8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (2023)

A great garage fridge is just as great for hosting a party as it is for a magician: Need some iced tea? Of course we have liters. Need room for a third bowl of Thanksgiving stuffing? Absolutely.

There are many of themAccessible refrigerator for additional storagePerfectly prepared for storing soft drinks and wine.

The best garage refrigerators have the space and temperature control you need for big meals like casseroles, chili pots, and ribs, as well as a freezer for all those fresh veggie pizzas you make. Most importantly, most are also designed to work in uninsulated spaces where ambient temperatures change, such as your garage.

At Reviewed, we review our businessthe best refrigerator.These are some of our favorite garage coolers.

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The best garage coolers for all seasons

Garage-ready refrigerators are designed to operate in uninsulated garages with variable ambient temperatures and are typically certified to withstand temperatures between 38°F and 110°F.

1. A garage cooler with excellent core performance

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (1)

So, do you want a fridge that always has delicious, cold sodas for everyone in your extended family, or something you don't have to rush out and interrupt in late fall before the cold snaps the main course and your pumpkin soup goes bad?

If this is the right refrigerator for you, be satisfiedGE GTS22KGNRBB.

Many would call this fridge compact, and it really doesn't come with an in-room ice maker or water filter. However, calling this fridge compact is like calling a 90's Jeep compact because it didn't have a hard top.

this hereGE GTS22KGNRBBDesigned for stability in unstable ambient temperatures. Certified to operate from 38°F to 110°F, it will perform well in uninsulated spaces, even when the weather would shut down most standard refrigerator compressors.

But garage-ready qualities aren't the GTS22KGNRBB's only strengths. With 15.25 cubic feet of refrigerator storage and an above-average 6.68 cubic feet of freezer space, it provides plenty of room for fresh food and extra frozen meals.


The GTS22KGNRBB is also available in multiple finishes, including stainless steel and anti-fingerprint stainless steel.

800 USD uz Best Buy

2. Affordable and energy-efficient garage refrigerators

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (2)

Samsung did somethingThe most impressive refrigeratorWe put it to the test, so we're glad we found this Samsung for your garage. Not only is this refrigerator certified to operate in temperatures from as low as 38°F to as high as 110°F, but it is also Energy Star certified.

Full-depth, with glass shelves, an adjustable freezer compartment and beautiful LED lights, this fridge has a respectable but basic build. It has a reversible door and can be easily installed anywhere.

It also includes Samsung's multi-vent technology that allows cool air to circulate at all times. With a total capacity of 15.6 cubic feet, it's not the biggest fridge on the market, but it certainly has room for a perfect garage backup, especially for the price.

Home Depot 698 dolara

Lowe's is $699

3. A large refrigerator that can be used in the garage and is energy efficient

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (3)

With plenty of storage space and a construction that can handle the ambient temperature of your garage,LG LHTNS2403SA serious competitor in the segment of garage refrigerators.

This stainless steel refrigerator boasts an attractive interior with plenty of space, as well as attractive features such as a humidity-controlled crunch drawer and an ice maker connection.

While the included ice maker is a better deal than a compatible ice maker sold separately, not everyone wants an ice maker in their garage freezer, and many would appreciate the extra storage space for frozen pizza and ice cream. That's a lot of space, with the LHTNS2403S cooler having 6.2 cubic feet of storage compared to its 17.6 cubic feet.

We haven't tested this model in our lab yet, but we like many of the LG devices we've tested in the past, and we think the LHTNS2403S packs a lot of specs.

Home Depot 848 dolara

4. Fewer GE top freezers

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (4)

Slightly smaller than our first pick from GE, this 19.2 cubic foot option from GE is a modest value garage refrigerator. this oneGE GTS19KSNRSSThere's also a molded top door that houses a gallon-sized trash can, glass shelves, two cooler drawers, and separate temperature controls for the freezer and refrigerator.

Although the GTS19KSNRSS does not have an ice maker, its 5.6 cubic feet of freezer space will more than make up for it for many.

