Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (2023)

You would think that you should spend some money on researching your ancestors. That's why I want to show you how to get records on FindMyPast for free!

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (1)

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That's right, you don't have to spend money. Not a cent.

Are you interested in learning how?

So read on.

Volim FindMyPast!

Not to sound biased, but FindMyPast is truly one of the best genealogy sites I've ever used. I especially like it becauseTheir website is easy to use.

and theyNew records are added every week!

So if you don't find what you're looking for, there's always a chance it will be uploaded in time.

Check back later. But that's okay, because you can always discover something about your ancestors.

Records available on FindMyPast:

  1. Registers of births, marriages and deaths
  2. Parish records
  3. census records
  4. election list
  5. land Registry
  1. military records
  2. criminal records
  3. passenger manifest registration
  4. Records of immigration and naturalization
  5. avisarkiver

Apart from these, you can find many more entries on this page. I just wanted to highlight what you can expect in the FindMyPast database.

4 ways to access FindMyPast for free:

  1. FindMyPast Free Records
  2. FindMyPast Free Trial
  3. FindMyPast free weekend
  4. Visit your local library

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (2)

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1. FindMyPast Free Records

Believe it or not, you can access free tracks from FindMyPast.

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (3)

But before I discuss how to get to those records, I'll first explain how to create a family tree on this genealogy website.

(Video) Build your Family Tree with Hints | Findmypast

Create your family tree for free!

FindMyPast was really successfulCreate your family tree easily.

You can then search their databases to find records of your ancestors to build the branches of your tree.

Register and create your own treefreeI FindMyPast!

Once registered, you can add your ancestors to the tree along with all their important records such as their birth, marriage and death.

In addition, you can attach records, images and sound recordings to them.

Already started your tree? No problem!

One of the things I like about FindMyPasta is that if you've already started building your family tree elsewhere,You can import your GEDCOM file.

What you can do is great because you can continue to search for your ancestors online. You don't have to start from scratch.

Credit:looking for my past

FindMyPast also allows you to upload your tree from other genealogy sites such as Ancestry or MyHeritage. I love how you do it because you think you can't.

One of the advantages of loading trees into FindMyPast is thatsmart reminder systemAncestors in the link tree and the records stored in their pages.

which is good because you have the optionKnock down any brick walls you might come across.

What free boards are available?

Sorry, I got lost and didn't tell you what the free registrations are on FindMyPast.

I just wanted to explain to you how easy it is to create your own tree and what the benefits are.

Free records you can access:

  • US Census- FindMyPast is the only website with free access to 1790-1940US Census.
  • BMD (SAD i Kanada)– These birth, marriage and death records are a great way to get key information about your ancestors that you can insert into your family tree.
  • Register of Catholic Dioceses in Ireland- Did you know that over 40 million Americans are of Irish descent? So it's great that FindMyPast is making these special records available for free so you can find your Irish roots.

Check records for your country for free!

FindMyPast SAD i Kanada|FindMyPast UK

2. FindMyPast Free Trial

If you are new to the world of genealogy and what these sites have to offer, a free trial is the right choice for you.

Once you sign up, you can access and explore the millions of records contained in the FindMyPast database for free.

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (4)

(Video) Findmypast: How to Research English Parish Records

You can create your own tree for free as I showed you in the previous step. If you sign up for FindMyPast, you can also easily document what you find.

How cool is that?

Much better than writing down all your discoveries on paper, right?

Why not sign up for FindMyPast?

When registering, you only need to enter your first and last name. Then enter your email address and choose a password to protect your account.

That's it, that's all the information you need to enter to get started14 day free trial period.

Advantages of a free trial:

  • Build your family tree today with their online family tree builder.
  • Explore millions of records containing details about your ancestors, such as their names, important dates, and facts about them, including their occupations and addresses.
  • Search the largest collection of newspapers on the Internet.

Check out the 14-day free trial in your country!

FindMyPast SAD i Kanada|FindMyPast UK

FindMyPast Ireland|FindMyPast Australia

3. FindMyPast free weekend

FindMyPast occasionally offers free weekends where you can access their database for free.

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (5)

It's a great way to not only find your ancestors, but also to see if FindMyPast is right for you.

But when are your weekends off?

