Hdfc Home Loan Interest Rate Conversion For Existing Customer (2023)

1. Conversion Fees | HDFC Bank Ltd

  • In case of a fully disbursed loan, the fee payable to avail the conversion shall be 1.75% plus applicable taxes of the principal outstanding.(Please visit https ...

  • HDFC Bank Ltd. Conversion fees - To avail of our conversion facility visit the site.

2. Reduce your Interest Rates - HDFC Ltd

  • Reduce your Interest Rates ... Declaration I declare that the information I have provided is accurate & complete to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize ...

  • Mobile No. (Registered with HDFC)

3. Home Loan Interest Rates - HDFC Bank Ltd - HDFC Ltd

  • HDFC Bank offers low home loan interest rates starting from 8.50*% p.a. This rate of interest is applicable to Home Loans, Balance Transfer Loans, ...

  • HDFC Bank Ltd. Home Loans Interest Rates: HDFC Bank Ltd.’s housing loans are quickly available at lowest interest rate in India. Apply now for a home loan with HDFC Bank Ltd.’s on low interest rate!

4. Home Loan EMI Calculator - HDFC Ltd

  • Formula for EMI Calculation is - ; P x R x (1+R)^N / [(1+R)^N-1] where- ; P = Principal loan amount ; N = Loan tenure in months ; R = Monthly interest rate.

  • Home Loan Calculator- Our easy to understand Home Loan EMI Calculator helps you calculate the EMI required to pay for your dream home. To use HDFC Bank Ltd. EMI calculator, Visit Now

5. HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rates Sep 2023 @8.50 ... - Wishfin

  • The customer needs to pay a nominal conversion fee @0.50%-1.75% of the principal outstanding. HDFC Bank Home Loan Balance Transfer Interest Rates. Both salaried ...

  • Get lowest HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rates at 8.50%*. Check current interest rates, processing fee and apply for HDFC home loan online at Wishfin.

6. HDFC HOME LOAN conversion query | DesiDime

  • My current Rate of interest is 7.90 which will be reduced to 7.10 and the conversion fees is 5800 and outstanding amount in 20 lakh. This looks like a good step ...

  • HDFC HOME LOAN conversion query at Others. -- Created at 11/04/2021, 26 Replies - Dost and Dimes -- India's Fastest growing Online Shopping Community to find Hottest deals, Coupon codes and Freebies.

7. Home Loan Conversion Fees - 7 Myths Every Borrower Should Know

  • In layman terms, if the HFC is offering 9.20% interest rate to new customers then all the existing or old customers will by default pay the same interest rate.

  • Home Loan conversion fees is one of the mysteries for home loan borrowers. I receive queries wherein borrowers paid Home Loan conversion fees multiple times

8. HDFC Home Loans - Interest Rate, EMI Calculator 2023 - BankBazaar

  • HDFC Home Loans offers affordable home loans to eligible borrowers with Interest rates starting at 8.50% p.a. The EMI starts at Rs. 762* per lakh for loans ...

  • HDFC Home Loans - Apply HDFC's Home Loan starting from 8.50% p.a Interest Rates. Check Eligibility, Documentation, Processing Fees, Loan Tenure & EMIs.

9. HDFC-HDFC Bank merger: Important FAQs answered for existing home ...

  • Jul 1, 2023 · There is no change in the process of loan ROI conversion, and you can avail the facility by visiting our HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans ( ...

  • Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Ltd. and HDFC Bank will become a merged entity on July 1, 2023. Here is how HDFC home loan borrowers will be impacted.

10. HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate - iServe Financial

  • It is expected to offer adiscount of 0.05% to 0.15% on its existing home loan interest rates which is in the range of 8.35% to 9.25%. along with the discount in ...

  • HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate- Home Loan Interest Rate for ☑ Women 8.35% to 8.90% ☑ Other Borrowers 8.40% to 8.90% ☑ Home Loan Tenure up to 30 Years ☑ Lowest Processing Fees. Apply Online- iServefinancial.Com

11. Home Loan Interest Rate of HDFC Bank - Apnarupee

  • Apply For HDFC Bank Home Loan · On conversion of loan from fixed rate to adjustable rate, charges are 0.50% of the principal outstanding plus undisbursed loan ...