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Connecting devices $793

General Electric 574 dolara

5. Garage refrigerator at zero degrees for harsh temperatures

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (5)

Do you need a garage fridge that can withstand anything? Most real garage refrigerators can handle some temperature fluctuations, butGladiator GARF30FDGBIn different levels of heavy application. This mobile refrigerator has only a littlezero degrees Fahrenheit.

No other cooler on our list is certified to operate below 38°F, so we thought the Gladiator was impressive. On that note, Gladiator states that since its cooler does not contain a heater, sub-freezing temperatures will lower the internal temperature of the cooler and freeze its contents.

What's impressive here is that the cooler can stay online at low temperatures. This makes it an excellent choice for remote cabins, marinas or arctic peaks in parts of the country.

With a wire box on the bottom, no freezer, and 17.8 cubic feet of storage, the Gladiator GARF30FDGB isn't right for every home, but for those who need something sturdy and durable, it's just right.

$1,500 with Best Buy

Garage refrigerator for moderate temperatures

We've also included some garage freezers that don't drop to freezing temperatures. They are designed for temperatures from about 50°F to 110°F.

They work well in a mud room, partially heated garage, or a shed that is closed and winterized. Just be sure to turn them off (and drain all water pipes) when the temperature gets really low.

6. A refrigerator with a bottom freezer and freezer for real preservation of fresh vegetables

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (6)

My parents had salad for lunch every day, and when I was home, that meant lots of vegetables: bags of vegetables, Tupperware containers full of cooked beets, piles of carrots, oranges, etc.

If you have a household where fresh food is a priority, you may need an extra refrigerator to fill your CSA orders. this oneWhirlpool WRB119WFBMThat's it.

This bottom freezer isn't a budget choice many will choose for their garage (especially the extra $100 for the stainless finish), but those who need a little more will love its wet drawer, adjustable shelf frame, and efficiency.

This efficiency is one of its best features—our lab estimates an average annual operating cost of just $27.29.

this refrigerator isTemperature certificationOd 55°F do 110°F.

$1,799 with Best Buy

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7. Freezer with extra ice or more freezer space, your choice

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (7)

Consistent temperatures, an ice machine, and even the ability to convert the freezer into an additional freezer compartment? this oneSamsung RT18M6215SGIt works too well for its price.

This great value freezer may be simple in many ways, but it has some notable features.

there is aRT18M6215SGsFor the price, the built-in ice maker is a blessing. This feature alone can be a lifesaver at a family gathering or party.

However, Samsung's ability to convert the fridge into additional storage makes it a great product for the price. Although the fridge is generally small, this flexibility means that it is particularly effective as a spare copy at home.

The RT18M6215SG is designed for temperatures from 50°F to 109°F.

Connection to appliances USD 1030

8. A simple garage fridge for extra drinks

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (8)

we did not testDanby DAR110A1BSLDDOurselves, but we think that if you're looking for a basic fridge without a freezer, then this could be just the thing. Think of it as an oversized version of a mini fridge. It has 11 cubic feet of space, making it a decent beverage cooler. It also has an Energy Star rating, which proves its efficiency.

this hereDanby User ManualThe ambient temperature for this cooler is very vague, only saying that "extremely low ambient temperatures can also cause unit failure" and that the cooler is not designed for outdoor spaces such as garages.

However, it can work well in a partially insulated garage that does not experience freezing temperatures. Since its operating temperature is not specified, we recommend that you only turn it off when the temperature drops very low or exceeds 100°F.

If you can find the Danby DAR110A1BSLDD on discount, we think it's a good buy.

$719 from Amazon

What does a "garage ready" refrigerator mean?

A true garage-ready refrigerator can operate in ambient temperatures from 38°F to 110°F.

However, most stores also offer ample storage space for beer, soft drinks, and frozen pizza. They are often used as spare refrigerators for storing extra food and drinks.

What is the best cooler for a hot garage?