The best way to learn about these free weekends is to go to one of theirsFindMyPast on the Facebook page.

When you're there, be sure to like and follow their page.

Keep an eye out for these important postsmany informative poststhey did.

If you just missed the weekend off, you can always join for free as I explained above.

4. Visit your local library

Attending and visiting my local library is how I build such a large and impressive family tree.

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (6)

By enrolling in my local library I was able to use their computers and access genealogy websites such asFindMyPast is completely free!

Why not join your local library?

your local librarymust have part of the family treeThemaybe even a genealogical societyyou can join.

If there is such a community, they will probably attend classes often, perhaps once or twice a month.

They can also invite a guest speaker to attend these sessions so you can get great tips and advice from them.

(Video) How To Start Your Family Tree - Bitesize Help 1 | Findmypast

I discovered my family history using this free method. I would spend hours going through the records (mostly lists).

Collect your data, then assimilate it!

My memory stick will be full of information before I leave the library. Then I would go home and enter it all into my family tree program at home.

By doing this I was able to climb higher and higher on my family tree.

I have to admit that sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I collect.

Sometimes I spend 4 hours in the libraryCollect as much information as possible about my ancestors.

So you have to pick up the pace or you'll burn out. Just focus on a particular ancestor and learn all you can about him or her.

Visiting your local library is a great way to get the information you need for free.

So check it out!

My final thoughts!

When you start tracing your family history, I always encourage peopleCollect information that I can find for free.

It only makes sense to find out what you can do before you end up having to spend money.

First you willstart with yourselfEnter information you already know about yourself, your parents and grandparents into the genealogy program.

Even your great grandparents.

Then you willsearch your homeSee what you can find and ask your relatives for help.

iThen go to the family tree websiteSuch as FindMyPast. But if you're like me, you probably want to do it the cheap way.

Or you might be wary at first, so you might want to try out the site before signing up. It is OK.

Whichever path you choose (you can choose more than one), I hope you find your ancestors and discover a lot about them.

Check out the Find My Past free access method I talked about above. You won't be disappointed.

In closing, I just want to say that I hope you have a great time on your family history tour.

(Video) Getting Started with Family tree profiles - Findmypast UK

All the best, enjoy!

Get free records at FindMyPast - Family Tree Guide (7)

Thanks and feel free to leave a comment

I hope you enjoyed this post showing you how to get records on FindMyPast for free. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

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How can I find my family tree without paying? ›

Free General Genealogy Websites
  1. Access Genealogy. This grab-bag of free genealogy records keeps growing. ...
  2. Allen County Public Library. ...
  3. FamilySearch. ...
  4. HeritageQuest Online. ...
  5. Olive Tree Genealogy. ...
  6. RootsWeb. ...
  7. USGenWeb. ...
  8. California Digital Newspaper Collection.

What records are free on Findmypast? ›

Findmypast's free portal gives full access to the following to those who create their free registrations:
  • World Records Search. ...
  • Newspaper Archives. ...
  • U.S. Census Population Schedules, 1790-1940. ...
  • 1881 Census for England, Wales & Scotland. ...
  • British Military Records. ...
  • Public Vital Records for the United States and Canada.

Is there a better site than Ancestry? › is the largest genealogical organization in the world. You can create an account for free and use it to search through over 4 billion historical records, including photos, videos, sound clips, stories, letters, and more.

Which is the best family tree site? ›

Best Genealogy Sites in 2022: Everything You Need To Know
  • FamilyTreeDNA -Best for finding lost records.
  • FindMyPast - Best for finding historical records.
  • Ancestry DNA - Best for finding European immigration records.
  • 23andMe - Best for DNA testing for health.
  • HomeDNA - Best for quick results.
Nov 22, 2022

Is FamilySearch really free? ›

Yes, FamilySearch really is free. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides FamilySearch free of charge to everyone, regardless of tradition, culture, or religious affiliation.

What is the largest family tree database? ›

Known as the FamilySearch Family Tree, this shared family tree is home to information about more than 1.2 billion ancestors, which has been contributed by millions of descendants.

Does Findmypast have the same records as Ancestry? ›

Findmypast markets itself as the best family history website for British research and there's certainly a lot going for it. Like Ancestry it holds all the main records that family historians rely on such as census and birth, marriage and death records and there is quite a lot of overlap between the two sites.