  • Get the best Home Loan at Lowest Interest Rate with HDFC Bank. Apply Online and heck Out Eligibility, Processing Fees and Documentation.

12. What are conversion charges in home loans? - Moneycontrol

  • This switchover comes at a price – conversion fees range from 0.25-0.5 percent of the outstanding loan, depending on the lender. Conversion allows you to avoid ...

  • What are conversion charges in home loans?

13. HDFC Bank Home Loan - 9.40% Interest Rates, Check Eligibility Now

  • Aug 11, 2023 · The conversion fee of up to 1.75% of the principal outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) + applicable taxes/ statutory levies at the time ...

  • HDFC Bank Home Loan - Apply at 8.50% - 9.40% for up to 30 years. Enjoy instant sanction, fast approval and disbursal with minimal documentation & processing fee.

14. Apply NRI Home Loan - Interest Rates, Eligibility & Documents Required

  • I am an existing NRI/OCI mortgage loan customer and my loan is running on MCLR. Can I convert ...

  • NRI Home Loan: Get ICICI NRI Home Loan ✓ Lowest interest rate in India ✓ Wide home loan products ✓Check eligibility ✓ Apply online for higher possible eligibility, interest rate & easy document process.

15. HDFC Home Extension Loan Scheme - CreditMantri

  • 1.75% of the Principal Outstanding and undisbursed amount (if any) + taxes at the time of Conversion. Switching to Lower rate (non-housing loans), Conversion ...

  • undefined – Get complete details about undefined and check its features ✓ eligibility ✓ interest rates and benefits.

16. HDFC Home Loan - Fincity

  • HDFC Ltd. offers seamless and customized home loans to individuals for interest rates starting at just 7.55%, which you can repay over the tenure of up to 30 ...

  • HDFC Home Loan  A home is one of the first things people think of buying, in their youth – how they want it to look like, what things they will have in the house, etc. But as they get older, they realize that to make this dream of theirs come true they need money which […]

17. Latest Home Loan Interest Rates @ Minimum Processing Fee | ICICI Bank

  • Get to know about Home Loan Interest Rates. ICICI bank charges a ✔️ minimum processing fee of 0.50% of the loan amount and an ✔️ attractive interest rate.

  • We offer attractive interest rates and charge a minimum processing fee of 0.50% of the loan amount. Find out more.

18. The dark side of HDFC home loans: The surprising impact of Credit ...

  • May 1, 2023 · Recently, a borrower from my contact with a CIBIL score of 780 applied for interest rate conversion and the HDFC portal offered him a spread of ...

  • HDFC Home Loans is one of the most popular home loan providers in India. This article discusses the impact of credit scores and spread…

19. Try this to reduce the burden of RBI rate hike on your home loans | Mint

  • Mar 28, 2023 · The conversion fee is generally 0.25-0.5% of the outstanding loan. Even during loan conversion, it is better to negotiate with a banker before ...

  • Amid consecutive RBI rate hike, home loan has become highly expensive for the new borrowers and also for the existing buyers. Know some of the ways in which existing borrowers can reduce their home loan


What is HDFC interest rate conversion? ›

HDFC offers you an option to convert from a Fixed Interest Rate Option to the Adjustable Interest Rate Option for the balance term of the loan. The fee payable shall be 0.25% plus applicable taxes of the principal outstanding plus the undisbursed loan amount or ₹15,000 plus applicable taxes, whichever is lower.

How can I reduce my home loan interest rate in HDFC? ›

HDFC Bank Home Loan Interest Rate Conversion

The existing home loan customers of HDFC Bank can opt for interest rate conversion facility, wherein the customers can ask the bank to reduce the applicable interest rate. The customer needs to pay a nominal conversion fee @0.50%-1.75% of the principal outstanding.

What is the conversion fee for a home loan? ›

This switchover comes at a price – conversion fees range from 0.25-0.5 percent of the outstanding loan, depending on the lender. Conversion allows you to avoid documentation hassles and legal or inspection fees that balance transfer to other lenders will entail.

