Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (2023)

Last update:June 29, 2023

Hello and welcome to our guide to the best places to photograph fireworks in Singapore. Although the "little red dot" is small, there are fireworks every year. For visitors to Singapore and local fireworks fans, here's a guide to when and where to watch the fireworks - read on!

The situation with COVID-19 in Singapore in 2023

Singapore has implemented its own COVID-19 measures and no longer requires face masks and a "secure entry application". But in crowded places it's good to wear a mask to protect yourself - especially for people who are here on holiday, and a whole week of sickness can be hard work.

vatromet show

Lunar New Year (January to February)

Nationaldagsparade (August)

Singapore Grand Prix (September-October)

New Year countdown (December)

Sentosa Wings of Time (daily)

Galleries and more

Lunar New Year (January to February)

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (7)For those unfamiliar with Chinese culture, the Chinese have a traditional lunar calendar that differs from the international Gregorian calendar. So, Chinese New Year is not January 1, but usually late January or early February.

mark the date

20.-28. January 2023 (Friday-Saturday)Hongbao River
January 22, 2023 (Sunday)Chinese New Year
23.-24. January 2023 (Monday and Tuesday)CNY

place of fireworks

Some malls and streets across Singapore will be decorated and lit up to celebrate the Lunar New Year. But the most important places and activities to pay attention to are:

  • ChinatownAs the "main attraction", fireworks are usually held before Chinese New Year or during New Year's Eve. please checkChinatown Festival Official Website.
  • Ruby River vraća se u Gardens by the Bay 2023. There used to be a small fireworks display, but I'm not sure if the tradition will continue.Click here to view the official website of Hehongbao.
  • Wu JievejThis is another part of the road that will be illuminated during the festival.

Additional considerations

Travelers to Singapore should be aware that many shops will be closed during Chinese New Year (most people will go to see family and friends). If you're looking for fun fireworks, come before Chinese New Year.

Singapore National Day Parade (August)

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (8)every year inAugust 9, when we celebrate Independence Day, there will be fantastic fireworks. But what some don't know is that there are rehearsals 1-2 months before the big day, so you don't have to fight with a bunch of people to catch the good stuff.

mark the date

June 24, 2023 (Saturday)CR
July 2, 2023 (Sunday)NE exhibition 1
July 8, 2023 (Saturday)NE exhibition 2
July 15, 2023 (Saturday)NE exhibition 3
July 22, 2023 (Saturday)review 1
July 29, 2023 (Saturday)review 2
August 9, 2023 (Wednesday)really a new democrat

* Review date 1 and 2 will be confirmed by drawing. timePerformances CR and NE are estimates and dates are subject to change due to various circumstances.

For more information you can seeThe official website of the NDP, or monitor their exercisefacebook page.

place of fireworks

The 2023 "Grand National Day Celebration" will be held in Padang with fireworks "as usual" in front of Marina Bay Sands. During the NDP itself, fireworks will be held at 5 stadiums in the center -NDA website.


  • Bedok Stadium
  • Stadion Jurong West
  • Toa Payoh Stadium
  • Stadion Woodlands
  • Our Tampines Centre

Free quota (unconfirmed)

Park MerlionNumber 1 crowded place with locals and tourists. It would be great to really enjoy the fireworks with the Merlion.
along the esplanadeMost of the Merlion Park crowd comes here. If you want this spot, camp here early.
EsplanadeThe rooftops of the esplanade are another good place to see the fireworks - but beware, many photographers know this too.
cloakI personally prefer this place - where you can see the fireworks with MBS in the background. Another crowded place.
Marina Bay SandsHere you will enjoy the fireworks with the Esplanade in the background...another super populated area.
Prohibition of quaysMBS blocks most of the fireworks, which is not a good place. But not so crowded.
Marina Bay East GardensThis place is less accessible, but offers a wonderful view of the city panorama and fireworks. Another favorite of mine.
Dronning Elizabeth WalkBehind the esplanade, but still with a pretty decent view and panorama of the city.

Where to pay (unconfirmed)

Marina Bay SandsIf you can afford to pay for a room at MBS, you're in for a treat - the Sky Garden has a great view.
Millennium Ritz-CarltonThis hotel is right in front of all the fireworks. Book a room there if you can.
Restaurants at One FullertonPelican, Overeasy, Forlino and Palm Beach Seafood - enjoy food and beer while watching the fireworks.
Level 33This is an experimental restaurant on the top floor with a great view of the fireworks. Be sure to book in advance.
1 - HeightThis gallery/bar definitely offers a great view of the city and the fireworks.

time and precautions

  • If you're taking public transport, City Hall, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, Bayfront, City Center or Promenade MRT stations are good places to start.
  • Fireworks appear to be starting on the stage
  • National anthem (big) around 8:30 p.m
  • The NE fireworks seem to be only about 50% of the actual performance and the preview is about 75~90%.
  • When the fireworks are over, try to get out as soon as possible or you'll find out what "crammed like sardines" means.
  • For security reasons, drones are not allowed to fly around the NDP (your drone will be jammed and confiscated).

Singapore Grand Prix (September-October)

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (9)The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​usually held in September. As a night run, at the end, according to tradition, there are fireworks.

mark the date

The Singapore Grand Prix will be15 September 2023 (Friday) to 17 October 2023 (Sunday).

fireworks site &Precautions

The usual course is located in the Marina Bay area,On the day of the final, fireworks will be fired from the standsThe entire Marina Bay area will be closed for the event with a pretty tight security check… making it difficult to try and watch the fireworks for free.

But if you still want to try it, head to Garden by the Bay East. If not, it's best to buy a ticket or check into a nearby hotel. You can get more information from the clerkSingapore Grand Prix website.

New Year countdown (December)

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (10)This applies every December 31st. Countdown parties are held at various locations in Singapore – Orchard Road, Marina Bay, Sentosa and more…

mark the date

dano,December 31. The captain obviously came to the rescue.

place of fireworks

Fireworks are mainly fired towards the southern urban area:

  • Siloso Beach Party– Unfortunately, it's not free, but the tickets come with a free heretheir official website.
  • Countdown to Marina Bay- There are light shows around the bay and fireworks in front of Marina Bay Sands...but expect lots of hereOfficial site.
  • Mount Faber Dining– You might be able to see the Sentosa fireworks from the Mount Faber restaurant. Obviously food isn't hereOfficial site.

Things that require attention

After the end of the countdown, a large "multiplication of people" is expected. Public transport runs until around 3am, but some people simply choose to get stuck in traffic somewhere, have an "early breakfast" and wait until the traffic calms down.

Wings of Time (every day)

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (11)Can't wait? Or maybe your itinerary doesn't include big events? There is also an option - the performance "Wings of Time" on the island of Sentosa.

place and time

Wings of Time is a daytime show on Sentosa at 7.30pm (with another show at 8.30pm on weekends). There will also be fireworks during the finale. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the show. For more information and to order tickets, check out theirOfficial site.

Quick "View"

Here's a short video of the end of the fireworks, video makers:Kevin Chen.

Galleries and more

Fireworks in Singapore 2023 (NDP, New Year, Best Locations & Times) (12)In the final part of this guide, I will briefly share my modest experience of photographing fireworks over the years. There are also some plugins that you might find useful.

Fireworks Gallery (click to enlarge)

National Day Parade Fireworks at East Bay Gardens.

Jiang Hongbao vatromet.

Fireworks on the marina to celebrate the National Day.

Free light show and night festival

Apart from the free fireworks, Singapore also has a number of free light shows and night festivals. Check out my other guides -


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