How far back does Findmypast go? ›

Over two million newspaper pages, spanning from 1699 to 1900, are free-to-view on Findmypast. In partnership with The British Library, it's our way of giving everyone the chance to unlock rich family stories they won't find anywhere else.

Can you view Ancestry trees for free? ›

View public family trees (without being invited): If someone invites you to view their private or public tree, you can see it, whether or not you have a membership. Without a membership, though, you can't see public family trees that you weren't invited to view.

Is ancestry com a Mormon site? ›

The company still to this day continues to grow and, though its past was highly influenced by people in the LDS church, the company has never been owned by the church itself. However, the company has truly been a pioneer in the space of online subscription databases.

What does 23 and me mean? ›

The company's name is derived from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a diploid human cell. 23andMe Holding Co. Former headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. Type. Public.

Is 23 and me or Ancestry better? ›

If you want insight into health data and possible diseases running in your family, opt for one of the tests from 23andMe. For an in-depth look into family ancestry, including family migration history, and access to a larger database, AncestryDNA is the better choice.

What is the largest free family tree? ›

Description: is the largest collection of free family history, family tree, and genealogy records in the world. Record Search is the publishing site for FamilySearch indexing, the largest volunteer extraction program of its kind. Why use it? The best thing is--it's free!

Is family tree more accurate than Ancestry? ›

FamilyTreeDNA offers Y testing, which, in itself, comes with its specific tools, including Haplogroup results which AncestryDNA does not offer. These results offer better insight into our more distant ancestry, which long precede our paper trail history.

Is my heritage better than Ancestry? ›

‍Differences Between Ancestry And MyHeritage‍

While both of their databases are large, Ancestry's database focuses more on North American records, while MyHeritage has more records from European countries. So, if your ancestors immigrated to the United States a long time ago, you may want to use Ancestry.

What happened to FamilySearch? ›

The website was recently closed down because, among other things, it no longer allowed us to provide the best possible service and data resources to our users. The few users who were still using the site were redirected to the current FamilySearch Family Tree website.

Is FamilySearch run by the Mormons? ›

FamilySearch is a nonprofit organization and website offering genealogical records, education, and software. It is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and is closely connected with the church's Family History Department.

Are there any truly free Ancestry sites? ›

FamilySearch is the world's largest free genealogy website with a global index of millions of births, marriages and deaths, plus millions of UK parish records and indexes to workhouse records, land tax assessments, school records, court books, manorial records and more.

What is the oldest traceable family tree? ›

Analyzing ancient DNA from a Neolithic tomb in Britain, an international team of geneticists and archeologists have mapped out the family tree of a group of 27 close biological relatives who lived around 3700 BC.

What is the oldest family tree records? ›

The longest family tree in the world is that of the Chinese philosopher and educator Confucius (551–479 BC), who is descended from King Tang (1675–1646 BC). The tree spans more than 80 generations from him and includes more than 2 million members.

What is the oldest verifiable family tree? ›

Confucius is often claimed to have the longest-running documented family tree. The record of his lineage was in fact updated for the fifth time just two years ago, in a staggering 43,000-page set of books, detailing 83 generations.

Can I print my family tree from Findmypast? ›

By printing via your internet browser, you can print your current family tree view. To print your entire tree, you will need to export it and use a specialist tree printing service.

How far back do most genealogy records go? ›

With autosomal DNA testing, you can trace your family much further back—which allows you to make discoveries that you never expected. Most ancestry companies offer a solid view of your most recent 5-7 generations, with varying levels of detail.

Can I view the 1921 census for free? ›

Access to the 1921 Census online at Findmypast is free on the premises at The National Archives in Kew. You can access the Census via the on site computers, on site tablet devices or your own device (e.g. smartphone) while you are connected to the Wi-Fi in the dedicated 20sPeople zone.

What is the farthest back Ancestry? ›

The oldest traceable family tree is that of the Chinese Kang clan, which documents the family's lineage over 5200 years and more than 80 generations! This family tree contains over 2 million descendants, including the great philosopher Confucius.