How can I lower my interest rate on an existing home loan? ›

6 Proven Strategies That Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate
  1. Improve your Credit score. ...
  2. Choose the right loan tenure. ...
  3. Opt for a Floating Interest Rate. ...
  4. Negotiate with your lender. ...
  5. Make a higher down payment. ...
  6. Transfer your Home Loan.

What is conversion rate of interest? ›

Conversion Interest means the percentage interest determined by a formula, where the (i) numerator is equal to the Conversion Amount, and the (ii) denominator is equal to the Conversion Value in effect at the time of such conversion.

How does a home loan conversion work? ›

When you transfer your existing home loan to another type of home loan within the same the bank, it is known as Home Conversion Loan. By paying a conversion fee, you can move to a different or based on your needs to a more competitive and affordable housing loan.

What are the benefits of home loan conversion? ›

You can convert your interest rates by transferring your loan from one lender to another. Also, if your lender offers a reset clause in your agreement, they can convert the interest rates after a few years in the tenure. However, you need to pay the conversion charges to switch from fixed to floating interest rates.

How do I request a reduction in interest rate? ›

Call your card issuer and ask

You know what they say — it never hurts to ask. And if you're able to find a better offer from another issuer, relay that information to the representative. You may find they're more willing to negotiate if you make it clear you're considering taking your business elsewhere.

Does HDFC increase home loan interest rate? ›

The Marginal Cost Based Lending Rate (MCLR) has increased by up to 15 basis points (bps) on certain tenors. The new rates are applicable from may 8, 2023. When other banks have kept the MCLR rates unchanged, HDFC Bank has raised Marginal Cost Based Lending Rate (MCLR) by up to 15 basis points (bps) on select tenors.

How do you avoid conversion rate fees? ›

A good rule of thumb is to have the card charged in the local currency to avoid conversion fees and to choose a card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees for all purchases made abroad.

How can I avoid conversion fees? ›

How to avoid international transaction fees
  1. Look for banks with no- and low-fee options. ...
  2. Find banks with international networks. ...
  3. Get a prepaid travel card. ...
  4. Use payment cards like credit and debit cards. ...
  5. Skip foreign cash exchanges. ...
  6. Work with your bank. ...
  7. Avoid freezes.
Feb 6, 2023

Should I opt for interest rate conversion? ›

The paperwork and time required for transferring your loan to another lender may be more than what is required for a loan conversion. However, if you are offered a much lower rate of interest, it is worth it in the long run.

Can you negotiate interest rate on existing mortgage? ›

Absolutely. You can negotiate mortgage refinancing rates. Much like an initial mortgage, lenders are often willing to negotiate to secure your business. You can get quotes from multiple lenders before your mortgage term is up to negotiate the most favorable refinance rate.

Can I lower my interest rate without refinancing? ›

The short answer is yes, though your options are very limited. You may qualify for a mortgage rate reduction, if you're facing financial turmoil. But in most cases, you'll either need to take another route to cut your mortgage costs or work toward getting a refinance approval.

Can I adjust my mortgage rate without refinancing? ›

According to The Mortgage Reports, modification changes the terms on your mortgage without a refinance. “To achieve the lower payments, the lender may reduce your interest rate, forgive a portion of the balance, extend the term of the loan or some combination of the three,” stated SmartAsset.

How to convert rate of interest into rupees? ›

The principal amount is Rs 10,000, the rate of interest is 10% and the number of years is six. You can calculate the simple interest as: A = 10,000 (1+0.1*6) = Rs 16,000. Interest = A – P = 16000 – 10000 = Rs 6,000.

What is APR vs interest rate conversion? ›

An annual percentage rate (APR) is a broader measure of the cost of borrowing money than the interest rate. The APR reflects the interest rate, any points, mortgage broker fees, and other charges that you pay to get the loan. For that reason, your APR is usually higher than your interest rate.

What is conversion charges? ›

Conversion Charges means the fee, if any, paid/to be paid by the Borrower to the Bank for the purpose of conversion of Applicable Interest Rate from Fixed Rate of Interest to Floating Rate of Interest or vice versa.

What is interest rate swap in India? ›

In a swap contract, two parties exchange liabilities or cash flows from two different instruments. The meaning and definition of an interest rate swap will be that it is a derivative contract in which two parties agree to exchange a stream of future interest payments for another.


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