Apply for unemployment benefits in Berlin (2022) - Berlin Startup Jobs (2023)

Almost everyone will spend at least part of their life unemployed. What can you do if this happens to you in Berlin? Here's information on what you're entitled to and what to do if your employer tells you your job is terminating.

Are you entitled to unemployment benefit?

As an employee in Berlin, you make many deductions from your monthly salary. When you're unemployed, you'll really feel its worth. However, not everyone is suitable for itunemployment insuranceor unemployment benefit. You qualify if you are a registered person who has worked at least 12 months in the last two years. If you leave, you will likely have to wait 3 months before you can claim benefits. And if you're self-employed, you're on your own unless you have unemployment insurance.

How much money can you expect?

In order to claim unemployment insurance in Germany, you must have paid in twice as long as you can receive. This means that if you have worked and contributed for two years, you can claim benefits for one year. The amount you receive is 60% of your net salary (ie after deductions) and 67% if you are dependent.

Different types of unemployment benefits

The type of performance you get falls into one of two categories:

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Unemployment benefit 1 (ALG 1)— You can claim this if you have worked as an employee in Germany for at least 12 months. You will be forwarded to theEmployment Agency.

Unemployment benefit 2 (ALG 2) "This is also known as Hartz 4. Fun Fact: It's named after Peter Hartz, who introduced the system. You can claim this if you have never worked in Germany orunemployment benefit 1exhausted rights, p. if you receive ALG 1 for more than one year. You will be forwarded to the job center.

What to do if you find out you've been fired

When you get fired from your job, it's likely to happen in two ways.

Form 1: You will be informed that your contract will not be renewed and you will have to work for the remainder of the notice period.

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The second is what happens if you are fired due to unforeseen circumstances like bankruptcy.

In any case, you should receive a letter of termination and hand it in to the employment agency as soon as possible, preferably on the same day as the termination.

Iscertificate of employmento The letter of termination must state the reasons for the termination. The same applies here: If you cancel voluntarily, you have to wait three months before you can register. However, if there is no animosity between you and your employer, but you are separating by mutual consent, it is usually possible to reach an agreement whereby an employer will issue you with a letter of resignation. This isn't a general rule, but it might be worth investigating.

If you don't apply on time, you're likely to lose some of the money you would otherwise make. But there's really no reason for that. The unemployment system is really efficient and there is no reason to go long without money.

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Register as a job seeker

If you get laid off it's a good idea to go straight to the unemployment office as they will usually help you sort things out straight away. Before doing so, however, you must immediately register online as a future job seeker. This shows that you are looking forward to gainful employment. He canregister online here.

Apply in person at the employment office

If possible, it makes sense to register as unemployed or soon to be unemployed before you leave work. If you don't have this option, the first thing you should do on the first day of your unemployment is to do it.

You will need it:

  • Her passport
  • They areRegistration Certificateor Certificate of Registration (the paper they gave youcitizens' office)
  • Your visa (if you need it)
  • Your health insurance (Health insurance) Map
  • your employment contract
  • your resignation letter

Your clerk will explain everything to you, including the next steps. If you do not speak German well or if something is not clear, you are welcome to ask questions. They are happy to help.

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Fill out the application form

To officially apply for unemployment benefits, you need to fill out the formApplication for unemployment benefitsor apply for unemployment benefits. You can do it on paper at your office, or you cancomplete online here. You need the access data that you created when registering for unemployment online. It's a fairly simple form asking what your current situation is, if you have dependents and why you're applying. You will use this form to assess your claim. So if you're not sure, ask a friend for help.

wait for confirmation

After submitting the form, the process is usually very quick. You should receive confirmation within two weeks. It confirms how much you can get, how you can get it, and when you can get it. Unemployment benefits are usually deposited directly into your bank account, just like your paycheck, and you'll receive payments backdated to the first day of unemployment if you filed for unemployment benefits on or before that day.

attend the meeting

Once your financial situation has been clarified, you will be called to a meeting with the person processing your applicationEmployment Agency. They are by your side and want to help you find a new job that suits you. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory and you must provide evidence that you are applying for new positions. Investing time in these meetings is worthwhile, as the representative you meet with can point you to a variety of programs and grants that can help you get back on your feet.

