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Data protection

We look forward to your interest in our blog or site.The protection of your privacy is very important to us.Will we inform you in detail about the information of the processing of your information.

1. Visit data and hosting

You can access our website without providing your own information.If the website is invited, the website saves only the then -inscribed server log file, for example, the file contains the application name, your IP address, date and time of access, the amount of data sent and the provider's request (access to data) and registration of the right to access.

These access data are used only for the purpose of ensuring the unconvincing operation of the site and improving our offer According to the first sentence of paragraph 6, sentence 1 1.F GDPR, which helps us to correctly present our proposal regarding the balance of interests in order to protect our legitimate interests.

Third -party provider services
As part of our order processing, third parties provide us with a service for the host and introduction of web locations.This helps to properly introduce our legitimate interests in the context of balanced interests.All data collected on this site are processed on its server.The frame explained here the other servers are treated.

The service provider is located in the European Union or in the European Economic Area.

2. Data collection and data processing when ordered by e-mail for contract processing

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If you voluntarily inform us if you contact us, we will collect personal information.We will use you in accordance with the art.6 Section 6. sentences 1 lit data.BGDPR conducts the processing of the contract and the processing of your inquiries.After completing your order, unless you have completed the order unless you complete the order, unless you have completed the order, except clearly agreed that you will continue to use the information, your information will be limited to further processing and deletion after the tax period and the commercial reservation.

3. data transfer

Executor in accordance with Article 1 of Lit.B referred to in Article 6 of the GDPR, we will discover your information to the transport company that has been transferred to the transport company as long as it is necessary for the delivery of the goods.In accordance with the payment service provider you have selected during the order, we will transfer information on payment information to the payment of this purpose to transfer this purpose to the entrusted credit institution, and the Payment Payment provider or the selected payment procedure we transfer will be transferred to us when weis the applicant. Payment. If you create an account there, collect some selected providers of the payment service of this information about yourself.In this case, use your application approaches to the payment service provider in the order procedure.The appropriate payment service provider is applied.

Data Transfer Delivery Provider
If you explicitly agree with us during the order period or after the order, we will publish your e -mail address to the selected transport service provider in accordance with Article 6 (2) .1, 1 and contact you for the purpose of sending messages.

The contact settings described below or the contact address specified in the continuation directly with the transport service provider may be directly revoked directly with the contact address.After the cancellation, we deleted the information listed for this unless you have clearly agreed to use your information further, we will keep the information in the law and the information we will inform you in this statement.

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4. Cookies and web analysis

In order to make our website more attractive and enable some features, display appropriate products or conduct market research, then use each page -to to display our offer based on Article 1 of Article 6 of the GDPR and thus protects our primarylegitimate interests.Cookie is a small text file that automatically stores your terminal device.Some of the cookies we use to delete after the browser session, that is, after the browser excludes (so -trained session cookies).On your terminal device so we can recognize your browser (sustainable cookie) when you visit your next visit.You can see the storage period in examination of the network browser cookies.You can set your browser to understand the cookie setting and decide if you need to accept them or refuse to accept a cookie in some cases or in normal circumstances.Each browser is different by controlling cookie settings.This is described in the auxiliary menu of each browser who explains how to change the period.connection:
Internet Explorer ™ : http : //
Safari ™: = de_de
Chrome™: = en&andwer = 95647
Firefox ™ https: //
Opera™ : http : //

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If you do not accept cookies, the features of our website may be limited.

Use Google (general) analytics for network analysis
For website analysis, this website uses Google (Universal) Analytics, which is a network analysis service provided by Google LLC ( This helps to display our offer based on the optimization of Article 1 Article 6 GDPR and thus protect our primary legitimate interests. GOOGLE (Universal) Analytics uses methods that can analyze your use, such as cookies. IP address truncated before the second contractual domestic transmission in the member states of the EU or the European Economic Area Agreement. In special circumstances, the full IP address is sent to Google servers in the United States and shortened there. The anonymous IP address transmitted by your browser as part of Google Analytics is usually not combined with other Google data. Once we have stopped using Google Analytics, the collected data collected data In this case is deleted.

Google LLC has its headquarters in the US and is certified as part of the European Union -SHIELD.Current confirmation mayherI saw myself.Due to the agreement between the United States and the European Commission, the latter determined the correct protection of data on companies certified on privacy screens.

You can prevent Google from entering data generated by cookies and relating to your website use (including your IP address) and Google to process this information by downloading and installing the following browser supplement: http:/ http: // tools = they

As a replacement of the browser method -SOCKET, you can click on this connection to prevent Google Analytics (future shot of Google Analytics. Select the outlet cookie stored on your final device. To delete the cookie, click the connection again.

5. Social media -stik -i

YouTube video plug -i
This web site contains the content of third service providers.This content provides Google LLC ("Provider").
YouTube vozi uz Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, SAD ("Google").

