15 surprising signs a sensitive guy likes you (2023)

It's hard enough to tell if a guy likes you.

But add that he's a sensitive guy and it might seem like you're deciphering the Letter.

Sensitive guys are not easy to read and express themselves in subtle ways.

Luckily, I've compiled this list of 15 Surprising Signs a Sensitive Guy Likes You.

Let's start.

1) He is there for you when others are not

This might not be the most surprising sign that a sensitive guy likes you, but it's true nonetheless.

Unlike less sensitive men who tune out in times of crisis, a sensitive man will have your back.

"Whenever you've had a really bad day, he's there with your favorite snack and a movie, or his signature artisan margaritas."

writes Cosmo Frank.

It's not like he's going to "fix" your problems or solve everything for you.

But he will be that shoulder to cry on and that rock to lean on.

The downside is that this can become "just friends."

The good thing is that sometimes you find those shoulders become more than comforting and you also start to see it in a romantic light.

2) He becomes sensitive to what you say

One of the surprising signs is a sensitivityboy likes youit's that he reacts strongly to what you say when he least expects it.

For example, you may tell him a harmless joke and he seems very confused or almost offended and you wonder why.

This can be concerning if you also have feelings for the colleague in question.

That's probably becausevery sensibleand a little exaggerated. He could be taking your jokes or statements in the worst possible light.

So while you just said that you always like a man in a joking uniform when you see a cop taking a walk, in his head he's thinking about how you could be making him reticent by still being a student.

Don't overdo it, he'll learn to relax over time.

3) He tells his past and his secrets

Sensitive guys tend to be hard to read and a bit closed off.

It's not that they don't trust you personally, it's just that many times they have been a little hurt by the world in general and past romance.

Therefore, you should consider it a very positive sign when he starts talking to you about his past and his secrets.

For a sensitive man, this is like saying you care and starting to have feelings.

Normal macho men can throw snakes or pretend to open up for sex, but a sensitive man will only do that if he really likes you.

"Once he starts sharing his personal secrets, you know he's definitely falling in love!"

writes daniel lang.

4) He wants to share his world with you

A way ofshy guy usually doesIt does this by sharing things with you on your phone.

This can include sending him funny memes, interesting articles, and personal updates, but mostly it means that when he's around, he invites you to see what he's looking at on his phone.

phones got deeperpersonal and privatefor many of us, and this is especially true for a sensitive man.

So when he leans in to share his mobile world with you, it's one of those surprising signs that a sensitive guy likes you.

Because he invites you to his physical space and his private domain: only VIP access...

"When he leans over to you on his phone to show you something, he's giving you a big sign that he likes you and wants to be around you."

writes dating coach Randy Skilton.

"There's a closeness and intimacy that comes instantly when a guy leans in to look at a phone with you."

5) He is interested in your dreams and your nightmares.

A guy who just wants to seduce you or have a good time is usually easy to spot.

He exposes everything and feigns interest.

With a sensitive guy who likes you, there is an obvious interest on his part in the deeper side of your dreams.

He wants to know about your plans and hopes for the future, but he also listens to the monsters in your closet with patience and empathy.

He doesn't shy away from the "bad" stuff because he won't be around you for a one-way trip.

He is there forever.

6) Surprise yourself with a thoughtful gift

There's nothing like a thoughtful gift to make a lady's heart race, and smart guys get it.

The difference with a sensitive man who likes you is that he often has that extra touch or awareness of your gift that shows that he really cares about you.

You will be able to tell that he thought about it and really wondered if you would like it.

Often, it will also be something that shows they have listened to what you are saying and what you need in your life, including the things you desperately want but aren't sure you can afford.

“But the best indirect sign is when you suddenly find something you want—tickets to a concert you mentioned in passing, or a scarf you saw in a window and only took a moment—as a gift.”

escribe Gray Miller.

"Show that he not only likes you, but that he cares about what you like."

7) You will admit to your past dating mistakes

Some guys will try to play it cool if they like a woman who puts on a brave face and talks about all the good things from her past.

But one of the surprising signs that a sensitive guy likes you is when he admits to his past romantic misadventures.

Even if you were in a relationship where things went wrong because of you, you won't try to hide it.

That radical honesty is exactly how he works, and by laying it all out on the table for you, he does two things:

It is vulnerable and shows its dirt;

And He also invites you to do the same.

8) He apologizes for seeing you

Sensitive men often tend to beat around the bush.

He's generally not good at flirting or showing romantic or sexual interest, so he'll only try to be physically close to you.

If a sensitive guy likes you, he will.Find excuses to be closer to you.

If you are in class together, he usually suggests that you do homework or a project together.

If you work together, you'll end up at your desk or desk more often than you really need to.

Still, these signs of interest can be subtle, so you need to be careful.

9) He is too interested in your love life.

Sensitive guys aren't all sunshine and roses, let's face it.

One of the possible downsides of being a sensitive guy is old jealousy.

