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Bachelor of Human Resource Management - Columbia College

There are two careers in human resources: generalist and specialist. Someone opting for a generalist career looks for jobs that encompass all HR functions, while a specialist chooses a job dedicated to one of these functions.

Let's look at how you can advance your career as a generalist, starting as a human resources coordinator or how you can branch out into a more specialized role dedicated to roles such as recruiting, benefits or training.

personal coordinator

A human resource coordinator is the most basic job for human resource professionals. This role focuses on the administrative side of Human Resources, posting job openings, checking resumes for reference qualifications, and processing employee records.

  • Average salary: $45,950 per year _Coordinator/Hourly_Rate” rel=”nofollow”> Payscale)

A human resources coordinator typically has an associate's or bachelor's degree in human resources. If you are entering this career with an associate degree, you may need more experience, education or certifications to apply for advancement opportunities.

People management specialist

HR specialists are trained in all facets of HR and assume responsibility for all aspects of the department, from recruiting to onboarding and from benefits to compensation.

  • Average Salary: $60,880 per year

personnel manager

  • Median Salary: $113,300 per year

Vice President of Human Resources

  • Average Salary: $136,056 %2C_Human_Resources_/Salary” rel=”nofollow”> Payscale)

Is it worth focusing on a human resources degree?

Yes, this online concentration of HR degrees applies to any business or government organization as in order to be successful they need to manage their HR strategy and operations. Additionally, the human resources sector is expected to grow 10% between 2020 and 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

California State University San Bernardino



Located south of the San Bernardino Mountains, California State University, San Bernardino is a mid-sized public university. The University of Economics and Public Administration offers a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management. The program addresses training individuals to deal with people and provides a complete overview of key practices and theories for a successful career in human resources.

The concentration includes 24 course points plus core business and other requirements. Courses in this degree include developing an effective workforce, strategic people management, and effective and ethical leadership. The Administration Department offers two different student clubs where people can get involved in extracurricular activities.

Net price:8.704 $


Iowa City is the location of this large public research university. The Department of Administration and Entrepreneurship offers the Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with an emphasis on Human Resources. The program is ideal for students interested in starting a career or anyone considering a law degree.

Net price:14.845 $


Net price:9.692 $


Net price:16.813 $


Net price:12.219 $


Net price:16.684 $

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What can I do with a Bachelor of Human Resources?

Human resource jobs can be found in almost every industry. Individuals who work in human resources or have a human resources degree are typically required to manage a company's human resources department. This means they work with employees to ensure they are as happy as possible and that their needs are met while they are at work. A Human Resources member also works with employees to resolve issues in the work environment.

Job seekers with a human resources degree can also find employment as a benefits coordinator. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources area to manage insurance plans and other benefit packages offered to employees. Individuals working with benefits packages often complete additional training focused on finance or insurance to better understand how these benefits work and what they offer employees who choose to participate in the various programs offered by their employer. . .

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Is human resources a good specialty?

Bachelor of Human Resources - (1)

From candidates and managers to recruiters and supervisors, recruiters work with people first. If this type of work interests you, this could be a great career. Economic considerations are another important way to choose a specialty. Below is the financial analysis of a study by the team.

Career Salary HR

Below is a short-term earnings comparison across the entire bachelor market and bachelor in HRM. It's a snapshot of earnings 3 years after graduation.

average singles

graduates in human resources


employment tax

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Overview of the Human Resource Management course

Employees are a company's most important resource. Companies with strong human resources departments acquire and manage talent, administer benefits and compensation, and ensure that company policies and employment laws are adhered to. Purdue University Northwest's Human Resource Management program with a Bachelor of Business Administration provides students with the tools they need to become in-demand HR professionals.

How is my college credit transferred?

Once you are admitted, we will begin work on an assessment of your credits and will email you when your assessment is available at your student center. To receive UWMadison credit, enrolled students must submit their official college-level transcript to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.

Learn more about the credit transfer process through .

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Switch to a personal program

If you want to transfer to a staffing program, you need to find a school that offers a special program andaccredited diplomafor human resource management.

Some schools offer free performance evaluations to see how many courses will be accepted into your new program. At SNHU it's as simple as this:

  • Complete the 5 minutes for freeonline applications.Once completed, there is no obligation.
  • Get the requested transcripts free of charge.Talk to an admissions consultant and we will request your credentials on your behalf.
  • Get your assessment for free.Right after all your certificates are ready, you will receive your official assessment. It shows you what you've changed and what classes you need to complete.
  • If you've already completed a certificate in human resources or earned some college credits in the past, you may be closer to completing your bachelor's degree than you think. At SNHU, you can have up to 75% of your program completed when you start classes.