YouTube is the Settings of Protection on Video Activation Expansion integrated from our website.This means that if the videos are not reproduced, it is impossible to collect and save information about visitors to the site on YouTube.The participation of these videos is aimed at based on the 6th (1) sentence 1Lith.fgdpr protecting our legitimate interests.
Purpose and extent of data collection and further processing and use of services and your rights and settings for the protection of your privacy. You can find them in Google's data protection data

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6. Contact settings and their rights

As a person you have the following rights:

§ According to ART.15GDPR, request the right to process data about your personal data processing in the interval described here;

§ According to art.16 GDPR, the right to a request for the current correction of the wrong or complete personal data you have stored;

§ In accordance with Article 17 of the GDPR, you have the right to ask for deletion of your personal information we have stored unless further processing is required
- realize the right to speech and information;
- fulfill legal obligations;
-News to public interests or
-FORT, realization or defense of legal claims
It is needed;

§ According to art.18GDPR, if necessary, if necessary, your personal data processing is required
-Date -korreness you reject you;
-Inchinity is Ullem, but he refuses their deletion;
-It do not need these data, but you have to enter, exercise or defend legal requirements or
- You claimed to act with the treatment referred to in Article 21 of GDPR;

§ According to art.20 GDPR, the right to request the personal data you have provided to us, in a structured, common and machine beer format or to request another responsible transfer;

§ According to art. 77 GDPR, the right to complain to a supervisory authority. You can usually contact the usual residence or the supervisory authority at the workplace or the headquarters of our company.

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If you have any questions about the collection, processing or use of your personal data, information, correction, prevention or deletion of data and revocation of consent or objection to certain data, please contact us directly via our contact details.

7. Comment function

As part of the comment feature, we only collect personal information (such as names and e-mails) as part of your contribution to the extent that you told us.When you comment, the email address you provide will be preserved but not published.Unless you write with pseudonym, your name will be published.

8. Privacy Policy for Facebook Pluginnet ("Like")

Plow Web -i Connectors -i, Goulash in the USA, Cacalo Alto 1601 S. Califalia Avenue, California 94304 Plug points out that Facebook -Plug -in ("as" button) connects,Which connects which connects the Facebook plug, which means the browser transfer to display the plug -in on the site.
In addition, the use of data is forwarded to a Facebook server that contains information about your website to visit our website.For Facebook users who have been logged in, this means assigning data to your personal Facebook account.
When you are actively using a Facebook -Plug -in (for example, by clicking on the "Like" button or using comment feature) as a Facebook login user, this data is transferred to your Facebook account and post.Complete your Facebook account in advance.
Further information on Facebook's use of data can be found in Facebook's data protection provisions at

9. Data protection statement for the services of the Webanze backbone Google Adsense

The website uses the Webanze Vertical Service Google Adsense ("Google") from the US Google Inc ..Google AdSense uses a so-called "cookie" (text file) that is stored on your computer and can be analyzed on your computer.Google AdSense also uses as is a "Web Beacon" (a small invisible graphic) to collect information. Using Network Beacon, you can record and collect simple operations such as visitors. Information about your use of this website (including your IP address) is transferred via cookie and/or web beacon to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the advertising provider, to compile reports and advertisements related to the activities and advertising of the websites of the website operators and to provide other services related to the use of the websites and the use of the Internet. If necessary, as long as the law requires that it is necessary, or if a third party represents Google for data handling, Google is also transferred to the third party. In any case, Google does not associate your IP address with other Google data. You can select "No cookies" in the browser settings (in MS Internet Explorer in the settings for "Additions> internal settings> Internal settings> Settings", select "No cookies" in MS Internet Explorer;> Data protection > Cookies "); It is emphasized that in this case, you may not be able to fully use all the features of this website.By using this website, you agree to the processing of data collected by Google, collected by the above-mentioned methods and for the above-mentioned purpose.

10. Google Plus Social Network Data Protection

The website uses the so -called "G +1" Google Plus button, operated by 1600 Amphitheatra Parkway in CA 94043, 1600 Amphitheatra Parkway and USA ("Google").You can see the button from the "G +1" symbol.If you have registered on Google Plus, you can use the "G +1" button to express your interest in our website and divide the content on our website on the Google Plus.In this case, Google not only saves you one of our content with "G +1" information, but also stores information about the page you are watching.Your "G +1" can be displayed with your name (also can be used with photos) on Google Plus in other Google services, such as Google Search or Google - Personal Data.
Purpose and scope of data collection, as well as Google's further processing and data use, as well as your rights and setup options to protect your privacy can be found in Google data protection data:

11. Special conditions of use[2]

Special conditions for personal use of this site differ from the upper numbers from 1 to 10, and this is clearly indicated in the appropriate position. In this case, the special conditions of use are suitable for their individual conditions.

Ovi:Book of the Professional Industry

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