How many ancestors do I have going back 1,000 years? ›

Counting back, every generation twice as many ancestors as the generation of descendants. Given 25 years per generation, 40 generations occur in 1000 years. We each have one trillion ancestors in the last 1000 years, and double that every 25 years more.

How to find out your ethnicity for free? ›

Totally Free Genealogy Websites
  1. AccessGenealogy. Find free records and research guides at this website, which especially strong for American Indian research.
  2. Allen County Public Library. ...
  3. BillionGraves. ...
  4. Books We Own. ...
  5. Cyndi's List. ...
  6. FamilySearch. ...
  7. Genealogy Bargains. ...
  8. Geni.

Do you lose your tree if you cancel Ancestry membership? ›

Family trees

Unless you delete them, any trees you've created in your account will remain on the site whether or not you have a membership. As a registered guest, you'll be able to do the following with your tree: Adding and removing people and photos. Adding, deleting, and editing names, dates, and other facts.

How to print Ancestry tree for free? ›

  1. On the left side of your tree, select pedigree view or family view .
  2. Go to the part of your tree you want to print. The part you see when you select Print is the part that will be printed. ...
  3. Select Print > Print > OK or Print.
Apr 21, 2022

What is the cheapest Ancestry subscription? ›

U.S. Discovery$24.99 / monthAuto Renewing. Cancel Anytime. World Explorer$39.99 / monthAuto Renewing. Cancel Anytime.

Why do Mormons care so much about Ancestry? ›

Latter-day Saints believe families can be together after this life. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen relationships with all family members, both those who are alive and those who have died. Visitors use computers in the Church's Family History Library to access information about their ancestors.

Why do Mormons keep Ancestry records? ›

Mormons trace their family trees to find the names of ancestors who died without learning about the restored Mormon Gospel so that these relatives from past generations can be baptized by proxy in the temple.

What church owns Ancestry? ›

In 2001, Mormon billionaire James Sorenson started one of the earliest genetic test kit companies, Relative Genetics, in part due to his religious interests. It was later bought by, another Mormon company. While today, Ancestry is a publicly traded company, it uses LDS church records and the IGI.

Why did ancestry discontinue ancestry health? ›

The company said it in part decided to discontinue AncestryHealth to invest more in its AncestryDNA offering. "AncestryDNA ... remains an important part of our family history success," Ancestry said.

Do Mormons own 23andMe? ›

It has been rumored over the years that the Church of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) actually owned the company. This is incorrect and any connections between the two are very tenuous at best. The Mormon church does have its own very extensive genealogy site known as

Which ancestry test is the most accurate? ›

The Best DNA Testing Kit
  • Our pick. AncestryDNA. A DNA test kit that's great for tracing your roots and finding relatives. ...
  • Runner-up. 23andMe. A more polished interface, with results for maternal and paternal heritage. ...
  • Upgrade pick. FamilyTreeDNA. A data trove for genealogists with a bigger budget.
Dec 1, 2022

Does ancestry sell your DNA? ›

Ancestry does not share your individual Personal Information (including your Genetic Information) with third parties except as described in this Privacy Statement or with your additional consent. We do not voluntarily share your information with law enforcement.

Who is parent 1 on ancestry DNA? ›

For example, if you know that match is your maternal aunt, and you see that we assigned her to parent 1, then parent 1 is your maternal side–which makes parent 2 your paternal side. Parent 1 in ethnicity inheritance will always be parent 1 in your matches, and parent 2 in one will be parent 2 in the other.

Do siblings have the same ethnicity percentages? ›

Many people believe that siblings' ethnicities are identical because they share parents, but full siblings share only about half of their DNA with one another. Because of this, siblings' ethnicities can vary.

Who owns family tree now? ›

Family Tree Magazine, Family Tree University and the Family Tree website are owned by New Hampshire-based Yankee Publishing Inc.

Is there a limit to family tree Ancestry? ›

There is no limit to the number of trees you can build. From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and select Start a New Tree (if this is your first tree) or Create & Manage Trees > Create a new tree. Click Add Yourself or Add home person. Enter information and click Save or Continue.