    Is HR a respected career?

    Is it worth taking a human resources course? (people management)

    And yes. While HR roles were once considered administrative in nature, a changing workforce and advances in technology have made today's HR roles much more complex.

    Take, for example, how employee benefits have evolved over the years, from learning and development initiatives to stock options and other perks. The hiring process has also become more complicated. A once simple job description now lives on in various digital job boards and social media channels, where user-generated reviews can make or break a company's image among current employees and job seekers alike.

    Add an increased emphasis on work-life balance to the mix, and you have an entire workforce expecting more than a paycheck from their employers.

    According to SHRM, HR professionals “play an important role in maintaining a strong culture, starting with recruiting and selecting candidates who share the organization's beliefs and thrive in that culture.”3

    As business leaders know, these cultures require work. Therein lies the need for a strong HR professional who not only recruits top talent but also gives them a reason to stay. That means implementing sustainable career development opportunities, ensuring benefits that promote long-term health and well-being, and offering initiatives that reward and recognize high-performing employees.

    Laura Swedberg '21understands that it goes beyond people.

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    Bachelor in Real Estate Economics

    RES 301 Real Estate Principles

    3 credits

    This course introduces students to the general principles of the real estate industry, including industry terminology, ethics, deeds, listing and purchase agreements, agencies, contracts, and real estate appraisal decisions. Emphasis is also placed on factors that affect local and national real estate markets.

    Real Estate Practice RES 325

    3 credits

    This course examines the basic job functions of real estate salespeople and agents. Property listing, advertising, escrow, selling, and building a customer base are covered with practical applications for completing successful transactions.

    RES 345 Legal aspects of the property

    3 credits

    This course looks at the legal system and how it affects buying, owning, selling and renting real estate. Topics to be discussed include contracts, wills, planning and environmental law, as well as constitutional issues in the real estate sector.

    Concepts in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Contact

    The concepts of marketing, sales, and customer contact introduce students to the discipline of marketing and its role in a company's strategic and operational environment. This course provides fundamental knowledge of marketing planning, including the marketing mix, and also describes the fundamentals of branding, digital marketing, customer relationship management, and face-to-face sales and negotiations. All this helps students to see the role of marketing within an organization. This course provides students with an overview of the field of marketing and an exploration of marketing specialization.

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    What is organizational behavior and human resource management?

    Are you a sociable problem solver, someone who instinctively assesses a situation and can organize people to reach their full potential? Every organization depends on the efficiency and performance of its employees and therefore every organization needs human resource professionals. If this sounds like a career to pursue, then a bachelor's degree in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from UNT Dallas could be for you.

    Participants in the Society for Human Resource Management Academic Alignment Program are recognized academic partners of SHRM and, as such, are considered the best candidates for students seeking a career in human resources. Students enrolled in an HR-focused SHRM program have the opportunity to earn their SHRM-CP qualification prior to graduation, giving them a competitive edge in the job market.

    How long does a Bachelor of Human Resources last?

    Bachelor of Human Resources - (2)

    Like any bachelor's degree, your human resources degree is designed as a four-year program that includes a mix of core courses, general education courses, and electives. The degree depends on the completion of 120 credits, although many schools, such asUniversity of Arizona Global Campus, it allows you totransfer creditscommunity college,Military-, ÖWork experience. This can significantly reduce completion time.

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    Bachelor of Human Services

    A bachelor's degree in human services is an excellent choice for students who want to pursue a career in public service as human resource professionals. Students acquire valuable practical skills in areas such as crisis intervention, communication, teaching and counseling. HR electives can provide students with additional experience in areas such as performance management and people development. Most human service programs last four years and are offered at public and private universities. It can be helpful to choose a program that offers an internship or practical experience so that students can gain experience in the field before they graduate. A bachelor's degree in human services can serve as a solid foundation for further study in human resource management.

    Southern Wesleyan University offers an online Bachelor of Human Services degree with a major in Business, Counseling, Marriage and Family Services or another specialty. The Human Services program follows a Christian cosmovision. All students complete an internship or research project. Graduates meet the requirements to become a board-certified human services professional.