If you want to keep your drinks cold in a hot garage, you should find a refrigerator that stabilizes the temperature and uses electricity efficiently.

Look for a cooler that can withstand temperatures up to 110°F.

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we recommendGE GTS22KGNRBB, which we tested in our laboratory. Maintains good temperature stability in many climates.

What is the best refrigerator for an unheated garage?

The most robust refrigerator we have come across isGladiator GARF30FDGB, which can operate at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the only cooler on this list that is certified for outdoor temperatures below 38°F.

Is it ok to put a fridge in the garage?

8 best garage refrigerators for storing extra drinks and food (9)

"Sure," says David Ellerby, Reviewed's chief scientist and director of Reviewed's lab, "but you want to pay close attention to the ambient temperature specifications and how they compare to the temperature range you'll typically have in your garage. Check to see if the cooler is suitable for use in the manufacturer's garage or at least has a wide enough working envelope."

Does the garage need a dedicated refrigerator?

"Unless your garage is air-conditioned or you live in a very mild climate, there are no extremes; you need a special cooler that can handle a wider range of temperatures than usual," says Ellerby.

"Additionally, even with a dedicated cooler, the control settings may need to be adjusted for extreme temperatures."

Should I turn off my garage refrigerator in the winter?

"It depends on how cold your garage can get. If you're not using the fridge or it can get colder than the recommended operating range, you should drain it and unplug it," he says.

"If the garage is too cold, the thermostat can be tricked into not shutting down the compressor properly, or if the coolant reaches a low enough temperature, the compressor can be damaged."

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What is the best fridge to keep in the garage? ›

Best Overall

Our pick for the best garage refrigerator is the GE Garage-Ready 21.9-cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator in fingerprint resistant stainless steel. It's built to withstand temperatures as low as 38°F and as high as 110°F, which makes it a great choice for the garage.

Do you need a special refrigerator for the garage? ›

To prevent problems, buy a garage-ready fridge that can function efficiently when it gets bitterly cold and also stiflingly hot in your garage. A refrigerator designed to run in a garage has better insulation and components that can handle temperature changes. This special design does make them a little more expensive.

What is the difference between a garage ready refrigerator and a regular refrigerator? ›

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GARAGE READY FREEZER AND A REGULAR FREEZER? A regular freezer is designed to work within a small temperature range in a controlled environment, like a house. Garage ready freezers can handle a larger fluctuation in temperatures with the range of 0-110°F.

Is it OK to put a refrigerator in an unheated garage? ›

Will a Fridge Work in a Cold or Unheated Garage? Very cold temperatures can interfere with your garage fridge's thermostat. If the temperature in your garage dips below a certain level, the thermostat senses the drop in temperature and may register that the fridge is already cold enough, even if it isn't.

Do refrigerators work well in a cold garage? ›

The majority of refrigerators are only designed to work in environments that are between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Some manufacturers will offer a garage kit, but that'll still only let your fridge work down to ambient temperatures of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is considered a garage ready refrigerator? ›

Garage-ready refrigerators are designed to function in uninsulated garages with variable ambient temperatures, and are usually certified for temps from 38°F to 110°F.

Does a refrigerator in the garage use more electricity? ›

A refrigerator in an uninsulated garage will require a lot more energy to run during the hot summer months and may not operate correctly if the temperature gets too cold. 90 degree environment will use 45-50% more energy than one in a 70 degree environment.

Is it better to put refrigerator in garage or basement? ›

Refrigerator. A second fridge makes sense in the basement, but keeping it in the garage could cause issues. Refrigerators, unless made for outdoor use, can't handle extreme hot or cold temperatures and can break down in the peak of summer or winter.

What happens if you put a non garage ready freezer in the garage? ›

Changes in temperature in an unheated garage can be hard on these appliances. "You need to make sure that the unit is not exposed to temperatures above 110° F or below 0° F, because that may damage the freezer," says Larry Ciufo, who oversees the ratings for Consumer Reports' freezer tests.

