Chinatown Lights Up 2023 - Singapore's Chinese New Year Festival (2023)

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If you're not in China this time of year, head to the country with the second best Chinese New Year. Singapore celebrates Chinese New Year with numerous festivals such as Chinatown Lights up and other festivities that are definitely worth a visit.

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Chinese New Year, also known asLunar New Yearor Spring Festival, is undoubtedly the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. Historically, it was a time to honor traditional deities and family ancestors. In Singapore, February 2023 is the Lunar New Year. The festival marks the transition from winter to summer. The event is considered a national holiday in Singapore and is considered an important day by the entire country. Almost all shopping malls and commercial establishments across the country are closed during this period. In Singapore, the traditional Lunar New Year is celebrated with banquets and fireworks, and numerous festivals are held across the country. This article lists some of the famous festivals:

Chingay Parade 2023: Accepting Tomorrow

The Chingay Parade is an annual street parade held in Malaysia and Singapore to celebrate the birthday of the Chinese deity or, in some cases, Avalokiteshvara. The street parade is festive with rows of beautiful boats. While modern floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, traditional floats still emphasize themes such as the signs of the zodiac and the Chinese god of fortune. You can expect dancers, fire eaters, magicians and various other "entertainment figures".

Singapore launches the trilogy in 2021, led by2021. "Lights of Hope"Chingay parade and then follows"Ignite Our Dreams" 2022 This year's Chingay Parade is Singapore's "Embrace Tomorrow" 2023. The idea is to celebrate hopes, dreams and confidence for a better future in Singapore.

This year's parade will take place on Friday, February 3, 2023 and Saturday, February 4, 2023.

Chinatown Lunar New Year (CNY) 2023 Street Lighting Event

When it comes to the center of Chinese New Year events in Singapore, Chinatown is undoubtedly something else. Quick-thinking businesses have already booked spaces in Terengganu Street and Pagoda Street, attracting tourists with a wide range of products and adding a bit of enthusiasm to the lovely Chinatown. Chinatown iBugis Beach Road are the two places with the highest number of Chinese in Singapore and are worth a visit during Chinese New Year. Every year during the Spring Festival, Chinatown will hold a wonderful "Light Show" and "New Year's Countdown Party", with more than 2500 people. The colorful lighting decorations in Chinatown will make the area around Chinatown beautiful and brilliant. The Lantern Festival will also be combined with the zodiac sign of the year, making Chinatown more delicious. In general, the "Festival of Lights" will last about a month and a half. In 2022, the tiger statue (animal of the year) in Chinatown Plaza will be illuminated. This year, the street lights were lit with the theme of colorful rabbits, and many Chinese, Singaporeans and foreigners gathered at the place. This is the first time that so many people have been seen since the end of the new corona virus epidemic.
And on New Year's Eve, the "New Year's Countdown Party" in Chinatown is unavoidable. The event will feature dragon dances, song performances, fireworks, acrobatics and fun interactive games.

Hongbao River 2023

Lunar New Year is one of the most revered holidays in Chinese culture with a history of more than 3,500 years. The Humboldt River is one of the most famous ways of marking this ancient practice on the island. This year's lantern display includes familiar festive scenes, each with a different theme, including prosperity, love, wealth and harmony. Ruby River will also offer rides and attractions for children, including a two-horse carousel, a giant inflatable playground, robot rides, shipwreck rides and a train ride without tracks. Get your chairs ready for an evening performance on the Ruby River Main Stage. Every night there is different music, song and dance.

The event takes place from 20-28. January 2023 inbreathtaking natureGardens by the bay.

Huayi Festival - Chinese Art Festival 2023

Singapore's National Performing Arts Center is called the Esplanade. This year, the theater invites everyone to come to Huayi China Arts Festival 2023 to discover new worlds, create memories, laugh heartily and temporarily escape the pressure of life. The festival will present a series of exciting theater, dance and music performances by excellent Chinese artists from Singapore and beyond for everyone to enjoy during the festive season. There are many groups performing in Singapore for the Lunar New Year 2023. You can check the list of performers on the Singapore Lunar New Year websiteEsplanade.

This important artistic manifestation will take place from January 27 to February 5, 2023.

Of course, these festivals are unique and very different from any other festival anywhere else in the world. At this time of the year, many tourists come to Singapore to explore the country during this magical time. When planning your trip, be sure to use Ratepunk as it can save you loads of money on hotel bookings!

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December 21, 2022

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