    Personalize your learning with a

    This program allows you to use 1-credit micro-courses that can be completed in just two to three weeks in a modular online format. Three of these single-credit store-style courses can be built to the equivalent of a three-credit elective course, giving you more opportunities to customize your degree.

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    With 200 Interpersonal Communication

    This course is designed to help students understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. It examines patterns of verbal and nonverbal communication between people in personal, social, academic, and professional settings and assesses the nature of these interactions using contemporary communication theory. The course will allow students to identify their interpersonal communication behaviors and to evaluate more critically their own oral communication and that of others. One of the main objectives of the course is to improve the quality of students' communication in their personal and professional relationships.

    Degree in Marketing

    Nicki Nelson – Absolventin des Bachelor of Human Resources Online, WGU

    How does a company find the right people to hire to meet its core business needs and values? HR professionals must have the necessary marketing skills to set, communicate and deliver clear expectations to find the right people for the job. Marketing can be a great foundation for people looking for human resources jobs. Earning a bachelor's degree in marketing typically takes four years to complete. Part-time takes longer. Many programs are available online. Students can expect to take courses in marketing, social science, and business. Some programs may require an internship or internship experience, which is a great opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and training. Marketing managers are in demand. Job prospects for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are expected to increase by 10% through 2026. Earning a bachelor's degree in marketing can open the door to jobs in recruiting firms, consulting agencies, and training and education.

    Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Marketing and Advertising is a flexible program that teaches students about digital marketing, advertising campaigns, and general business principles. Students can complete their studies online or on campus and thus combine work and family.

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    Quantitative analysis for companies

    Quantitative Analysis for Business examines various decision-making models, including expected value models, linear programming models, and inventory models. This course helps students learn to analyze data using a variety of analytical tools and techniques to make better business decisions. In addition, it includes the development of project plans according to the critical path method. Other topics are the calculation and evaluation of formulas, uncertainty measures, collision costs and the visual representation of decision models with spreadsheets and electronic diagrams. This course has no prerequisites.

    Why should I do my HR degree online?

    one onlineBachelor's Degree in Human Resourcesgives the student the opportunity to learn when it is most convenient for them. For students who already work full-time, this means they can study when they have time, rather than being forced to quit their jobs and stick to a rigid school schedule. This is an impossible task when the student has a family to support or other financial commitments. Online courses open new doors when it comes to advancement opportunities.

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    Can I get a job with an identity card?

    Do you already have a bachelor's degree and would like to move into human resources? Or are you still checking your study options? Either way, a bachelor's degree in human resources might be a good fit.

    A college certificate is a record of education that can provide foundational learning in a specific field without committing to a full degree. You can also opt for a professional certificate awarded by an industry association or organization.

    With a certificate in human resources, your courses can cover topics such as recruiting and talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee relations, people strategy and much more.

    If you start with adiplomain another area the acquisition of a human resources certificate may be the casehelp you get your foot in the door.

    With a human resources degree alongside a bachelor's degree, you can land a job as a human resources assistant. HR assistants maintain personnel records, track employee data, and can also create and archive employment records. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources assistants earned an average annual salary of45.630 $em 2021.

    If you're new to a degree and looking to expand your HR role beyond an entry-level position, earning a bachelor's degree in this field is the best next step. And if you already have a human resources certificate, you can start a four-year course with the credits you've already acquired.

    Umgc Human Resources Management Society Chapter

    Bachelor of Human Resources - (3)

    The UMGC chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management provides networking opportunities with other students, staff, and faculty who are currently working or interested in human resources. It is available to undergraduate and graduate students. To join, please fill inUMGC SHRM chapter form. Students can also join SHRM nationallyTuition fee via the SHRM website. UMGC students and alumni are also welcome. For more information send an email.

    Taylr K., Palm Bay, FL, BS in Human Resources

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    Bachelor in Business Administration

    A bachelor's degree in business administration provides HR professionals with a solid understanding of business in a variety of industries. Business economists are usually responsible for:

    • analyze problems
    • find solutions
    • improve overall business efficiency

    Business studies courses cover areas such as information technology, human resources, marketing and logistics. It is important to choose a business major with a curriculum that includes human resources electives that teach employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training. Students with no experience in this field should choose an internship program to gain valuable hands-on experience in a professional business environment.

    Southern New Hampshire University's Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management is designed for students who want to become human resource managers. This accessible online program is taught by experienced instructors who use real-world situations and relevant strategies to prepare students for success after graduation.

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