Why won't my fridge work in the garage? ›

Refrigerators work by starting to cool whenever the room temperature rises above a set point – typically around 36 degrees – and stays running until the temperature returns to normal. This means that if the temperature in your garage drops and stays below this set temp, your refrigerator stops working.

How do I prepare my refrigerator garage? ›

You may be able to solve your problem by installing a “Frigidaire garage ready refrigerator kit,” a heating coil to warm the air around the thermostat. The warmer air makes the compressor run longer and keeps frozen food, well, frozen. Check with the manufacturer to see if it makes one for your model.

What are the three types of refrigerators? ›

  • Side-by-Side Refrigerators.
  • French Door Style Refrigerators.
  • Stacked Refrigerator and Freezer.

Can I put a beverage fridge in a garage? ›

A beverage fridge in an uninsulated garage will need a lot more power to run during the hot summer months and may not work well if the temperature is too cold. The only way to overcome this issue is to get a beverage fridge with an exterior-controlled thermostat.

What should not be stored in unheated garage? ›

Let's examine some of the items that are never recommended to be stored in a garage, no matter how convenient.
  1. Propane Tanks. ...
  2. Clothing and Bedding. ...
  3. Paper Products. ...
  4. Fresh Food. ...
  5. Temperature-Sensitive Items. ...
  6. Canned Food. ...
  7. Refrigerator. ...
  8. Vinyl Records & 8mm Film.
Nov 20, 2015

How do I keep my garage fridge cool in the summer? ›

Keep It Cool

If your garage does not have air conditioning, consider using insulation, fanss and proper venting to keep the area cooler. Keeping the garage closed as much as possible is also helpful.

Should I unplug my garage refrigerator in the winter? ›

It is not necessary to unplug a garage refrigerator during the winter. Refrigerators are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, including colder environments.

Where do you put an extra refrigerator? ›

Adjacent To The Entrance

Put the fridge near the door whether you're putting it in the kitchen, the basement, or the dining room. The fridge is conveniently located next to the entrance so that you can get to it without having to go all the way into the kitchen or basement.

Do refrigerators work better full or empty? ›

The food that you do have in the fridge may spoil (especially delicate items such as lettuce). It's actually better to fill your fridge three-quarters full of food. That way there's enough space for the air to circulate freely inside and, at the same time, sufficient food to help each item cool its neighbour down.

What are the benefits of having two refrigerators? ›

Everything is Easier to Find

All the extra foods and beverages can get stored in the second refrigerator. Everything is always easy to find in both refrigerators since clutter in both is reduced. You won't forget those extra leftovers in the back of the fridge since you can see everything clearly!

Is there such a thing as a garage freezer? ›

A garage ready freezer can handle hot or cold outdoor temperatures while maintaining an optimal temperature inside. Garage ready freezers can be kept in a garage of any temperature from 0°F to 110°F without malfunctioning.

Is it OK to store new appliances in garage? ›

But can appliances really be stored in the garage? No—we advise against storing any appliances in the garage, since they can become damaged in a number of ways. Because most garages do not have climate control, appliances stored in the garage could soon be unusable, damaged by extreme heat or cold.

Can hot weather affect my freezer? ›

Did you know that extremely high temperatures (as well as low temperatures) can ruin your cooling appliances? Fridges, freezers, combined fridge freezers, wine coolers, beer fridges, chest freezers and so on can all be at risk in the summer.

Why does my refrigerator trip the GFCI outlet in my garage? ›

This is usually caused by multiple appliances being plugged into the same circuit. To avoid this happening, make sure that your refrigerator has a dedicated circuit, which you can do by plugging your refrigerator into an alternative power outlet and seeing if it still trips.

What type of refrigerator lasts the longest? ›

What refrigerator styles are the most reliable? French door refrigerators and side-by-side refrigerators tend to last longer than bottom-freezer and top-freezer refrigerators. How long should a refrigerator last? Refrigerators should generally last around 12 years.