All in all, it's a fairly painless process. So just come forward with the right information and you'll be fine. The system is very dignified and claiming benefits doesn't feel as humiliating as in many other countries. Germany wants you to maintain your standard of living so you can start doing what is important to you as soon as possible. The country also seems to understand that this can sometimes take time. So don't complain about all the contributions you pay with your salary. They form the safety net that will catch you when you need it.

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What are the requirements for unemployment benefits in Germany? ›

As a rule, you must have worked in the last 30 months at least 12 months subject to Social security contributions. If you were mainly in short-term employment, which was limited to no more than 14 weeks from the outset, 6 months of gainful employment may be sufficient.

How do I apply for unemployment in Berlin? ›

To officially apply for unemployment benefits, you'll need to fill in the Antrag auf Arbeitslosengeld or application for unemployment benefit. You can do this on paper at the office itself, or you can fill it in online here. You'll need the login details you created when you registered yourself as unemployed online.

When can I apply for unemployment benefits in Germany? ›

It is best to register immediately, but no later than three months before your employment ends. This ensures you will avoid financial disadvantages if you later receive unemployment benefits. If you find out at short notice that you are going to lose your job, you should register as a job seeker within three days.

Can I get unemployment benefits if I quit my job in Germany? ›

In case if you voluntarily quit your job, then you might not get the benefits for the first 3 months after your resignation. You can also apply for Unemployment benefit II if you could not find a job within the first period.

How much is unemployment in Germany right now? ›

For 2022 thus far, the annual average unemployment rate was 5.4 percent. This statistic shows the annual average unemployment rate in Germany from 2005 to 2022.
Annual average unemployment rate in Germany from 2005 to 2022.
CharacteristicUnemployment rate
9 more rows
Jan 5, 2023

How do you know if you are eligible to work in Germany? ›

To be eligible to work in Germany, you must either have a work/residence permit and a work visa. But not everyone is subject to the visa requirements, however, everyone is subject to the residence/work permit. Residents of the following do not need a visa to work in Germany: EU/EEA.

How long can you claim unemployment benefit in Germany? ›

Unemployment benefit:

For 2022, the gross wage will be a maximum of EUR 7,050 per month in West Germany and EUR 6,750 in East Germany. Labour offices pay unemployment benefit for 12 months at most (up to 24 months for older people). It depends in particular on how long you have paid contributions and how old you are.

How do I apply for unemployment funds? ›

If you want to claim from the UIF you need to go to your nearest Labour Office or register and claim online.
For more information:
  1. Contact Department of Labour's Western Cape provincial office.
  2. Visit the Department of Labour website.
  3. Call the UIF at 0800 030 007.
Jul 1, 2022

What benefits can I claim in Germany? ›

  • Family benefits. Health. Benefits for those in need of care. ...
  • Health insurance cash benefits in the event of illness. Incapacity. Disability benefits. ...
  • "Social compensation" benefits. Old-age and survivors. Pensions and other old age benefits. ...
  • Unemployment benefits. Moving abroad.

What are the basic eligibility requirements to apply for unemployment? ›

Eligibility Requirements
  • Have earned enough wages during the base period.
  • Be totally or partially unemployed.
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own.
  • Be physically able to work.
  • Be available for work.
  • Be ready and willing to accept work immediately.

What is the most weeks you can collect unemployment? ›

Workers in most states are eligible for up to 26 weeks of benefits from the regular state-funded unemployment compensation program, although 12 states provide fewer weeks, and two provide more. Extended Benefits (EB) are not triggered on in any state.

How many people are unemployed in Berlin? ›

Monthly unemployment rate in Berlin Germany January 2021-2023. In January 2023, the unemployment rate in Berlin was 9.1 percent.

How long can I stay in Germany after losing job? ›

If you lose your job, you have a three-month period during which you can look for another qualified position. If you find a new job within this time, you will then have to get a new German Blue Card updated with your new employment details.

How long can I stay in Germany after quitting my job? ›

After termination of employment

If, after termination of your employment in Germany, you have not found a subsequent job, you have the option of applying for a residence permit for up to six months to look for a job.

