Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (2023)

Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (2)

  • Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (3)
  • Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (4)
    reference rent
    2,61 %
  • Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (5)
    type of loan
    flexible loan
  • Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (6)
    lock-in period
    3 years

Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (7) Mortgage calculator

What's so good about the UOB Malaysia Intelligent Home Loan?

  • A complete flexible package

  • Flexible repayment - daily to monthly frequency

  • Turn on prepayment - pay more to save more

Get a UOB Home Loan in Malaysia - Flexible Repayment (8) pass

Minimum age: 21 years
Loan period: up to 35 years
Financial collateral: MRTA insurance financing 90% + 5%
Refers to: Completed houses, real estate under construction, refinancing

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  • UOB Home Loan Malaysia has a lock-in period of 3 years and if you complete your loan repayments during this period, there is a prepayment penalty of up to 2% of your outstanding loan amount. UOB offers 4 different semi-flexible and fully flexible home loan packages with varying degrees of flexibility in accessing cash and repayment. One of UOB Malaysia's home loan packages, the UOB Smart Home Loan comes with flexible repayment options and offers you an interest-free option for the first 2 years. Repayments can be made daily or monthly. Paid leave may also be requested during the holiday season or in emergencies. UOB Home Loan Malaysia allows you to deposit extra money at any time. Even if it doesn't reduce the principal of your loan, it just stays in the bank to earn you interest. However, if you want to reduce the principal of your UOB Malaysia home loan, you can deposit the money into your UOB Bank mortgage account, but you must notify the bank of your intention in advance. If you want to settle early, you will face a 2% fee on the original UOB loan. This UOB loan allows you to choose the repayment frequency; monthly, bi-weekly or quarterly. For example, you decide to pay every two weeks; you have to pay 26 times a year, which means you can pay off your UOB loan 2 times faster. For priority customers, the Premier version of this UOB Malaysia home loan package offers a more personalized service. Both packages allow overdrafts at the cost of higher interest rates and a service charge of RM120 per year. UOB's Flexi Pant is a fully flexible home loan that allows you to pay more than your installments to save on interest at any time. With linked checking accounts, Flexi Mortgage gives you the flexibility to make extra payments and conveniently withdraw cash when you need it. A flexible mortgage also automatically converts to an overdraft when you pay off 70% of the principal. Anyone can apply for a UOB Malaysia home loan, including foreigners. As with any other mortgage in Malaysia, fire insurance is mandatory when purchasing any UOB Malaysia home loan product. It is highly recommended that you get MRTA for UOB Malaysia Home Loan. If you want to settle early, you have to pay 2% of the original amount of the UOB loan. With UOB Malaysia Home Loan, you can get up to 95% financing inclusive of MRTA (provided the policy is purchased from Great Eastern Insurance). All UOB Malaysia home loans have a maximum tenure of 35 years (as per Bank Negara Malaysia's latest regulations) or until the borrower turns 70, whichever comes first.

  • Offering iTELLIGENT Home Loan, Flexi Mortgage, iHL Premier and International Home Loan, UOB offers a range of home loan portfolios to suit different individual needs. The table below highlights the key features of all four home loan packages for your comparison.

    productAccentsIs there a flex plan?
    loan for a smart house
    • It allows borrowers to pay only interest (instead of the loan principal) for the first 2 years
    • Freedom to pay monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily
    • Optional MRTA or MLTA
    • Repayment holidays allow borrowers to skip repayments during emergencies and holiday periods
    • Provide coating service
    yes, completely flexible
    flexible mortgage
    • A home loan with a linked checking account for early repayment and easy access to cash
    • It allows you to pay more in installments to save on interest
    • Repayment term up to 35 years or 70 years
    • When 70% of the value of the property is paid off, the loan automatically turns into an overdraft
    yes, completely flexible
    Goods Murabaha Housing Finance-i
    • Islamic home financing options with variable interest rates
    • 20% discount on fees for new accounts
    • Financing margin up to 100% (takful premium)
    yes, completely flexible
    Prime Minister for International Humanitarian Law
    • It allows you to pay more in installments to save on interest
    • Freedom to pay monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily
    • Repayment holidays allow borrowers to skip repayments during emergencies and holiday periods
    and, semi-flexible
    International housing loans
    • For non-Malaysians buying property in Malaysia
    • Loan term up to 30 years or 65 years
    • Financing margin up to 80%
  • Borrowers can reduce their monthly home loan interest costs by paying additional monthly installments through UOB flexi housing packages. The requirements, fees and conditions of these flexible housing packages must be considered in addition to the benefits.

    loan for a smart houseflexible mortgagePrime Minister for International Humanitarian LawInternational housing loans
    Elasticsemi-elasticelastic cordsemi-elasticsemi-elastic
    Is a linked bank account required?YesIYesYes
    Account maintenance feeYes120 RM (one time)YesYes
    withdrawal feeRM50-RM50RM50
    Withdrawal terms and conditionsMinimum payout RM2000-Minimum payout RM2000Minimum payout RM2000
  • In order for the bank to successfully process your application, you must attach some supporting documents for your UOB home loan:

    • application form
    • Identity card
    • A copy of the developer's confirmation or offer letter of sale and purchase or reservation
    • A copy of the individual act
    • Property valuation report (completed real estate)
    • Pay slips/documents for the last 3 consecutive months
    • Commission statement for the last 6 consecutive months
    • Latest EPF statement (with transaction records for 3 consecutive months or more)
    • The latest EA form
    • Account statements for the past 6 months
    • Certificate of employment and remuneration
  • You can use the UOB housing loan calculator to calculate the monthly mortgage loan installment. Once you've determined the home loan amount you want, you can apply through iMoney and one of our mortgage advisors will contact you. If you are not sure whether this home loan from UOB is the best option for you,click hereCompare other mortgages in Malaysia.

  • UOB has a nationwide branch network in Malaysia, but is smaller than most local banks. However, repayment is easy with these convenient payment options.

    online transfer
    : Transfer money from your UOB savings or current account to make online payments

    Energy saving and environmental protection standards
    : Loan withdrawal at any MEPS ATM throughout the country (over 5000)

    interbank transfer
    : Pay your loan with an interbank GIRO money transfer in branches of participating banks or via internet banking

    Standing facilities for classes
    : automatically debited from your bank account every month

    : Transfer money from your UOB savings or current account for payments at all UOB branches

    automatic payment machine
    : Pay by check or cash at UOB branches

    subsequent payment
    : Send your check and bank statement to UOB in an envelope

    telefonska banka
    : give instructions to debit your bank account for housing loan payment using T-PIN

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