Sensitive souls are often more affected by things like jealousy because they feel things on a deeper level.

One of the most surprising signs that a sensitive guy likes you is that he might be interested in your love life to the point of jealousy.

Although he is very stable himself, he often can't help but push the line a bit...

"Now it's pretty obvious that when he asks, 'Do you have a boyfriend?'" he's clearly interested in being your friend.

writes relationship expert Marilyn Liles.

“However, few guys will be so direct. Instead, they ask indirect questions to find out. Maybe he'll mention that he's single waiting for you to say 'me too'."

10) He hits you when he needs it

Another of the most surprising signs that a sensitive guy likes you is when you're in a sticky situation and he steps in to save you.

This is usually the kind of thing where no one seems to be on your side.

You feel like you're against the grain and everyone says you're wrong, but this sensitive guy comes along and gets you.

He not only seems to understand, but is also willing to fight for you.

It's not just that a sensitive guy can be a "nice guy" or something.

It's just that he's been where you are, and as a sensitive soul, he can empathize with that feeling of being "the one" and being out there.

But would he really do anything to be by your side if he doesn't like you?

Probably not.

11) He is very curious about your life and interests.

Sensitive men are usually very curious to know more about their partner and show their affection with their curiosity.

Conversations and interactions with the guy will cause him to ask a lot of questions and delve into his answers because he wants to know more.

"He'll want to know more about you, what's your favorite book or where your vacation spot is; he'll want to know what makes you tick."

dice Cortney René.

If you are used to very direct, flirtatious and seductive men, then this sign is easy to ignore.

you might even thinkhe is just friendlythe cool.

But for a sensitive guy, curiosity means he's willing to get out a bit and find out more about who you really are.

This allows for the possibility of disappointment or confusion when you have many different values ​​or interests that totally clash.

So if he's been asking about you a lot, he's probably interested in you.

12) Write a lot – with emojis

Sensitive guys are usually very good with words. And that translates into SMS.

If he's a sensitive guy, you'll usually notice two tendencies when texting:

You will almost always be focused and react quickly;

You will notice big breakstheir responses, but thoughtful and engaging lyrics.

That's because he's so into you that he's overwhelmed with emotion, or he's so into you that he doesn't want to dive in too fast and burn out.

Both are good signs, and you can go with the flow with both.

If you like a sensitive guy, you can be pretty sure he likes you back if you text constantly.

"A guy who likes you sends you a lot of text messages. He responds almost immediately once you start a conversation."

escribir eHarmony.

"Got all those heart-eyed emojis? Rest assured, love is in the air."

13) He notices your quirks and makes jokes about them.

One of the surprising signs that a sensitive guy likes you is that he will pay attention to your quirks and sometimes even tease you about it a bit.

Things like allergies, dietary restrictions, odd habits, and more will be things he'll respect, but he may also annoy you from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, this is just his way of showing you that he likes you and enjoys being around you.

He invites you to tease him a bit too.

It's like an invitation to the trust zone, because as a sensitive guy, you've probably been hurt before.

But he shows that he is not afraid and says that he can be comfortable with him and vice versa.

14) Treats you like a queen

If a sensitive guy likes you, he will treat you like a queen.

He will help you, protect you, and make sure you are okay at all times.

But make no mistake:

A sensitive boy is not a "good boy".

Simp basically means the type of guy who would do anything for a girl, even if she treats him like crap.

It means a man with low self-esteem who puts women on such a pedestal that he devalues ​​his own time, money, and energy to get their attention.

Sensitive men do not necessarily have low self-esteem.

It's more that once your inner romantic nature ignites for you, it will burn brightly and permanently.

You don't have to worry about your position because they will make it clear on a daily basis.

15) Flirt cautiously and sometimes awkwardly

Sensitive guys are not always the same as your typical guy who is kind, lonely, or has no romantic experience.

You are very good with women.

But they tend to be careful when flirting because they tend to be quite self-deprecating and a bit socially awkward.

Because of this, sensitive men sometimes express their attraction more hesitantly or slowly than most.

Sometimes you can even feel that a sensitive guy is aloof or aloof, but most of the time it's just his big brain whirring away and his refined heart processing all those big feelings.

“Remember, you process more information more completely than most. Even when you make small and seemingly insignificant decisions, your brain works like a NASA supercomputer."

dice ben neal.

Do you like it or not?

Ultimately, it depends on each individual situation.

But if you're wondering if a sensitive guy likes you, the list above is a great way to get guidance.

If all or many of these signs are true, then it isdeep soulthere is probably a desire for you in some way.

maybe he is waitingyou are asking him out.

While sensitivity has its downsides, when you have a sensitive man who has feelings for you, you can be sure he has a lot to offer.

I remember this quote from the author Anthon St. Marten.

“Highly sensitive people are often perceived as weak or harmful assets. Feeling intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the hallmark of the truly alive and compassionate.

It is not empathy that is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally deficient. There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings.”


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