Which is best refrigerator brand? ›

The top-selling brands of refrigerators in India include LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier and AmazonBasics. These brands offer a range of features and technologies that make their refrigerators some of the best in the market.

What size refrigerator is most efficient? ›

Generally, the larger the refrigerator, the greater the energy consumption. The most energy-efficient models are typically 16-20 cubic feet. Consider purchasing a refrigerator with a top freezer. Models with the freezer on top tend to use the least energy (versus bottom freezers or side-by-sides).

What is the difference between a beverage fridge and a fridge? ›

Beverage fridges can hold dozens of cans or water bottles, whereas mini fridges are made to hold a very limited amount of food. Lastly, mini fridges are made with solid doors, while beverage coolers usually have dual-paned glass doors that let you view the fridge's contents.

Can I store soft drinks in garage? ›

Canned beverages, like soda, are generally safe to keep in the garage, though they may rust. Note, too, that the quality of beer and wine can deteriorate in too-hot or too-cold temperatures.

Does a beverage cooler get as cold as a refrigerator? ›

Depending on the model, a beverage center can cool drinks to temperatures as low as 4 degrees Celsius. While this is a nice, refreshing temperature to enjoy a favourite drink, it will not keep ice cream frozen. Many compact fridges, on the other hand, can be set to temperatures lower than 4 degrees.

How to safely store food in garage? ›

Cold, dry, and dark conditions are ideal for storing canned goods and other long-lasting foods. Food can be safely stored in a garage if the temperature is kept above freezing but below 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29.4 degrees Celsius), the humidity is kept below 15%, and direct sunlight is kept to a minimum.

How do I keep moisture out of my unheated garage? ›

1. How To Reduce Humidity in the Garage
  1. Open Windows and Doors. By opening the windows and doors in your garage, the trapped humid air will move out. ...
  2. Organize Garage. ...
  3. Check Frames and Gaskets. ...
  4. Ventilation. ...
  5. Drainage. ...
  6. Leaks. ...
  7. Condensation from Appliances. ...
  8. During The Winter Turn Up The Heat.
Dec 11, 2021

Is it safe to store food in garage in winter? ›

Regardless, all foods need to be chilled at a consistent cold temperature to ensure safety. The refrigerator is the only safe option. Storing perishable foods placed outdoors, in a garage, on a balcony or patio exposes them to fluctuating temperatures.

How hot is too hot for a refrigerator? ›

To ensure that your refrigerator is doing its job, it's important to keep its temperature at 40 °F or below; the freezer should be at 0 °F.

Why do fridges break in hot weather? ›

Extreme temperatures can damage the compressor or sealed system. Below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil could become thick and not circulate properly. Above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the oil could overheat and break down.

What makes a refrigerator a garage refrigerator? ›

A garage ready refrigerator is a fridge with special insulation, thermostats, and other features designed to help it function properly, and maintain ideal temperatures for stored food, in the extreme fluctuating temperatures you'd find in a garage.

How do you keep a refrigerator working in a cold garage? ›

Fridge Heaters

If your garage temperature dips below freezing, the thermostat inside the garage refrigerator's freezer may think it's cold enough and shut off. To work around this issue, you need to heat the air around the thermostat. One way is to install a heating coil around the thermostat.

How do I keep my garage refrigerator cool in the summer? ›

Keep it Filled

A fully stocked refrigerator has less room for warm air, so it helps the unit to maintain a cool temperature when it is opened on a hot day. If you don't need the full capacity of your refrigerator, consider putting gallon bottles of water inside to fill up the space.

Why does my fridge not work in the cold garage? ›

Refrigerators work by starting to cool whenever the room temperature rises above a set point – typically around 36 degrees – and stays running until the temperature returns to normal. This means that if the temperature in your garage drops and stays below this set temp, your refrigerator stops working.

Can you leave an unplugged fridge in the garage in the winter? ›

No, appliances left outside in extreme cold temperatures (below freezing) can create serious problems such as cracking pipes, water pumps, valves and drain lines.


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