How do I quit my job immediately in Germany? ›

If no specific regulation is mentioned, the statutory cancellation period for you -as an employee- is four weeks to the 15th of a month or four weeks to the end of the month. You need to quit your job in writing. You can find a sample letter for termination of an employment contract on

How do I register as unemployed in Germany? ›

If you have yet to find a job, register with your local employment agency (Arbeitsagentur)
  1. If you wish to register yourself as jobless, you can call the following number: 0049 911 1203 1010 (without phone charges)
  2. Or you can use this link.

Which German city has the lowest unemployment rate? ›

German Jobless Rate Unchanged at 5.5%

Year-on-year, the number of unemployed increased by 192 thousand. The highest jobless rates were once again reported in Bremen (10.3 percent) and Berlin (8.8 percent) and the lowest rates in Bayern (3.2 percent) and Baden-Württem-berg (3.7 percent).

Do I need to register as unemployed? ›

It is important to register as an unemployed person and to inform HM Revenue & Customs that you are out of work as it ensures that your National Insurance Contribution will be paid and your state pension won't be affected.

How can Americans work in Germany? ›

EU Blue Card for Germany

As an American, you are eligible to apply for an EU Blue Card if: You have a German diploma or an academic degree recognized by Germany. You have a job offer/contract from a German employer. You have at least five years of experience in a specific field.

How to move from America to Germany? ›

You must have had a standard residence permit for at least five years, You must prove you have more than basic German language proficiency, You must prove financial security and your ability to meet all expenses related to your stay in Germany, You must enrol in an integration course and successfully pass the exam.

How much bank balance is required for German work visa? ›

One of the prerequisites for obtaining a visa for job seekers is proof of sufficient funds of the job seeker's entire stay in Germany. In any case it must be ensured that you have a minimum monthly amount of 1027EUR available.

What if I work more than 120 full days in Germany? ›

If you take up part-time employment that involves more than 120 days per year, you need a work permit. If you are uncertain or have questions, please contact the Immigration Office or the Federal Employment Agency.

How do I register as a job seeker? ›

Unemployed people can register as work-seekers at their nearest labour centre. This will enable employers to find them if they are looking for candidates for learnerships.

How do I get a job after 2 years of unemployment? ›

If you have a long employment gap then you can find a job with the help of referrals or by doing some latest course or learning any contemporary skills that would add to your resume and make it appealing to your recruiter.

Can I apply for unemployment fund online? ›

With South Africa's unemployment rate having reached a record high further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic and recent KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng unrest, former employees can get financial assistance by applying for UIF unemployment benefits online.

When can you claim unemployment benefit? ›

If you're unemployed

Usually, a person is considered unemployed if they're over 16 years of age and are actively seeking paid employment. Unemployment can happen either due to being laid off, being fired or resigning from the company. However, eligibility for benefits after resignation differs from the rest.

What benefits can I claim if I resign from my job? ›

What benefits can you claim if you've lost your job? If you've lost your job, the main benefit you can claim is new style Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA). You might also be able to get help with costs such as housing and childcare through Universal Credit.

How much do Germans get for Social Security? ›

Claimants get 60% of their previous net salary (capped at the social security ceiling), or 67% for claimants with children. The maximum benefit is therefore 2382,60 euros (in 2021).

Can I collect Social Security in Germany? ›

If you have Social Security credits in both the United States and Germany, you may be eligible for benefits from one or both countries. If you meet all the basic requirements under one country's system, you will get a regular benefit from that country.

How much bonus do you get in Germany? ›

Although German compensation laws do not require a 13th-month bonus, many employers choose to give employees an extra month's wage at the end of the year.

Who is considered unemployed in Germany? ›

As defined by the Social Code, Book III (SGB III), the unemployed include all those who are temporarily not employed or work in a job for fewer than 15 hours per week, seek employment subject to social insurance contributions for at least 15 hours per week, and in the process are available for placement efforts ...

How long can I stay in Germany after losing my job? ›

If you lose your job, you have a three-month period during which you can look for another qualified position. If you find a new job within this time, you will then have to get a new German Blue Card updated with your new employment details.

How does Germany measure unemployment? ›

In the long-term, the Germany Unemployment Rate is projected to trend around 5.70 percent in 2024 and 5.10 percent in 2025, according to our econometric models. In Germany, the unemployment rate measures the registered unemployed as a percentage of the civilian labor force.


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