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Colloquially, you can simply say “for everyone”. "No way."

I like to say "see you soon" because that's how you know I enjoyed it so much I might come back. I'm just going to the supermarket to buy some cakes, see you soon.

Hello everyone, welcome to this new video in French, I hope you are motivated.

Today we will talk about the expression "goodbye". Or rather, let's put it aside and find other expressions to use together.

Goodbye is a more formal expression. Today we are going to see together other expressions that you can use to say "goodbye", but that vary depending on the time of day or when you see the person again, but also depending on the relationship you have with the person.

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We will see some colloquialisms.

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Now back to our main topic: the synonyms of the expression "au revoir" in French.

The first one we're going to look at is actually my favorite. I use it when I leave a store or when I want to say goodbye to friends.

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It's kind of a formal expression, but I like it a lot, I think it's great. And good morning". Good morning. I think it's a little better than saying goodbye because you wish the person all the best for their day. When I leave the bakery below, I often don't say goodbye, but I leave with a good days.

In a less formal register. So you will use it with your friends, with your family and with your colleagues. You can say A+, A+.

You can still say "Hello" in a more informal colloquial register. Hey Hello, you can also use it to say hello. Hello. Or to say goodbye. Hey! I was just telling you that this is more in a friendly context.

So if you plan to see the person again soon, you can say "see you soon." See you soon. I like to use this expression sometimes when I go to a restaurant or store that I really liked because I think it shows that you liked the restaurant or bar so much that you definitely want to come back. Sometimes I don't come back, but I like to say "see you later" because it suggests that I liked it enough that maybe I will. But overall, you really use it if you're going to see the person again soon. For example, if I saw a friend yesterday and I see her regularly, I say "see you soon."

You guessed it, replaces "Goodbye". When I leave, instead of saying goodbye, I say see you soon. You can say both. There are many people who say, for example: good morning, goodbye, see you soon, goodbye. But you can also use them alone.

Synonymous with "see you soon," if you plan to see the person again soon, you can say see you next time, see you soon. That means you're still planning to see that person in the not too long future.

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See you later. See you later. Hasta pronto is used in a specific case. You can only use it if you plan to see the person again on the same day. So you can't say goodbye the way you would and not see the person again for two weeks.

See you soon, you will see that person again on the same day. Until then, it is a neutral language. You can use it with anyone. However, in colloquial language you can only say "see you later". See you later.

We have met before, you know you will see the person again within a day. And if he knows, he'll see her again even faster in less than an hour. You can say see you later. I'll see you soon. For example, I'm in the office and I'm buying a pack of Cupcakes, for example in the supermarket below the office.

So I tell my colleague "I'm going to buy some cakes at the supermarket now" because I know I'll be back in 10-15 minutes.

Until next week. So for example, if you see someone every week, let's say I go to gym class at 5:30 am. m. every Monday and I know next week Monday at 5:30 am. m., I will see my teacher again. Instead of saying goodbye, I can walk out of class and say "see you next week." Until next week.

A synonym for "goodbye" but limited in time is "see you tomorrow". I see you in the morning. So it's a bit like "see you next week". Unless you are sure that you will see the person the next day. We often say that to our colleagues. See you tomorrow, good night.

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Again, an expression used only in a specific case. He says "see you tonight". Until this afternoon. That means it's morning, noon, or early afternoon and you won't see the person again until evening. So after 6:00 or 7:00. For example, if I'm home in the morning and I want to say goodbye to my children who are going to school, I say see you tonight, see you tonight.

And the last one that is not French but is used a lot, especially in colloquial speech, especially among young people, is simply "ciao". Bye bye!

And that's it for this video. I hope you stop using all the time and bye. I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you liked it, of course leave a "like" there and see you soon. Have a nice day.


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