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For my 23rd birthday, I received the most incredible gift I could have ever imagined: a subscription to National Trust Life from my grandmother. as someone who valuestry giftsabout material things, it was the most thoughtful and perfect thing for me!

How should you know aboutmy "About" page, my grandmother is my number one inspiration to travel. She strongly believes that traveling is part of life's education and she has always championed my adventures. Lifetime membership in the National Trust is expensive, but she knew she would enjoy it for life. And can it be quoted?

I have used my UK membership for many years and have explored a fraction of the 500+ locations the charity serves. Some new and many very popular that I return to several times during the year. (For example, here are my5 Most Popular National Trusts in North Yorkshire).

However, in 2018 I moved to Australia. It was only supposed to be for a year, but I'm still here (oops!). My National Trust membership card was sitting at home collecting dust. In the meantime, I really missed the connection to the historical places I had in the UK at the time.

It was only after about a year in Australia that I discovered that National Trust membership is mutual in many countries around the world. Australia included!

It is not well known that members of the National Trust have reciprocal visiting rights with foreign heritage organisations. So I thought I'd share my thoughts on UK Life National Trust membership, where you can use it, and my personal experience using it abroad!

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What is the National Fund?

First, if you are not familiarthe National Fund(NT) are a heritage conservation organization that protects areas of natural beauty and places of historical interest. This includes everything from forests to castles, from historic houses to gardens.

In Australia, the National Trust's focus is also to promote and preserve indigenous and aboriginal heritage.

Founded in 1895, 125 years later, NT is one of the world's largest charities. In England they are responsible for:

  • More than 780 miles of coastline
  • More than 250,000 hectares of land
  • More than 500 historic houses, palaces, parks and gardens
  • Almost a million works of art

The National Trust generally acquires its land and property through donations from previous owners. Or they are often purchased with subsidies (eg, funded by lotteries), donations, and general membership dues.

Why should you get a National Trust membership?

By joining the NT, whether for a month, a year or for life, you will initially receive free entry to National Trust properties in the UK and abroad. You help support the preservation of important monuments and heritage for future generations to learn and enjoy.

Membership really encourages you to get out of the house to explore and find new places. He's perfect for those "what are we going to do today?" moments. A day off awaits you! It's just one of many possibilities.Bring more adventures to life.

Members of the National Trust can also visit other historic and natural sites such as B. at some English historic sites they get reduced prices.

Other benefits of NT membership include free parking in NT parking lots, a quarterly magazine, special offers, and a guide.

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If you can afford it for yourself or your family, or are considering buying a National Trust membership as a gift, I highly recommend it! Personally, I think it's one of the best gifts you can give someone or yourself.

Is it worth it to be a member of the Life UK National Trust?

Membership in the Life National Trust is not cheap. The prices have slowly risen over the years and have even gone up a few hundred pounds since I bought it five years ago.

As it stands in 2022, an individual lifetime membership plus one guest will cost £1,845 (Standard) and £1,380 (Senior).

Whether a lifetime subscription is worth it to you really depends on a few factors. Only you will know the answer. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • How often are you likely to visit them?
  • How many NT are there in your area?
  • If you have a car or are traveling
  • If you go alone or accompanied
  • Average cost of entry multiplied by the expected frequency of visits

For me, the fact that you can bring a friend adds real (or should I say double!) value to the membership.

If you're young, you're bound to get a lot more value out of a lifetime membership than older folks. For example, my sister got one of hers for her 18th birthday: Lucky Girl!

I am now 30 years old and have been a member for five years. I've probably visited over 100 National Trust sites and the thought of more life is worth it!

Where can you use a UK National Trust membership abroad?

The INTO (International Organization of National Trusts) program is an organization that partners with Global Heritage Trusts and adds even more value to your National Trust membership.

Thanks to INTO, you can use a National Trust membership to get free or discounted entry to historic sites in many different countries.

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Here is the full list of where you can use your UK National Trust membership abroad:

  • National Trust of Australia (all states)
  • National Fund for Canada
  • National Fund for Scotland
  • The Gelderland Trust - Holland
  • New Zealand Heritage Treasure Chest
  • Jersey National Fund
  • Guernsey National Trust
  • Zimbabwe National Fund
  • Heritage - Belgium
  • Bavarian Cultural Heritage Foundation – Germany
  • National Trust for the Cayman Islands
  • Czech National Fund
  • National Foundation of Italy (FIA)
  • National Fund of Korea
  • Malaysian Trust Herb
  • The National Trust of Malta (Din L'Art Helwa)
  • Pro Heritage Foundation – Romania
  • Bermuda National Fund
  • The National Trust for Ireland (The Treasure)
  • Manx National Heritage - Isle of Man
  • Barbados National Fund
  • Chudow Castle Foundation – Poland
  • Slovak National Fund
  • Bahamas National Fund

For more information on this joint visit program, visitINTO places website.

It is also worth checking directly with the fund you plan to visit abroad to see if they will accept your overseas membership to meet expectations before making any special arrangements to visit.

Using a UK National Trust membership in Australia

I have used my UK National Trust membership in Australia on a number of occasions with no problems, mostly in my home state of Victoria. I visited Melbourne Gaol, Labassa Mansion and the Rippon Lea Estate.

I also used it in South Australia. I took a trip and visited them.Clare Valley for a weekendand stopped at Martindale Hall and got a member discount onBurra Passport Trailin the rural town of Burra.

It seems to be well known here that a UK National Trust membership card is mutual in Australia, so I had no issues with free entry or no discounts.

However, the UK lifetime membership has a +1 which means I can bring a guest. This doesn't seem to be a condition of being a member of National Trust Australia, so this has caused some confusion before.

With that said, I explained the situation and after a few minutes of verification they allowed me and my guest to view them for free by signing up as members.

To avoid disappointment, it's best to check before you go if you can use the +1 part-time membership with the property.

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The UK is very lucky to have many more National Trust properties and gardens than many other countries (Australia, for example, which only manages 10 in the state of Victoria!).

For UK residents or visitors who love nature and history, membership is a no-brainer for me. But the fact that you can use a National Trust membership abroad makes it an invaluable organization to be a part of.

I look forward to using my NT membership in more places around the world and hope to see many more on the mutual INTO list!

Are you a member of the National Trust or have you used it abroad? If not, you can buy one.National Association of Trusts here.


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Can you use a UK National Trust membership abroad? | Tam traveler (9)

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