Who is the largest family in the world name? ›

He had 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law, 33 grandchildren and one great grandchild; 181 family members in total and counting. His family and their four-story residence are one of the major tourist attractions in Mizoram. He was featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not!
3 more rows

Does AncestryDNA show Native American? ›

The AncestryDNA test surveys over 700,000 locations in your DNA, but there is still a chance that we missed evidence of Indigenous American DNA. This is because you may have inherited genetic markers that AncestryDNA does not use to identify Indigenous American ethnicity.

Why does my DNA not match my family tree? ›

You and your sibling each inherit around 50% of your DNA from each parent, but the 50% you inherit is random. So you might inherit a segment of DNA through one parent that your sibling doesn't inherit — and you might share that same segment with a cousin who inherited it from your common ancestor.

Is FamilySearch and family tree the same? ›

Family Tree draws from FamilySearch's enormous database to provide record hints. This makes it easier to link you and your ancestors to earlier generations. The Memories section can help foster deeper connections to ancestors.

Which genealogy site is more accurate? ›

HomeDNA provides the most accurate breakdown of your DNA. Their specific tests give you only facts about your DNA and you can decide how you want to continue your research. What Is the Best Free Genealogy Site? MyHeritage is the best genealogy site.

How far back does MyHeritage go? ›

MyHeritage Genetic Groups now reveal locations in which your ancestors lived within the past 400 years—based on their genetic migratory clusters.

Can I trust MyHeritage DNA? ›

How accurate is MyHeritage ethnicity? According to ⁠Dr. Brandon Colby, an American physician and writer on predictive medicine and genetic testing, “The accuracy of MyHeritage's ancestry analysis is impressive and is similar to other top genetic genealogy services including 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and

Can I view a tree on Ancestry without a subscription? ›

As a free Registered Guest, you can access some of the features on Ancestry. However, a membership could help you make more discoveries and build your family tree(s) beyond what you already know. Different memberships give you access to different records.

How much does it cost to trace your family tree? ›

The basics

Depending on the complexity of your research goals, pricing may start as low as $3,500 USD. Factors that could increase the cost beyond that include immigration research, DNA analysis, adoption and biological family research, and onsite international research.

Is there a website like Ancestry but free? ›

The only free website like Ancestry for research and record access is FamilySearch.

How do I find an existing family tree? ›

Searching Public Family Trees. Millions of people have publicly shared their family trees on websites like FamilySearch*, MyHeritage and You can search these trees for individual names—and indeed, entire family branches—that others have already researched.

Can I still access my family tree if I cancel Ancestry? ›

Without a membership, this won't be available: Viewing records on your tree: Any records that you needed a membership to view when you connected them to your tree, you won't be able to view after your membership ends.

Can a husband and wife share an Ancestry subscription? ›

Ancestry® Family Plans allow 5 people to share a single Ancestry membership and its features. This means one payment for up to 5 total Ancestry accounts (with separate usernames, passwords, and privacy settings) at a lower price than buying individual memberships.

Who owns my family tree? ›

Family Tree Magazine, Family Tree University and the Family Tree website are owned by New Hampshire-based Yankee Publishing Inc.

Do you have to pay for Find My Past? ›

It's free to search Findmypast's extensive collection of family records. The free search results provide useful but limited information and you'll need to be signed up to view them. To access most of our records and discover the rich stories they hold, you'll need a subscription.

Is ancestry com a Mormon company? ›

Is owned by the Mormon Church? Due to the fact that many of the digitized records on can be accessed at Familysearch, many people assume that the company Ancestry is owned by the LDS church. This is not the case!

Is MyHeritage better than Ancestry? ›

Both offer the same test at a very reasonable price, have excellent online resources and customer support, extensive online communities, and many great features to recommend them. For more cousin matches from around the world, MyHeritage is the better choice due to their large international customer database.

What is the free version of Ancestry? ›

A registered guest account is a free Ancestry® account. If you've never had a membership or your membership has ended, you have a registered guest account. Because registered guest accounts are free, there's no need to cancel them; you will never be billed for a free registered guest account.

How far back can you search your family tree? ›

Most people can trace some of their lineage back to the 1700s or beyond, but how far back family trees can go depends on the availability of the records, how common the surname is and the family's social status.

How do I see my full family tree on Ancestry? ›

To see a whole tree or save someone to your tree, select Tools in the top-right corner and choose View in Tree or Save to Tree.


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