspension or expulsion.

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Is using Chegg considered plagiarism?

If you're just using Chegg as a study guide, this isn't plagiarism, but if you're using the material to complete the assignment, make sure you fully support this by citing.

How do teachers know if you are using Chegg? - Tests possible at any time (1)

AccordinglyUniversity of OxfordPlagiarism is the act of representing someone else's work as your own without:

  1. your consent
  2. without full recognition

This includes any published, unpublished, printed or unprinted material. The University of Oxford further maintains that while plagiarism may or may not be intentional, it is still considered a breach of academic integrity.

From the definition above, we can still ask whether using Chegg's solutions can actually be considered plagiarism.

First you must ask permission to use your work, and once permission is granted, you must acknowledge that it is not really your work and someone else's.

So if you plan to use Chegg, make sure you add an endorsement.

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Is using Chegg for homework considered plagiarism?

Basically, copying a Chegg answer and submitting it as your own is considered cheating.

This is because this was not your own work, and if you use the work you must acknowledge the person who completed the work by properly citing it. However, if you're not willing to do that, it means you're using Chegg to cheat.

Not only can this get you in trouble with your professor, but you could also be expelled or suspended from your institution if your professor decides to act and report you.

¿Turnitin revises Chegg?

If you're using Chegg, the solution or document is probably already on the web. It is important to note that Turnitin scans the World Wide Web for plagiarism.

So if you copy a solution, you will probably be flagged as plagiarism.

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Colleges take plagiarism very seriously and most use Turnitin to check the similarity index to determine if an article is plagiarized or not.

However, if it's a numerical solution, Turnitin probably won't flag it as plagiarized.

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¿Assign Comprueba Chegg safely?

How do teachers know if you are using Chegg? - Tests possible at any time (2)

Yes, safeassign will check whether you copy the homework solution verbatim and present it to your teacher as your own work.

Safeassign runs all submitted documents through its own database and the World Wide Web. If the solution is online, it just means that another student may have submitted it and the solution is already available on the web and Safeassign is flagging it.

Is using Chegg considered cheating?

Using Chegg solely as a study guide is not considered cheating. However, using the same ones and copying the solutions and submitting them as your own work is considered cheating.

Also, using Chegg to complete your task without giving credit to the author of the work is also considered cheating.

The material is intended only as a guide to assist in mastering and understanding the subject. Just as tutoring helps you understand the content and topic, students should only use Chegg as a guide to avoid being caught cheating.


Chegg is one of the most popular websites among American college students. So when we get questions like, how do teachers know if you're using Chegg? Will my teacher know if I'm using Chegg? Can Chegg see who viewed a question? Does Chegg notify your school? Using chegg is considered plagiarism, using chegg for homework is considered plagiarism, Turnitin checks chegg, safeassign checks chegg, and using chegg is cheating, we're not surprised.

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Copying Chegg solutions can be flagged as plagiarism with turnitin or safeassign. Chegg can also see who's viewed a question because you're required to provide an email and billing address when you sign up.


How do teachers know if you are using Chegg? - Tests possible at any time? ›

Universities use advanced software to detect plagiarism, with Turnitin being the best-known software in this space. If a professor puts your answer into Turnitin and you've copied Chegg's answer closely, then Turnitin it likely to flag your answer for review.

Do a lot of college students use Chegg? ›

Millions of college students use Chegg, which professors say enables cheating—and possibly blackmail - University Business. We use cookies to help you navigate efficiently and perform certain functions.

Do teachers know if you use quizlet? ›

Websites like Quizlet are commonly used when taking online tests. Students simply copy the answer and paste it into the search engine of the browser. Most of the time, an answer on Quizlet will pop up. Professors are aware of this though, which is why some might chose to use software to catch cheating.

Can your school see if you use Course Hero? ›

No, Course Hero do not notify your school. many people use course hero and chess answers if you upload your documents in Course hero then any one from your school check these documents and then they know that you upload your documents in course hero.

How many college students use Chegg? ›

(NYSE: CHGG), the Student Hub, today announced that with the acquisition of Imagine Easy Solutions, Chegg now reaches more than 40 million students annually. Prior to the acquisition, Chegg already reached more than half of all U.S. college students.

Can a professor know if I use Chegg? ›

Submitting Exact Answers from Chegg

Universities use advanced software to detect plagiarism, with Turnitin being the best-known software in this space. If a professor puts your answer into Turnitin and you've copied Chegg's answer closely, then Turnitin it likely to flag your answer for review.

Can professors tell if you use chat GPT? ›

Yes, universities can detect ChatGPT essays and code using various methods. Plagiarism detection tools like Turnitin and Copyscape can spot if an essay is generated by ChatGPT without proper editing or citation.

How do I stop students from using Chegg? ›

A verified professor can pre-submit their exam questions to be blocked during designated assessment periods. Honor Shield will prevent students from seeing our expert solutions for the duration of the exam and indicate to the student that the question is protected by Honor Shield.

How many users does Chegg have? ›

Adjusted EBITDA was $254.5 million. 8.2 million: number of Chegg Services subscribers, an increase of 5% year-over-year.

How much does Chegg cost for students? ›

To get full access to all the tools, you'll need a Premium Chegg study subscription for $19.95 per month. You can also subscribe for Homework Help by itself for $14.95 per month. Chegg Writing service costs $9.95 per month (individually).

Is Chegg textbooks legit? ›

The Chegg platform is incredibly popular with college students. It's convenient to have textbooks shipped to your address. And given the generous 21-day return policy on physical textbooks and potential cost savings, Chegg is certainly worth checking out.


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